December 24, 2011

When daylight becomes shy and nights grow long, a strange occurrence spreads across the land. From the darkest depths of closets and drawers, men and women whip out their winter scarves, as swiftly as the frigid winds...

It's that wonderful time of year again when the differences between hijab and scarf are unwittingly blurred. Those of you who live in climates with drastic seasonal changes know just what I'm talking about. In the summer, only hijabis dare to bear the heat in layers of scarves, but when winter comes around, everyone's wearing a scarf to protect his or her ears and neck from cold weather chills.

As hijabis, I know some of us are wired to say our Salaams whenever we run into another woman in a scarf. As awkward as that is for some people, it's even more awkward when the scarf-wearing woman hears you, but is not Muslim. If that woman happens to know a little about Islam and Muslims, add 10 more points for awkwardness, because then you can't just play it off as something she misheard and leave it as an equal misunderstanding. Nope... if she knows that Muslim women wear hijab and that Salaam is a Muslim greeting, then it's more than obvious: the jokes on you :P

Embarrassing recollections aside, I'd love to know if any of you have had funny moments like this? Maybe it's just my nerdy eagerness to meet fellow Muslimahs, lol. Submit your answers in the poll below and share a story in the comments, if you'd like :)
The poll is now CLOSED; you can view the results via this link.
In other news, now is a great time to welcome lovely winter weather with a series of posts on modest winter fashions and tips for hijabis. That's something you can look forward to in upcoming weeks, inshaAllah :) Take care wasalaam, lovelies!
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December 21, 2011

Asalaamu Alaykum Lovely Ladies!

Like Cookes & Milk :)
HFW exists to celebrate YOU, as part of a rapidly growing hijabi now, that's no secret. When you participate in Hijabi Fashion Week, you bring your fresh perspectives on dressing modestly and expressing your identity as a Muslim Woman. Whenever I browse through the HFW archives, it's impossible not to feel a surge of pride in the super-diverse, super-stylish women that willingly wear hijab and openly represent themselves as part of the vast Muslim Ummah. Thanks to you all, we now have three spectacular seasons of HFW that anyone can browse through at any time, by visiting "The Vault", above. I can tell you from my experiences, there hasn't been a single time where I couldn't find inspiration after visiting "The Vault", thanks to all the participants.

So, as you can see, you're a vital part of making HFW what it is, and by sharing your perspectives, you're helping HFW get better, season after season. Below is a short form of 10 simple, but insightful questions that we'd like you to fill out and submit! Your answers help us improve HFW and continue organizing giveaways that you'll enjoy.

Don't forget to click "Submit", at the end of the form!

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December 19, 2011

Dear Sisters,

Asalaamu Alaykum! InshaAllah, you've all been well during this past week. As you may have noticed, has been on hold for a bit, but we're back now and we'd like to start by first telling you all something very important:

We've just completed another wonderful week of fashion, fun, and giveaways (which, by the way, will be arriving to their destinations soon, inshaAllah) and based on participation and the responses we've received, I think it's safe to say alhamdulillah for another successful Hijabi Fashion Week! Would you agree?

We're not just going to leave it at that, however! HFW has always been about sharing inspiration for dressing modestly and uniting in sisterhood and diversity. Accordingly, you can count on us serving up some unique ways to carry on with the fun of HFW in upcoming weeks. Without spilling too much, inshaAllah we're going to take the inspiration many of us have found, blog-hopping and checking out the looks posted on the Facebook, and put it to good use. You just wait, and see :)

There's much more I really must tell you all, but as with all good things, it's better in small doses ;) So, until next time, lovely ladies! Toodles :)
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December 4, 2011

Asalaamu Alaykum Everyone,

Today, we have the pleasure of presenting you all with our extra end-of-HFW surprise: Day 8 - For the Love of Filasteen. We've added a Day 8 to encourage our sisters out there to submit creative and original work in support of solidarity with our brothers and sisters in Palestine. Day 8 was inspired by a comment on the Pearl-Daisy Ltd. fanpage, about the International Day of Solidarity with the Palestinian People, which was set for November 29th. When Amena brought this to our attention, we just knew we had to be a part of it. You can read about why we believe HFW is a perfect place to host a Solidarity with Palestine theme in our previous post.

A Little about Solidarity
The solidarity among sisters, brothers, and the Ummah as a whole is such a strong and vital part of our faith as Muslims. Our Ummah is our family, and our family is spread all over the world, across many different nations and cultures. When members of our Ummah experience good, we share it. When our brothers and sisters experience bad times, we do what we can to aid them. Supporting our brothers and sisters is a necessary act of faith, especially when they are faced with some form of oppression.

