April 7, 2011

Meet Geek in the Rainbow.

HFW Participant Guest Post: IFA Athirah from Geek in the Rainbow.  Enjoy~

About Me
I'm a teenager who loves to mix & match clothes as well as loves to play with colours!  I've unconciously spent a little part of my daily life thinking on what to wear, with what do I have to pair it with what, and what kind of colour of cardigan and trousers as well as with what style of accessories.  This attitude sometimes leads me to draw a set of clothes on what to wear on a piece of paper!  So, you can see that I'm truly a lover of mix and match! Lol!

[get inside her head! keep reading below]

For your information, I'm not into branded things, but more into the beauty of the clothes.  I don't care whether the clothes are as cheap as RM25, as long as it looks beautiful!  This means, I prefer affordable clothes!  tehee.  The obvious thing about me is I lurve to wear dresses but not the maxi dress and cardigans are absolutely my best friend!

In terms of hijab style, you can see that I usually wear a simple style of hijab.  Not much twisting here and there.  Well, I'm in the process of changing my hijab style towards lowering the hijabs until the chest and finding style that is simple to wear but still gives a different effect when I wear it.  The reason I wanted to change styles is not because of fashion, but I think it's better for muslims to lower their hijab.

Finally, I would like to say that I'm just a simple girl with a simple kind of style.  I'm not the kind of girl who loves to follow the current trends.  I just like to wear what I want to wear.  Other than that, I want to inspire others by the way I dress :)

Well, where does my inspiration come from?  1stly, of course my mom!  She's the one who always encourage me to wear different kind of styles instead of stick to one style only.  She told me to always have fun when doing something in my life, which also included, the way I dress.  At 1st, I didn't follow what my mom said, as u know, according to my father, I'm quite a tomboyish girl before this.  I don't like to wear accessories, don't want to try different kind of hijabs.  However, I don't know since when I suddently changed 180 degrees!  It is just out of a sudden!  Hahaha.  I think it's hereditary!

People around me are also part of my inspiration.  The way they dress have given me ideas on what to mix & match.  Just wanna give suggesstions.  If you want to get tons of ideas on what to wear, do chekc out Chictopia or Lookbook!  It really helps u a lot in giving an idea on what to wear :)  eventhough, they don't wear hijabs, but somehow, I think, there's a lot of loose clothes trendy recently, which is a plus mark for us hijabi girls to follow!

About HFW
The first time I saw the HFW banner, the deadline was already closed!  But, I wanted to join it so I tried my luck by sending an email to Em telling her that if I could be given a chance to join HFW.  And , I got the approval!! hehe.  Even though I'm not like the other participants who are invited by Em, I still feel happy.  Joining HFW has really helped me to be recognized by some bloggeres with the way I dress, which I posted it in my blog. 

The main reason I wanted to join HFW  is because I felt that the event was going to be really fun and I love this kind of event!!  Through HFW, I can see people from different countries wearing different kinds of styles!  By joining this event, I not only could give inspiration to others, but, I also get inspiration from other participants!


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