March 25, 2011

Unfortunately, the winner of the Jakarta Scarf from Haute Hijab never contacted us so we picked a new winner!

Congratulations Maie!  You are the new winner of Haute Hijab's gorgeous Jakarta Scarf!  Please contact us ( lovehfw[at]gmail[dot]com ) within one week to claim your prize!

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March 17, 2011

Ladies, get your girls together and get ready for the May 2011 Hijabi Fashion Week!

Send the following to lovehfw[at]gmail[dot]com by April 2nd to participate:
  1. subject line "May HFW"
  2. create an outfit that expresses your unique personality and style, feel free to model the outfit yourself or send in a polyvore set (or something similar) - we also accept group submissions!
  3. link to your blog/tumber/wordpress/facebook, whatever platform you choose to use - if you do not have a blog or something of the like, please let us know
Everyone will be able to participate, however only 40 participants (old and new) will be featured on loveHFW :D

We will be doing things a bit differently this time, and we're rather excited about it!  More details coming soon!!

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March 4, 2011

Nov 2010 HFW Participant Guest Post: Seyma from Hijab Revival.  Enjoy~

Hijab Revival is NOT a style dictator.  My blog is about me.  It is a little snippet of my life, my loves, my likes and my dislikes but it is definitely not about fashion fascism.  When HFW contacted me about the fantastic event they were planning, I was all over it like a rash as it really did say a little something about me simply through my clothing.  This is what I love about fashion blogging.  I may not write much, but each time I post a look of the day I feel like I am giving a little of my personality away.  I am not telling you how to dress.  I am not even trying to sell anything, just simply giving myself the luxury of a daily outlet.

Whenever I walk into my cupboard I get little butterflies in my tummy at the thought of creating a sweet little combination.  Creating clothing sets is like creating a work of art as so much thought goes into it.  And imagine how much extra thought would need to go into a hijabi outfit!  Not only does it need to look chic, it must also be modest!  My favourite trends at the moment are nautical, vintage, structured blazers, embellished necklines and COLOUR!  I love colour and I feel happy when I wear colour.  For my personality black black and black just does not mesh well with me.  I love to have little accents of colour here and there to brighten up my day.

Throughout my blogging journey I have learnt so much about myself and my strengths and
weaknesses but the biggest bonus was the strengthening of my Iman.  Now who would have thunk it?

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