November 22, 2010

HFW: Some Questions *0*


I've got a few questions for you regarding Hijabi Fashion Week.  As this was the first evarrrr HFW, I'm sure there are tons of things that need to be improved upon.  To make the next one even more successful, your input is crucial!  Plus, I'd just LOVEEEEEEEEEEEEEE to hear your thoughts on it.

So, answer these question ok?  please.

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Please spare 5 minutes to answer the 5 questions below.  Be honest, all opinions are welcome.  Answer in the comments below or send me an email (, whatever you like!
  1. What was your overall reaction to HFW?
  2. What are your thoughts on how HFW was presented (layout / all pics on one blog)?
  3. About how many HFW participants did you subscribe to / follow by the end of the HFW?
  4. About how many participants' blogs did you feel the need to visit daily after viewing their looks on Modesty Theory?
  5. Is there anything that you absolutely did not like or agree with about HFW? (categories, linking, anything applies here) Is there anything that you absolutely loved about HFW?  

oh and helloooo new subscribers <3 thanks for subscribing! I hope to get to know you all in the coming months! Let's get the ball rolling, why not say hello down below?


.hopeful. said...

1. my overall reaction to HFW was a positive one. I loved all the different categories and styles.
2. I liked that you had all the pictures in one blog post so that we were able to see all the participants, however, some of the pics didn't give the overall look, so I would have to go to the page of the blogger to see the entire outfit. Maybe having at least two pics of each outfit would give a better overall view.
3. Well, I was already following 5 or so and I think I added 3 more.
4. I visiting all of them daily to see their looks
5. I think there wasn't enough advertisement about HFW. I actually had no idea what it was or what was going on. I happened to click on one of the girls who was a participant the first day she posted her outfit and did a little research to find out what was going on. Maybe next time there should be more announcements that it is going to happen. Also, I wanted to know how you decided which bloggers were going to be participants. Did you choose them? Did they contact you? Maybe just a little more background on the event. Also, it's important to know the purpose of the event and I'm not sure if that was explained (maybe I just missed it).

Overall, great work and I was always looking forward to see the next outfits.

sue. said...

i love HFW =.) and helloooo....

nn said...

1. I think it's great because there's different styles from different people around the world :)

2. I pretty much agree with .hopeful. on this question.

3. I already subscribed to four participants before the HFW. so overall, at the end of it i subscribed to six participants.

4. only the six ones that I subscribed to

5. maybe next time it's better to have more diverse style. some of the participants have very similar styling.

all in all, good job! looking forward for another HFW :)

Finder said...

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wenceu gakmaulamalama said...

HFW made me proud to be hijaber and gave me a lot of inspiration in fashion. so so so much thanks!!!


Lynda said...

HFW opened my eyes to loads of styles. thank you MT for organizing and other stunning bloggers for sharing their fashion tips and styles.Will be a regular fan of MT after this.
owh, i have no bad reviews to be shared here. Kudos to everyone!

jameela armann said...

1. LOVE IT SO MUCH... hope this is not the last one..
2. agree with hopeful.. maybe need to put more than one picture.. so we can have a better view on their clothes..
3.been stalking 5 of them before HFW and i then i add 3 more
4. everyone!
5. more participant.. maybe you can ask around who would they love to see on HFW...

alavya-shofa said...

1. Uuuuhh, i love HFW very much. i wanna join it, but when i knew HFW, it has been over. Unlucky me :( come on, give me (us) the another HFW. pleaseee
2. all pics on one posting blog? Umm..actuallt it's not good to my eyes. hehe. i think the lay out should be changed.
3. I have already follow 3-5 of them, but i haven't follow the other HFW participants
4. 3-5 (i forget), since i've already become their followers, before i know them become HFW participants
5. I love HFW, because there is creativity, da'wah (about hijab/modesty fashion), and friendship (silaturrahim). There are some of classificattions about the participants that i don't agree.

Salaam. i'm ready for next HFW :) if it allowed

*sorry for my English anyway

--Sanam-- said...

Salaam :)
I thought the whole idea was great, totally regret not taking part now. But maybe next time :) and i thought it was a good idea to get all the photos on one blog, makes it easier to view all the participants looks. By the end of HFW i followed about 1 or 2 bloggers i felt did a great job with all the looks, aswell as viewing 2 or 3 bloggers daily looks. Finally, i thought the category's could have been a bit more adventurous, and the only critisms i have is the picture quality of some of the participants photos, aswell as the whole 'making the outfit on polyvore' or just laying some clothes on a bed and taking a picture like that. As it isn't very visually appealing. Overall though, it was fab :) Can't wait for the next one. Will this be an annual thing? or seasonly?

Day By Diva
Day By Diva
Day By Diva

kinsyakrn said...

1. i liked HFW very much!! thumbs up..
2. it's orait for me..:)
3. All of them
4. About 10 bloggers
5. Of course their they became beatuful ladies in tudung..

ika said...

1. HFW was awesome!
2. i think it's perfect n all the participant's pics makes me so excited!
3. all of them.
4. all of them.
5. HFW was a great idea to encourage hijabi girls to style according the latest trend. anyway it was a brilliant job! wish i could join it someday!

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