February 12, 2011

We Love HFW.

we come from all parts of the world.  we speak every language. we are of many colors, shapes, and sizes.  we are teachers, students, adventurers.   mothers, daughters, sisters, wives.   we are your best friends, your neighbors, your co-workers.  the women you see day in and day out.   we are so different, yet so much alike. we represent modesty.  we love hijab, we love fashion.   we love HFW.

Do you love HFW?  Show us, show the world!

Send in your "I Love HFW" signs to lovehfw@gmail.com. We'll feature you and add you to our animation :D


sue. said...

i loveeed this..

thumbs up for Asma & Em.

LaiLa said...

really beautiful post, I will make a photo!!

fya zainal said...

i'd love to!!!!

Em said...

thanks Sue!

@LaiLa & fya, can't wait to see your pics :D

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