May 16, 2011

Meet Salt & Sugar.

HFW Participant Guest Post: Nissa from Salt & Sugar. Enjoy~

Assalamualaikum,hye are you doing?Alhamdulillah...owh hye there! can you see me? hyeeeeeeee....Thank you to both Asma and Em for the invitation..I guess I'll this the form of an interview, let us begin!

1) Tell something about you and the love between you and fashion, when did it actually start?

I am Nissa , 24, single, Malaysian, a lecturer, and the owner of Salt&Sugar blog.. and the kid in the picture below is me too.  I don't know how old I was in this picture.. but what I want to say is, at this age I was already in love with fashion.  Oh you have any idea of how many pictures of me there are acting and posing, dreaming of being a model.  I used to walk around the house wearing my mom's high heels and watch my mom prepare for work, how she applied her make up and how she wore her hijab.  I was amused back then... and can you imagine what happened when she left the house?  Yeah, correct, I used all the
make up....... shhh, dont tell her..

Since then my interest in fashion has evolved all thanks to my Mum, she was my first inspiration.  As  I grew older my love for fashion grew deeper.  I love to look at stylish ladies, admiring their sense of style has affected me in many ways I didn't realized until I took part in HFW.

2) What about HFW?
The thing that I love about HFW was that it unites all the hijabis from all around the world, sharing ideas and thoughts about fashion..and honestly speaking, HFW changed me.  I'm now wearing hijab for good, praise to Allah.  And I made lotsa friends along the way.  I realized how lovely, pretty, and stylish a person can be without having to break the religion's rules.  I'm sure that it's inspired you too.  HFW has taught us how to apply the expression into a mode of fashion, turning nothing into something, and it was fun!  I can't express  just how fun it was and I can't wait for this coming May.

Now HFW has grown bigger, I am so proud to tell you that I was part of it and helped to make this happen.
Millions gratitude and congratulations to Em and Asma.  If you want to see my outfits for the last HFW, do click here. I wont promise you anything special,  I was just being me.

If I have to define my style, I would have to say that I am a very simple lady. And yeah, I'm wearing
glasses, I do wear contact lens too. Who says you can't look good in glasses?

3) What really give you inspiration and who is your fashion icon?
If you ask me where I get my inspiration from my answer would be TUMBLR, FASHION MAGAZINES, FASHION BLOGS, and almost everything but at the same time nothing in particular.  Also I find inspiration in dance and photography.  The things I love about these two things is color.  When I dance, I'm surrounded by people who wear colorful outfits and I feel so alive, so energetic.  When I capture a moment filled with colors using my camera, it bring smiles to my face.  So I guess that is what inspires me most, COLORS!

Getting ready to get up on stage.

A video of me in during one of my dance training sessions.

Some of the pictures in my personal collection.

4) Do you shop online, can you share some of the best places you like to shop?
Absolutely, here are a few.

1) VINTAGE BIRI-BIRI (they have nice vintage collection)


3) DIARY ADDICTIONS (online store directories blog, this blog helps in finding what I'm looking for)

4) MOCA (love it)


Let's be friend on Twitter.  I'm also available on Facebook.  Plus! i would love to share ideas and interesting findings with you through Tumblr.  Got questions?  Don't be shy, ask me anything.  So long..


Is-za said...

lovely post by a cute and stylish sister!

Sahira Anish said...

Wonderful picture, so beautiful litle girl. Yes, I think all litle girls like to use their mothers'clothes heheheh.

I am happ cause I will know more about modest clothes, hijabs and fashionic...


Rabia Ashraf said...

Wonderful interview!! She's really stylish and beautiful. :)

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