Our flyer for Day 8! Feel free to share, but please do not copy!
Day 8 - For the Love of Filasteen & Pearl-Daisy Giveaway
To Participate:
Create something inspired by Solidarity and Palestine. This can be an outfit idea, illustration, poem, flyer, video, anything. 
Any time from December 4th to December 10th, choose one of the following ways to submit your work :
  1. Add a link to it in the widget, below
  2. Leave it in a comment to this post, 
  3. Upload it on Facebook and add a tag to the LoveHFW Facebook page 

You can only enter the Pearl-Daisy giveaway, if you submit an original work for this theme!
You must ALSO:

The giveaway winner will be announced December 11th.
Thank you all who have taken the time to create an outfit, a flyer, or poem to express your solidarity and raise awareness about Palestine! We truly appreciate you joining us in this event :)

All of the submissions were unique and creative, but we can only have one giveaway winner.
With's True Random Number Generator, we counted up all the qualifying entries and selected our Pearl Daisy Giveaway Winner. The winning submission was:
Congratulations to participant #4: "Love Always, Aisha"! You've won the HFW Bonus Day 8 Pearl-Daisy Giveaway!

To see her entry (including her impressive artwork), please visit Link #4, above! 

Thanks again to ALL entrants of our Bonus Day 8. May you be rewarded for your efforts to raise awareness, inshaAllah :)

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December 3, 2011

Asalaamu Alaykum, Chicas!

If you've been following along Hijabi Fashion Week so far, you've had the opportunity to meet new bloggers, find inspiration for modest styles, and enter in a few fabulous giveaways. By our books, if it was fun and beneficial for you, in these respects, then we can say it's been another successful HFW, alhamdulillah. But, for all the fun and fashion from HFW, it is still (and always has been) about much more. At the base of Hijabi Fashion Week lies a celebration of the diverse sisterhood that exists among Muslims. Essentially, we are celebrating a solidarity that exists between Muslim women who openly represent their identities as such.

With this expression of solidarity at the very foundation of Hijabi Fashion Week, we simply couldn't resist adding one more theme day for HFWat the suggestion of HFW Featurette, Amena of the Amenakin Youtube Channel. It just so happens that International Palestine Solidarity Day had recently passed on November 29th. In respect of this day, we're adding Day 8 - For the Love of Filasteen, to continue raising awareness in support of our brothers and sisters in Palestine. And yes, there will be a giveaway too! Amena will be sponsoring Day 8 by offering one participant the choice of any single Pearl Daisy, Ltd. scarf for free!

How to get involved in the HFW Bonus Day:

  • Day 8 - "For the Love of Filasteen" begins December 4th, 2011.
  • To participate, simply submit a link to an outfit, illustration, poem, flyer, video, etc. -- any original work inspired by this theme.
  • You have until December 10th to submit your work/link. If you cannot add it to the link widget, you may leave your link or written work in a comment or on our Facebook.

To enter the final HFW - Nov 2011 Giveaway with Pearl Daisy:

  • The giveaway winner will be announced December 11th.
Hope you'll join us for this special occasion!
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Asalaamu Alaykum,

In step with today's theme of having fun and chilling out in your own way, we bring you our Day 7 giveaway! SixteenR, renown for their original designs and unique scarf selection, is offering our Hijabi Fashion Week audience a chance to get their own cool headphones scarf, which is part of their latest released collection! You can check out our reaction to their Supersonic scarves by visiting our 16R Walk the Line post. If you're just can't get enough of SixteenR's fashion-with-a-message style, check out our Sponsor Spotlight, featuring a video made just for HFW! Then, browse below for a peek at our giveaway item and the rules to entry.

To enter SixeenR's Supersonic Giveaway:
1. Register with, if you have not already
2. Like LoveHFW on Facebook
3. Like SixteenR on Facebook, Follow SixteenR on Twitter, & Subscribe to their Youtube Channel
4. Fill in the blank and leave your answer below: 
"Scarves + Me = ____________"

All steps are required to enter this giveaway!
Friday, December 9th, will be the last day to enter the SixteenR Giveaway!
Winners will be announced Saturday, Dec. 10th, inshaAllah...make sure your contact information is correct when you register!

____________________________________________________________________ uses's True Random Number Generator to randomly selects a comment from those which qualify, below. We do not count any of our own comments, comments from sponsors, or comments which do not follow the rules. Are you ready to find out who won SixteenR's headphones scarf?

The winner of the Headphones Scarf, is commenter #3!
Her answer to SixteenR's fill-in-the-blank is:
Congratulations, Daya_Vera92! You've won the SixteenR Headphones Scarf! 
Rock it out with your cool hijabi style! :)

A thank-you to the participants who entered this giveaway. We hope you'll join us tomorrow, when we'll announce the BONUS GIVEAWAY WINNER for Hijabi Fashion Week's Week of Winners.
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Asalaamu Alaykum, Sisters!

