December 12, 2010

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You Asked:

"Hi Em I am very curious about you guys in Islamic to have fashion! Does it not restrict your religion?"

Islam doesn't prevent one from being fashionable. It only requires one to dress modestly through the implementation of a certain dress code.  One can be modest and fashionable at the same time as long as it does not go against the dress code :]

"Great outfits indeed! What I find really interesting is that I often see a combination of clothes meant to be sexy (open-toe high heels, short-ish dresses/tunics, skinny jeans) with clothes meant to be modest (hijab, long-sleeved shirt, floor-length skirt). I'm all for it (I'm not a total modesty advocate), but how does that work together for keeping with the modest mindset?  Just curious..." Some really wonderful points were brought up in this comment which I hope to address more fully in a later post.  But to answer this question, I came across a lovely hijabi fashionista who said "what someone may use to can use to cover".  For many Muslimahs, as well as for anyone who wishes to dress modestly,  it tends be rather difficult to find clothes that are meant to be modest but still fashionable as many of the more fashionable items that are readily available do not meet the dress code 100%.  We don't want to sacrifice modesty for fashion so we make it work, mostly through the use of layering which allows us to be fully covered and stylish.  I really believe it's all about perspective and intention.  For example, one may see a no-sleeved, knee length dress as sexy and revealing but I see it as a wonderful and versatile addition to my wardrobe b/c when paired with the right items (long-sleeve cardi, hijab, and jeans) this dress can easily be used as a longer length top (which many have difficulties finding as many tops don't come in this length >_< ) that covers everything that needs to be covered and can be used throughout the year.  In this way, I believe I'm keeping with the modest mindset. Please keep in mind though, that this is simply the opinion of one Muslimah (me) and does not represent the opinions of all Muslimahs as they may disagree or see it in a different light and that's totally fine by me!  hmm I think I went a little off topic in the response, but I hope my point has come across.

"Thanks 4 this... I am wondering, why are the open toe shoes ok?"  
The use of open toe shoes and sandals is a somewhat grey area.  Some say that feet are not considered to be an intimate part of the body and therefore are not required to be covered, while others believe the opposite.  It's really up to each individual and their beliefs on this matter. 

"Also, I wanted to know how you decided which bloggers were going to be participants. Did you choose them? Did they contact you?" 

Many of the participants here were bloggers that I've been following pre-HFW.  Since my blog was rather small at the time I was putting this event together I didn't think putting up a flyer on my own blog to look for participants would been enough.  So I ended up contacting quite a few of these ladies personally.  However, when the flyer was posted and HFW was made public I got many more requests to participate and then participants were chosen on a "first come, first serve" basis until spaces were filled up.

"Will this be an annual thing? or seasonally?"  
HFW will be held twice a year in May and Nov.  This way, we cover all seasons!

"there are some classifications of the participants I don't agree with"
That's totally fine :] please keep in mind though that they aren't really classifications, simply my opinions on what I feel these ladies do best and many of them are really awesome at more than one thing!

"i'm not to sure what the purpose of this event is"
The main purpose of HFW is to provide inspiration on hijab friendly fashionable attire for any occasion.  Also to strengthen the Muslimah community on the blogosphere :]

For the next HFW, I've taken all your comments into consideration and you can definitely expect some major changes!  Inshallah it will be bigger, better, and funner!  Expect more details on this as we get closer to the next HFW though :]

Also, I do read each and every one of your lovely comments.  I especially love it when you ladies share your experiences with me like Yoshi, and Meredith have done.  Thanks for that <3!

@ Fatima from the NE, I think there areee a ton of us who live in the northeast out there, it's just a matter of bringing them out of hiding *stares @ them* perhaps friendly stare might do the trick o.o"

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