May 31, 2011

A girl needs to stay fit and look fly.  Today we're heading to the gym for a work out, going for bike rides, playing soccer, and just plain staying active!  We know that this category can be somewhat frustrating as it really is difficult to find clothing suitable for an active lifestyle, especially for women who cover.  We support all ladies who get up and get active so we hope today's category helps out!  Don't forget to check out the links submitted below for more details on the featured bloggers' looks as well as all other participants' looks!  Get inspired~

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Today we focused on outfits for athletic environments and we are so excited Capsters is today's sponsor!  Capsters aims to give women an alternative to wearing the traditional hijab in athletic environments.  We all know how difficult and uncomfortable it can be wearing multiple layers or having our hijabs flying around :(  Anyways!  Capsters solves this issue with a wide variety of scarves for everyone at all levels of activeness, whether you like to take runs in the early morning, are part of a hardcore sports team, or simply want an easy, clean look while your'e out.

We have not one, but three giveaways today!!  Be sure to enter ladies!

By the way, did you see some of the featured participants sporting a Capsters hijab today?  Capsters so graciously gave many of the featured participants a Capsters of their own!

The first giveaway is for the:

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May 30, 2011

Day 2 we're getting all dressed up and heading out!  Each of us has a story to tell and are going some place different; traditional / cultural events, weddings, black tie events, etc.  We're certain your next formal outfit is sure to stem from one (or many) of these looks.  Don't forget to check out the links submitted below for more details on the featured bloggers' looks as well as all other participants' looks!  Get inspired~

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baraka Women was founded by Kath Fry and Eisha Saleh who have taken it upon themselves to bridge the gap between modest and stylish clothing.  The clothing line is made with love from Austrailia and with attention and care given to each item to ensure its' perfection and therefore, perfection on you.  baraka serves up a wide range of items from tops and bottoms, dresses, and accessories.  What we love about baraka is that each item in their collection is so easy and versatile to wear as is or dress up / dress down.  We were ecstatic when baraka gave LoveHFW readers a sneak peak of their upcoming collection, La Milatrie' Glam and now we're even more excited because you have to chance to win items from that same collection (before they are even available for purchase online!).

The first giveaway is for the:
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May 29, 2011

Salaams, Hello, and Welcome to Hijabi Fashion Week!

This is our second bi-annual HFW, and the first ever sponsored, in 2011, and on the official HFW blog!
In the next seven days, our favorite fashionable bloggers come together to present a different look every day for different occasions.  We're kicking it off with Work Wear so take a look below at our featured bloggers in the mini magazine (which you can totally full screen!), and the linked up bloggers below that.

We have a whole slew of beautiful giveaways for you all from our amazing sponsors:
Modern Mary      Pastelina      SixteenR      Zeena
(We're starting with not one, but two giveaways from Haute Hijab. Be sure to check out the next post below this one.)

We (Asma and Em) have been working so hard on this since the previous HFW in November, and are so excited to have all of you join us for this event!  Stylish.  Modest.  Fashionable.  We'll have it all.

So let's get right to it.  We're displaying all looks in true look-book format and starting off the week like a boss.  All looks are presented by everyday Muslimahs who are just like you. We hope you make new friends, discover new (and old) blogs, and above all, get inspired~
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We here at LoveHFW absolutely adore the folks at Haute Hijab.  They've been with us since the beginning of the blog and even sponsored the launch with some sweet scarves!  Haute Hijab has been turning up awesome vintage scarves time and time again and have recently started selling clothing.  Today we have a special treat, Haute Hijab is once again giving you ladies a chance to win some amazing items, one of them hasn't even been released yet!  We're also super excited for the launch of their clothing line which is due out soon!

The first giveaway is for the:

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By now you've heard that the lovely Dina Toki - O is our Special Guest for the upcoming HFW, you know she's an aspiring UK fashion designer working hard to launch her line full of the latest modest trends, and you're familiar with her mission of creating a more stylish future for those ladies who "keep it covered"!  But what don't you know about our Special Guest?  Find out below in the 21 Questions we asked Dina and get to know what she's all about.  Enjoy~
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That's when you can expect the HFW fun to begin! 

[photo credit]
No one likes being square :(

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May 28, 2011

HFW Participant Guest Post: Shums from Hijabiii. Enjoy~

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May 23, 2011

The ladies of baraka Women, Kath and Eisha, talk about the inspirations for their line, their humanitarian efforts, the perks for working together, as well as their latest collection.

Please note: Kath's responses will be in blue, and Eisha's in red.