Sisters...that's what we are, aren't we? We've spent a great week getting acquainted with different Hijabis through HFW--people we may never have known had the same taste in fashion, and some who have completely different styles that keep our interest. What's a better way to end off our 3rd ever Hijabi Fashion Week, then by celebrating friends, old and new? That's the theme behind Day 7 - Out with Friends!

Tell us, what are your favorite activities to do with friends? Do you prefer a casual, dress-down kind of hangout, or do you treat it as a time to finally get out of your everyday school/work style and jazz it up a bit? Em and I have pretty different tastes when it comes to hanging out. She prefers super casual, eat out at a restaurant kind of days, whereas I prefer organizing a complete girls' day to dress up for. Em's in jeans and a cute top, and I'm strictly in dresses for these rare occasions! :)

Technicolor Transitions
Fun fact, our HFW model is actually one of my closest friends. She's wearing a turquoise hijab with green stripes along the edge, a colorful tunic sweater, and cargo bootleg pants in olive. She adds some pep to her step with mustard yellow wedges, a necklace of irregular shell pieces, and a mini black backpack. In the photos, she's modeling the transition from student-mode to break-mode; she's so ready to get away from the books and finally chill out with her friends.

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December 2, 2011

Asalaamu Alaykum!

Today's theme outfit featured a beautiful scarf and elegant maxi skirt from Zeena. If you've had a chance to visit their website already, you know that this well-rounded label offers more than just pieces for dressing up; they also have many options for more casual, dressed-down looks too. You can find out more about Zeena by visiting their Sponsor Spotlight, where you can watch a video made just for our Hijabi Fashion Week audience, by the founder herself! You can also check out our commentary on their Holiday line by visiting our Zeena Walk the Line post.

For Hijabi Fashion Week's Day 6 giveaway, we have Zeena's Liberty Stripe Shirt in Grey/Purple -- a comfortable cotton/jersey long top with just enough detail to keep this look interesting, without having to try! It features zippers and ruched pleating along the shoulders. 

To enter this Zeena Giveaway:
1. Register with, if you have not already
2. Like LoveHFW on Facebook
3. Join the Zeena mailing list (lowest right on homepage)
4. Leave a comment below telling us what you like MOSTabout this shirt!

Please NOTE: This giveaway is open to US and Canada, only! 

All steps are required to enter this giveaway!
Thursday, December 8th, will be the last day to enter the Zeena Giveaway!
Winners will be announced Friday, Dec. 9, inshaAllah...make sure your contact information is correct when you register!

Zeena's HFW Giveaway Winner has finally been selected with's True Random Number Generator. randomly selects a comment from those which qualify, below. We do not count any of our own comments, comments from sponsors, or comments which do not follow the rules.

The winner of the Liberty Stripe Shirt, is commenter #6! She writes:

Congratulations, Kifah! The Zeena Liberty Stripe Shirt in Grey/Purple is all yours! 
We're curious how you'd rock this great piece :)

Thanks to all participants for entering in this giveaway. We have two more giveaways left, before our HFW Week of Winners comes to a close, so get a move on and enter in before they're over!
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Asalaamu Alaykum,

Contrary to popular belief, Muslims go on dates, too! Except, of course, a Muslim only goes on dates with the person she loves and has already made a life-long commitment with: her husband! Spending time with your husband is actually rewarded in Islam because it builds and strengthens the relationship. However, just because a hijabi is out with her hubs, doesn't mean she'll sacrifice her modest style and standards, right? 

In Hijabi Fashion Week's Day 6 theme, share with us how you like to dress when going out with your Mr. (or future Mr. if not married). Do you wear his favorite color? Do you wear a gifted accessory? Where do you like to go to spend some peaceful time together?

Feminine Elegance in the Great Outdoors
 Lake-front cabins make for a great location for weekend getaways and water-front picnics--perfect for dates with the hubby. Our HFW Model is enjoying the serenity and beauty of the forests and lake in an outfit that's elegant from head-to-toe. She's wearing a pink and maroon silk scarf with checkered detail, from Zeena, with a soft pink cardigan, and the gorgeous Pleated Dream Skirt in tan (also from Zeena). Her bronze-gold heels and gold bracelet watch echo the gold chain details on the scarf, without overpowering the look as a whole.
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December 1, 2011

Asalaamu Alaykum!

We're keeping the giveaways rolling with a chance to win one of three beautiful items from IslamicGems! That's right, we'll have 3 different winners, and what better theme than "formal-wear" to open the HFW giveaway for these gorgeous hijabi accessories!

