November 22, 2010


I've got a few questions for you regarding Hijabi Fashion Week.  As this was the first evarrrr HFW, I'm sure there are tons of things that need to be improved upon.  To make the next one even more successful, your input is crucial!  Plus, I'd just LOVEEEEEEEEEEEEEE to hear your thoughts on it.

So, answer these question ok?  please.

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Please spare 5 minutes to answer the 5 questions below.  Be honest, all opinions are welcome.  Answer in the comments below or send me an email (, whatever you like!
  1. What was your overall reaction to HFW?
  2. What are your thoughts on how HFW was presented (layout / all pics on one blog)?
  3. About how many HFW participants did you subscribe to / follow by the end of the HFW?
  4. About how many participants' blogs did you feel the need to visit daily after viewing their looks on Modesty Theory?
  5. Is there anything that you absolutely did not like or agree with about HFW? (categories, linking, anything applies here) Is there anything that you absolutely loved about HFW?  

oh and helloooo new subscribers <3 thanks for subscribing! I hope to get to know you all in the coming months! Let's get the ball rolling, why not say hello down below?
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November 20, 2010

it's true, the fun does not stop here!  I've learned so much from these ladies during the course of HFW and I intend to keep up with them for year round inspiration :]  You can as well by following them on their social media pages (if they have any) down below or by subscribing to their blogs / adding them to your Google Reader!

And here are some things I've learned about each about them *0*

3f's, Daily Fashion Muslimah, Tea Love Coffee, The Fashion Project, and Vintage Muslimah all have an easy going low maintenance sense of style that I love.

All You Need is Luff is great at mixing prints, seriously.  

Coco's Pearls, Haute Muslimah, Hijab Style Guide, and Zinah all have a rather sophisticated style that I think would look great on anybody.
Haute Muslimah - Facebook   Twitter
Zinah - Bloglovin   Facebook   Twitter

Fashion by Fatima and Fiminin Islamic Fashion have achieved the impossibly cool and effortless vibe in their style of clothing that I wish I had.
Fiminin - Facebook   Twitter

Bows and a Rose, E.S.A., Geek Love Rainbow, Farah Liyana, and Maria Elena is Greek Helen sure do provide for great color inspiration, I love the color combos they've used this week!
Farah Liyana - Formspring   Twitter

Fatin Liyana, Style and Scarves, and Sweet Escape wear their hijabs/scarves in fun and unique ways that I plan to try...someday.... 
Sweet Escape - Twitter

Hijab Revival, Salt and Sugar, and Stylish Hijab World create great silhouettes with their clothing.
Stylish Hijab World - Facebook

Hijabi provides for great inspiration on abaya style and how dress it up & down!

Under Urooba's Umbrella knows how to add sparkle and how to bling up any outfit for any occasion. 

Hentak Belipat and Mademoiselle M are rather contemporary in their stylings and it's awesome. 
Hentak Belipat - She sells shawls!   Twitter

My Amythest and Jezmine Blossom have amazing shoes that go perfectly with each of their looks.

Thank you all for joining us in the first ever (but not the last) Hijabi Fashion Week!  It's been a ton of fun and I hope you all enjoyed it as much as I did.  I feel like we've all definitely bonded over this <3 
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We were so busy looking fabulous this week, we didn't find time to run our errands.  Day 7 of HFW is all about what to wear when you're out and about doing things you have to, but don't really want to (like grocery shopping)!

HFW Day 7
The Cup of Life
Running Errands


All You Need is Luff

 Bows and a Rose

Coco's Pearls

Daily Fashion Muslimah


Farah Liyana
Fatin Liyana

Fiminin Islamic Fashion

Geek in the Rainbow

Haute Muslimah

Hentak Belipat

Hijab Revival

Hijab Style Guide

Jezmine Blossom

Mademoiselle M

Maria Elena is Greek Helen

Modesty Theory

My Amethyst

Salt & Sugar

Style and Scarves

Stylish Hijab World

Sweet Escape

Tea Love Coffee

The Fashion Project

Under Urooba's Umbrella

Vintage Muslimah


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