May 28, 2011

Meet Hijabiii.

HFW Participant Guest Post: Shums from Hijabiii. Enjoy~

Assalam Alaikum!

I’m Shamma from a tiny chain of islands in the Indian Ocean called Maldives and I took part in last year’s (and the first) Hijabi Fashion Week. Masha Allah it was a great event and I hope to take part in Hijabi Fashion week events this year as well insha Allah.

I’m an abaya wearing hijabi and when I first started wearing abaya I noticed that most people who wore the abaya and the hijab usually wore it in the same way. For me it looked somewhat like a uniform and not a type of dress people would choose to wear on their own. This was what got me thinking about trying out new styles / ways of wearing the hijab and accessorizing the abaya. I believe that covering yourself does not deprive oneself from looking pretty and portraying one’s own style and taste in fashion to the rest of the world.

I like to try out new ways of wearing hijabs and sometimes I end up creating styles of my own :

I don’t follow any particular trends/ fashion icons, I usually get my inspiration from a piece of clothing or an accessory and I base my look on the particular item that I like. I usually go for girlish looks in soft colour tones but at times like to experiment and try out different looks and colours as well. I do not like to stick to one colour of abayas so I try to wear coloured abayas from time to time. My looks are rarely ‘all black’ looks; if I wear a black abaya I try to add some colour to the outfit by wearing a brightly coloured scarf/ necklace/ shoes.

I started blogging on March 2010 and participated in Hijabi fashion week in November. It was whole new experience in blogging. I’ve met and made friends with a lot of hijabis with different and great styles from around the word and I’ve discovered so many new, great blogs and fashion ideas as well.

I’m really excited about this year’s Hijabi Fashion week which is going to be a bigger and better event than last year’s one and a chance to meet some new great hijabi bloggers out there! I know that Hijabi fashion week this year is going to be one spectacular online worldwide event insha Allah!



Hannah Muminah said...

I love her style
modesty,hijabi but still chic

Rabia Ashraf said...

Love her style!! <3

Laila said...

Maldivas is a very beautiful place! :D

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