Learn about how IslamicGems was started and how devoted they are to quality, by visiting our Sponsor Spotlight of this brand that only recently opened to the public! If you've read about them already, feast your eyes on these scrumptious pins and learn how to enter the giveaway, below!

1) Ith-nain V in Rose

2) Pearl Brooch III in Blue

3) Shimmery Red Stick Pin

Get in on this gem of a giveaway by completing the following:
1. Register with, if you have not already
2. Like LoveHFW on Facebook
3. Like IslamicGems on Facebook
4. Pick any item from the IslamicGems collection and describe what you would wear it with! You can find the collection on their website or Facebook Page photo albums.

All steps are required to enter this giveaway!
Wednesday, December 7th, will be the last day to enter the IslamicGems Giveaway!
Winners will be announced Thursday, Dec. 8, inshaAllah...make sure your contact information is correct when you register!


The winners for this giveaway have finally been selected! uses's True Random Number Generator to randomly select a comment from those which qualify, below. We do not count any of our own comments, comments from sponsors, or comments which do not follow the rules.

The winner of our first item, the Ith-nain V in Rose, is commenter #11, who writes:
Congratulations, Starmoongal! You've won an IslamicGems Ith-nain V Pin in Rose! 
We'd love to see this pin in action!

Our next winner is commenter #13, Ms. Hibaqaye, who writes:
Congratulations Hibaqaye! You've won the IslamicGems Pearl Brooch III in Blue !
It may not be the Ith-nain V, but we're sure you'll make good use of this pearly blue statement piece!

The third and final winner of HFW's IslamicGems Giveaway is commenter #20:
Congratulations SGHijabGirl! You've won the IslamicGems Shimmery Stick Pin in Red!
You've planned an outfit for the Ith-nain V so well, we can't wait to see how you'd dress up this gorgeous gem!

Thanks again to everyone who entered and participated in our HFW Giveaways. We're only half-way through with the giveaways, so enter and check back until the end of the week! Please make sure you follow the rules and register with a name we can find you by!
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Asalaamu Alaykum, Everyone!

Thanks for joining us for our fifth day of Hijabi Fashion Week! MashaAllah, it really has gone by so fast and we have yet so much left! We've still got some fabulous giveaways coming up, a bonus giveaway (more on that later), plus our follow-up week of winners & fan appreciation! So basically, the party is far from over...especially with today's HFW theme: Formal/Eid-wear!

One of the ways you can interpret this theme is by dressing for Eid, which all Muslims celebrate. There are two Eids, which are Eid Al-Fitr following Ramadan and Eid Al-Adha, a time to remember the Prophet Abraham (peace be upon him). While these holidays hold incredibly great importance among Muslims for many reasons, they are also a great time for modest, Islamic fashion! It is truly beautiful to visit Muslim Eid Prayers during these times, especially in Muslim-minority countries, because you'll get a chance to peer into the diversity of cultures and people from all walks of life, that Islam welcomes! You'll see a bit of that in Today's theme.

The other way to share ideas and inspiration for today's theme is to show us how you dress modestly in formal situations! This can certainly be tough one for women these days because formal attire already has specific standards and rules, but add to that the Islamic standards for modesty, and you'll have a challenge worth thinking about! Some of Today's participants will share how they maintain their modesty & individual style when it comes to getting decked out for formal functions!

A Bit of This, and A Bit of That
This is the first time you'll see a glimpse of the LoveHFW sisters for this season's Hijabi Fashion Week! Usually for Eid or Formal cultural gatherings, we wear traditional South Asian Shalwar Kameez (baggy pants and long tunics that are often heavily embroidered). In the photos above, Em is on the furthest right wearing a green and maroon patterned Shalwar Kameez that has gold bordering. She adds structure to the loose tunic by wearing a tan blazer with a gold sheen. I prefer going classic with a simple abaya, but I've added some personal flair with my purple & gold hijab. Since celebration is about good times with friends and/or family, we thought it was only fair to allow a cameo by our lovely mum, younger brother, and one of our crazy cats!

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November 30, 2011

Asalaamu Alaykum!

An easy-to-wear maxi dress is a great wardrobe staple and a must-pack for vacations, at least we think so! What's cool about mE Moda's long-sleeve maxi dresses, besides the soft material they're made of (98% cotton!), is that they're available in Tall and Short sizes! Score!

You can find more about the people behind mE Moda in our mE Moda Sponsor Spotlight. Visit the Maxi Dress album on their Facebook page for more photos of our giveaway dress, available in Blue or Black! While you're there, make sure to "Like" the page because that's one of the few easy steps to entering today's maxi dress giveaway!