According to your website, the concept for Baraka was dreamed up in 2006 but was not actually put into action until 2008. What gave you the inspiration for the line back in 2006?

In 2005 I read an artical in british vogue on the frustration muslim women had from there shopping experiences.  I had converted to islam in 2005 and I met Eisha while I was learning Shariah on the weekend. As I was learning about Islam, my style of clothing began to change and I found it harder to find things. I would work on the best shopping strip in Sydney but there was nothing, I asked Eisha what she wore and she confessed all her designer labels were locked away in the cupboard and there was nothing on the market. It took me 2 years to get the confidence to start baraka, Eisha and I would sketch things in Shariah class but it was still a dream. At the time I worked for Jigsaw in the design team. They were turning over millions a season but I was so unhappy working for a design team that didn't fulfil my needs. Then I thought that if I don’t start, someone else will. I loved the images by Thierry Le Goues for Antik Batik that were shot in the desert and was inspired by the high fashion Islamic style... baraka grew from that.

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May 22, 2011

HFW Participant Guest Post: Filiz from Coco's Pearls.  Enjoy~

Hello, G'day, Merhaba and Salaam!

Coco's Pearls, my Blog, started off as a means to get in touch with other muslims. I'm a stay at home mum with two crazy boys and my blog was a way for me to unwind and relax at the end of a long day and really connect with all the many other muslims around the world. At times it is easy to feel isolated. Yes I have many non-Muslim friends, but it's nice to see and hear other Muslims out there that share the same interests as you. And what is that? Fashion of course!

HFW Nov 2010 - Day 3 - Girls' Night Out
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May 18, 2011

We're super excited to let you know that LoveHFW readers & fans will be given a sneak peak of baraka Women's upcoming collection, La Milatrie' Glam!  You'll see it here first in the days to come :D

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May 16, 2011

HFW Participant Guest Post: Nissa from Salt & Sugar. Enjoy~

Assalamualaikum,hye are you doing?Alhamdulillah...owh hye there! can you see me? hyeeeeeeee....Thank you to both Asma and Em for the invitation..I guess I'll this the form of an interview, let us begin!

1) Tell something about you and the love between you and fashion, when did it actually start?

I am Nissa , 24, single, Malaysian, a lecturer, and the owner of Salt&Sugar blog.. and the kid in the picture below is me too.  I don't know how old I was in this picture.. but what I want to say is, at this age I was already in love with fashion.  Oh you have any idea of how many pictures of me there are acting and posing, dreaming of being a model.  I used to walk around the house wearing my mom's high heels and watch my mom prepare for work, how she applied her make up and how she wore her hijab.  I was amused back then... and can you imagine what happened when she left the house?  Yeah, correct, I used all the
make up....... shhh, dont tell her..

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May 10, 2011

Salam Ya'll!!

Exciting news, Modern Mary has just come aboard as our 7th sponsor!  Modern Mary serves to "capture the essence of modesty without compromising style" and this is exactly what HFW is all about!  We're really excited about the items they have to offer,  and even more excited about the upcoming giveaway during the HFW event later this month!

Stay tuned <3

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May 9, 2011

Here's a quick Q&A for our girls:

WHO can join HFW?
This event is open to all the ladies out there, Muslim or non-Muslim, hijabi or not! Why? because HFW's goal is to share and inspire fashionably chic and hijab-appropriate clothing among young women. You may not regularly wear hijab, but this is a great opportunity to see from others and try your own hand at dressing modestly while still maintaining your own unique style!

HOW do I participate?
Detailed instructions can be found here for bloggers and non-bloggers alike.

Those that met the April 2nd deadline to be featured, will be regularly showcased during the event on LoveHFW.  However, there is NO DEADLINE to participate on your own blogs or even through Facebook (yes, you can participate through Facebook.  See detailed instructions above.) .  Feel free to join in whenever, you can participate the entire week or even just a few days!

Categories can be found HERE, send an email ( loveHFW[at]gmail[dot]com ) or post below if you have any questions!

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May 7, 2011

Come join us for endless inspiration and awesome giveaways <3

Our Facebook Event - you do not want to miss out :D

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After all the anticipation and excitement for this month's HFW, we're finally revealing the juiciest details! Take a look below at this year's selected categories and also, something NEW this year: our list of SPONSORS who have so graciously been working with us to set up GIVEAWAYS, EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEWS, and SNEAK PEEKS, just for our participants and fans! We LOVE you girls, show us some love back! :D

Now, to business!

: : : drumroll please : : :

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