How to enter mE Moda's HFW - Nov 2011 Giveaway:
1. Register with (if you have not, already)
2. Like LoveHFW on Facebook
3. Like mE Moda on Facebook
4. Leave a comment for this post telling us:

            a. Where/How you would wear this dress?
            b. What other design from mE Moda do you like?

All steps are required to enter :)
Tuesday, December 6th, will be the last day to enter the mE Moda Giveaway!
Winners will be announced Wednesday, Dec. 7, inshaAllah...make sure your contact information is correct when you register!


The giveaway winner for this awesome dress has been selected! uses's True Random Number Generator to randomly select a comment from those below. We do not count any of our own comments, sponsor's comments, or repeated comments.
[ could not reach the original winner, so we picked a new winner]

So, without further ado, the (new) winner of the mE Moda HFW Giveaway is
Comment #3, Fatima Ibrahim! What are her thoughts on the dress?

Congratulations Fatima Ibrahim! You've now won the mE Moda Maxi Dress, in your choice of Blue or Black!
We'd love to see your sophisticated style tackle this great wardrobe basic!

Thanks to everyone, for participating! We still have a few giveaways left throughout our Hijabi Fashion Week "Week of Winners", so check back to see who's won! It could be you!
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Asalaamu Alaykum, Loves!

Yes, yes, it's the middle of the week and whether your a mother, professional, student, or something in-between, chances are: you're ready for a break! Take Hijabi Fashion Week's Day 4 as your ticket to anywhere in the world for a vacation or ideal destination that you'd love to be in, right now! In this HFW theme, share with us where you would like to go and what the perfect hijabi outfit would be for your favorite destination!

From Tokyo High-Rises to Bamboo Forests...
...from city streets to nature trails, the HFW crew knows the importance of being comfortable and stylish, while on vacation. That's why our HFW Model is wearing a mE Moda Jersey Maxi dress that drapes like a dream! We give our versatile black dress glam-appeal with a pale gold hijab and metallic-detailed shawl. Our model maintains her city-chic with blinged-out jewelry and slick shades, but keeps it comfy with ruched, flat boots. You've got a chance to make this essential long sleeve dress (also in Blue) yours, by entering today's mE Moda Giveaway!

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November 29, 2011

Asalaamu Alaykum!

First giveaway of the season, and we're starting with Chicago-based company, Veil Vision. You'll find out more about the vision behind  Veil Vision in our Sponsor Spotlight from last week. We've also hooked up a couple of bloggers as reviewers for scarves from Veil Vision. You can find their opinions and scarf styling of these vintage scarves at All You Need Is Luff and Hijaab Couture.

Now, let's cut to the chase! Up for grabs on this beautiful Day 3 of Hijabi Fashion Week is an indispensable Gold Chain Vintage Scarf and a chic Herringbone & Paisley Print (Blue & Green) Scarf! Check them out below and read on for info on what you need to do for chance to get these vintage scarves in your closet, stat!

We've featured the Herringbone & Paisley Print on our Model for today's theme: Break the Rules -- make sure you check out how we step up a basic outfit with a touch of vintage print!

Gold Chain Scarf

Herringbone & Paisley Print
 To enter in Veil Vision's HFW - Nov 2011 Giveaway, simply:
1. Register with (if you have not, already)
2. Like LoveHFW on Facebook
3. Like Veil Vision on Facebook
4. Leave a comment for this post describing how these scarves can step up an outfit from your wardrobe :)

All steps are required to enter :) 
Monday, December 5th, will be the last day to enter the Veil Vision Giveaway!
Winners will be announced Tuesday, Dec. 6, inshaAllah...make sure your contact information is correct when you register!

Time's up! The winners for this giveaway have been selected! wants to give everyone a fair chance. We use's True Random Number Generator to randomly select a comment from those below. We do not count any of our own comments.
[Please note, has randomly selected a new winner for the Gold Chain Scarf. The changes are reflected in this post]

Our first winner is commenter #7, the lovely Hareem, who wrote:

Congratulations, Hareem! You've won the Veil Vision Gold Chain scarf! 
What winter-style will you try out for this chic scarf?

Our next winner is commenter #17, Ms. Atia M. She wrote:
Congratulations Atia! You've won the Veil Vision Herringbone & Paisley Scarf!
We hope you show us how you rock that awesome Turkish style with this vintage scarf!

Thank you ALL, for participating! Visit us during the rest of the week to see who wins the rest of our Hijabi Fashion Week Giveaways!
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Asalaamu Alaykum All!

Never wear socks with sandals.
Cultural clothes are for cultural functions.
Fanny-packs are never coming back. That's what the style gurus tell us, but when it really comes down to it, only you can be the expert of your own style! For HFW's Day 3 theme, we're celebrating individuality and the challenge of breaking away from what's expected!

What fashion rules do you currently follow or set for yourself? How would you break these rules to create a whole different look, while still maintaining modesty? What styles are new to you? There's no better time than now to try something outside of your comfort zone! :)

Bringing Chic Back To The Fanny-Pack
Model's look for Day 3 adds a twist to the classic black and white by pairing baggy black harem pants with strappy stilletos and a button down under a cropped cardigan. We kick it up another notch by re-fashioning a patterned vintage scarf from Veil Vision into a chic fanny-pack. Oh yes, we're bringing it back, and you can too, thanks to today's giveaway! :)

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November 28, 2011

Asalaamu Alaykum, Ladies!

Today's Hijabi Fashion Week theme is about girls who know how to have fun! :) Sure, free time is rare these days, but when you do find it, how do you spend it? Whether you prefer to use your free time to unwind with something relaxing or get re-energized with something challenging, share with us a look that shows how you stay modest and stylish in every way! :)

A Taste for Food and Fashion!
Our Lovely HFW Model enjoys spending her free time trying out food from different cultures.
While enjoying Japanese sushi in this suave setting, she's wearing a colorful crinkle hijab, 
an olive corduroy jacket over a bold purple cardigan, and wide leg jeans. She rounds out the outfit with simple accessories and nude heels.

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November 26, 2011

Salaams, Hello, and Welcome to Hijabi Fashion Week (HFW)!

As part of our third season of Hijabi Fashion Week, we'll have more fashion, fun, and giveaways to look forward to! Plus, we'll be joined by this season's featured guest, Amena of the Amenakin Youtube Channel

Join us for the next seven days, to show others (and see for yourself) the many different ways that Hijab and fashion combine! Throughout HFW, you're guaranteed to find inspiration, unique and diverse styles, and most importantly: the beautiful solidarity of sisterhood across the world!

On Day 3, we'll kick it up a notch by kicking-off HFW giveaways from our amazing sponsors:
SixteenR      Zeena     IslamicGems     mE Moda     Veil Vision

Below is our Link Widget, where participants will share links to their individual looks for each day (make sure to link to each day's post and not to your whole website). Browse through them to find other sisters online who love expressing their style through hijab! You'll also find wonderful inspiration from our sisters who tag Love HFW on Facebook for each theme day! 

So what are you waiting for? Make new friends, discover new (and old) blogs, and above all, get inspired!

Teachers Take Charge and Guide Leaders of the Future
Our HFW - Nov 2011 Model is wearing a cobalt blue hijab, 
a grey shirt over a white button-down, and a gracefully pleated skirt with black shooties

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Asalaamu Alaykum Sisters!

It has been an interesting week of learning more about each sponsor, their individual stories, and what drives them. The insightful details, exclusive to HFW, aren't over just yet, though! A new fashion label by Marwa Eid is making its way to the hearts and closets of professional hijabis of all ages. This up-and-coming modest-oriented designer is certainly one to watch out for, so, without further ado, we present our final Sponsor Spotlight for mE Moda. Read below to find out what you've been missing thus far!

Who's behind mE Moda? 
mE Moda was founded by Marwa Eid. Marwa was influenced by her mother’s sewing when she was a young girl as well as her grandmother in Lebanon who was a seamstress and a very sophisticated and fashionable woman. Although Marwa loves designing wedding and special occasion dresses, she really wanted to dedicate her work to helping the community. She wanted to ease the difficulties that young modest women have had to face in finding clothes that suit their fashion sense and lifestyle. 
mE garments are not just about fashion but they are also very much about functionality, comfort, and quality. Being a wife, mother of two, a professional, and an active community member, Marwa knows firsthand how important it is for a garment to meet your needs and suite your lifestyle—as well as be fashionable. Sisters Mona, Heba, Feda, and Neda help Marwa decide which designs, colors, and fabrics work best to for their line. These five sisters, each with their own unique personalities and unique fashion senses come together to create the perfect balance. Mona is the eldest sister who wears mainly jilbabs (long dress garments) and full coverage hijab. Next is Marwa whose style is a mix of the classic and modern fashions with a fun flair. Then comes Heba--the hijabified raver that loves neon and rainbow. Feda is the flower child, free spirit girl and last but not least is the very sophisticated lawyer-to-be, Neda. All these combined, bring you the concepts and looks behind mE Moda.

According to your website, you've wanted to design clothes since you were a little girl. How does it feel to achieve this dream? What advice do you have for other women, especially Muslimas, who're also working to become fashion designers? 

Working in costume design was really a dream for me and a wonderful experience that gave me the confidence and drive to go back to school (after already receiving a B.S. in Computer Science in 2003) to study at Massachusetts College of Art and Design to learn the professional techniques of fashion design. I loved working on projects and participating in fashion shows but I really had an urge to do something to help the community as well. In the last year of school, I had a chance to speak to several teaches about an idea I had and was encouraged to go forward with mE Moda. Every step in establishing mE Moda was a great burst of excitement but with every step I also found that things are never as easy as they seem. Although the achievement thus far is indeed a dream come true, I still have a lot more ideas and designs I’m planning to put out in the future—an array of garments from professional suits to swim wear to special occasion clothes. 

What was the inspiration behind mE Moda's current offerings? 
The latest design released at mE Moda is the Maxi Dress with Sleeves. Living in Grenada (in the Caribbean for 9 months) and not being able to wear layers at all first inspired me to think of designing a maxi dress with sleeves. Later moving to Brooklyn, NY and seeing so many young Muslim girls wearing long black abayas while walking to school inspired me to create a dress that could be considered a modern twist to the jilbab. Having sleeves, a cute look, and comfort (98% cotton) are the best features of this dress. Additionally, the fullness of the skirt section is designed to prevent the natural clinginess that often occurs with cotton/jersey maxi dresses and the fullness of the sleeves provides for almost any width upper arm. In Tall and Short (average) sizes to accommodate more women and the simplicity of the dress allows for each individual woman to accessorize the look and express her own personality in them. It’s really an all year round dress. The possibilities of how to wear this dress are endless and range from a career wear look to special occasion, depending on how you accessorize it.

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November 24, 2011

Asalaamu Alaykum, Lovely Ladies!

Today's Sponsor Spotlight will be featuring another returning sponsor who has been consistently supportive of Hijabi Fashion Week and its celebration sisterhood, diversity, and modesty. SixteenR is a hip and happening fashion label for scarves with unique designs you won't find anywhere else. Our number one reason for crushing on  SixteenR's products is because of their visible talent for mixing colors, concepts, and materials into exquisite pieces that really do bring home the empowerment of being a hijabi. You can see our reflections on their latest line in our "Walk the Line" post. 

Below is a video and transcript for a brief, yet insightful Q&A with SixteenR founder, Nancy Hoque, where we asked a few to get our readers better acquainted with this hijab-friendly scarf/shawl label :) View it and tells us what you think!

Asalaamu Alaykum, I'm Nancy Hoque and I created "Love Hijabi Fashion Week", also known as, sent me a few questions to answer on behalf of SixteenR, so here they are.

The first question is, why do we believe the scarf is a tool of empowerment? Well, one is we believe that when you wear a scarf as a headscarf, it takes a lot of courage to wear it as a headscarf, especially if you live in a society where it's not the norm. For instance, I grew up in Southern California, and everyone doesn't walk around wearing scarves and identifying themselves as Muslim women, or hijabis. 

Also, it takes a lot of confidence to wear a headscarf and keep it on everyday. We believe inthis whole process of defining a new sense of beauty and being comfortable in your own skin. You know, not worry about how other perceive you is a very empowering process, a growing process.

The second question is, what inspires our designs. A lot of things inspire us: books, stories, our travels. And we try to make sure that each of our scarves mean something--either [through] the people who make them, where we bring our scarves from, the type of fabric they are, or the images that we print, that we collect from our travels. 

We try to create images like our headphones scarves, that are a little bit different, that make you think twice. You know, we view the headscarf as an art piece and want to give it a different edge. 

When we design our scarves, we keep in mind how it will looks as a headscarf--even though it can be worn as a neck scarf or shawl, [as well]. A lot of people don't take that consideration when they design scarves, but that's something we do at  SixteenR

The third question is, what should everyone expect from  SixteenR in the future? Well, more scarves..we'll be playing with color much more, more graphics, more unusual prints. Thank-you to everyone who fills out our surveys and gives us their feedback. We really value your opinions and we take them into consideration for our designs. 

Stay tuned and check out Thank you for this interview. We appreciate everyone's support!
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November 23, 2011

Asalaamu Alaykum, Everyone!

We've watched them start strong and grow rapidly into a reasonably-priced, go-to for contemporary, modest fashions. We've had you join us on a virtual shopping trip when we posted a walk-through of their Holiday Collection. Who are we talking about? Well, quite simply, we're talking about ZeenaZeena had sponsored a giveaway last year and they're back this HFW season to continue showing their support for modest Fashionistas from all over the world!

We like Zeena because they keep up with the modern woman through their timing and collections. Since its launch in the Spring of 2011, Zeena has been consistent in pumping out staples and must-haves to keep us interested and our wardrobes well-stocked. On their website, they share what made them start this up-and-coming fashion label:
in all our years of shopping (and shopping), we never quite found a dependable designer of the sort of clothing we were looking for. Demure. Elegant. Modern. Modest. Zeena aims to be that dependable designer.

Bayan, founder and designer of Zeena, made this video just for Readers! We've also written up a transcript, so you don't miss a thing! Click below to watch :)

Hello, Lovely Ladies. I'm Bayan from Zeena. We launched our first line this past spring, and to say it's been a whirlwind, is an understatement. We've been blessed with amazing fans and devoted customers that have allowed us to do what we love, season after season, which has already been three seasons! We continue to gain popularity because we have been able to provide a new line of clothing every season, making us reliable and affordable. 

Some of our favorite items, this season, have been the Boyfriend Shrug--which I live in, the Silky Ruffle Top, and the Black Beauty Skirt

My day-to-day fashion is pretty laid-back. I love wearing the Boyfriend Shrug, with an oversized scarf and really nice boots. When I dress up, I like to wear one bold piece, work my outfit around it, and then just run with it. 

Our team, here at Zeena, really attempts to cover a woman from her most casual days to her special occasions. Designing for Zeena is my favorite part, and I love my job. I'm inspired by different textures and different colors. I consider myself a contemporary Muslim woman and Zeena works to provide fashion that I, myself am dieing to wear. I wait season-after-season [to get these looks].

[At Zeena,] You can always look forward to great, new designs that keep you modest, fashionable, and wanting more. 

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November 21, 2011

Asalaamu Alaykum Ladies,

Today, we're spotlighting a Hijabi Fashion Week Sponsor that specializes in not just vintage scarves, but also in establishing eco-conscious standards in the sale of these vintage goodies. Veil Vision is based in Chicago, IL (USA), and has been establishing a sound impact on the vintage hijab scene since 2010. As you'll see next week (HFW!!!), Veil Vision is a keen supporter of creative expression. They explain,

What started with a simple vision has grown into the true steps of a movement. At  Veil Vision, we strive to establish a new definition of couture. An original meaning, in which self-expression stems from the elegance and grace of yesterday, while keeping up with the modernity and style of today.

1. Who is behind Veil Vision? Please tell us a little about who he/she is.
Veil Vision is driven by the vision of sustainble eco-friendly fashion and the love for vintage scarves and recognizing their true worth. This is what sets us apart from any other company that may be selling related items. We truly believe in out Vision and work hard to bring only the best pieces to our collection and maintain our eco-conscious standards in all aspects of our brand. This collaboration came together in order to provide both collectors and aspiring fashionistas an outlet to express their style creativity with endless possibilities that are one-of-a-kind.

2. Why vintage? What, for you, is appealing about vintage scarves?
Vintage allows for personality, proof of long lasting quality, a story behind every item which in the end means ultimate uniqueness for the wearer. Also, vintage doesn't always have to mean used. A majority of Veil Vision scarves are "new old stock," which is vintage stock that has never been used after production, for various reasons by the original designers/company that ordered its production. 

At Veil Vision, we pride ourselves on being the only vintage scarf company that restores and refinishes scarves through purely eco-friendly methods, and this is what sets us apart in the vintage scarf niche. This allows us the gently bring life back to our scarves, making them more than suitable for wear for many more decades. Vintage definitely doesn't mean compromising wear-ability, quality, or how long they will last.

Veil Vision vintage scarves are definitely superior in quality, as things in this day and age just aren't made the way that they used to be made, during the time period that our scarves were produced. This is evident by the simple fact that they have lasted for so many decades before becoming vintage. On average some of our scarves are 50 years old. At this point the wearer knows that they really do have something special that won't show up everywhere, and that is always a plus in fashion! We do not restock the same scarf as we don't have doubles of any scarf, adding to their rarity and exclusiveness. When a buyer purchases the scarf they can be sure that their scarf is one-of-a-kind and they will not see the same scarf put up again for sale, because there is only one. This is the greatest appeal as well as satisfaction that comes from our vintage scarves.

3. What can we expect to find at Veil Vision, in upcoming seasons?
In Winter 2011/Spring 2012, you can expect to find the unexpected! This includes a majority of high end designer pieces such as Oscar de la Renta, Dior, Chanel, Gucci, Vera, Versace, Cartier, Burberry, at unbeatable prices. Unexpected prints in rich quality fabrics, with most scarves made in Italy, France, and London. Basic ensemble foundations to ground a look as well as scarves that can take the place of jewels, literally. Rich abstract hues as well as light and fresh prints for both the modern trendsetter and the classical vintage lover for the upcoming collections. Our upcoming collections do challenge the creativity of a scarf wearer to show that there is no wrong way to make a scarf your own!

Below, is an HFW-exclusive sneak-peek at some of our favorites from Veil Vision's upcoming collection of not-yet released scarves. Check them out and leave a comment about the ones you like best! 

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