May 9, 2011

Participate! You know you want to ;D

Here's a quick Q&A for our girls:

WHO can join HFW?
This event is open to all the ladies out there, Muslim or non-Muslim, hijabi or not! Why? because HFW's goal is to share and inspire fashionably chic and hijab-appropriate clothing among young women. You may not regularly wear hijab, but this is a great opportunity to see from others and try your own hand at dressing modestly while still maintaining your own unique style!

HOW do I participate?
Detailed instructions can be found here for bloggers and non-bloggers alike.

Those that met the April 2nd deadline to be featured, will be regularly showcased during the event on LoveHFW.  However, there is NO DEADLINE to participate on your own blogs or even through Facebook (yes, you can participate through Facebook.  See detailed instructions above.) .  Feel free to join in whenever, you can participate the entire week or even just a few days!

Categories can be found HERE, send an email ( loveHFW[at]gmail[dot]com ) or post below if you have any questions!


Najlaa 'Aqilah said...

can still join though will not be featured??

Nor Adzwaty Rokkafella said...

i just found out about this thing today...can i still join???

Em said...

YES, you can! Simply post looks to your blog according to the categories which can be found above and don't forget to link us!

SizZLing SuZai said... there is no registeration part here..? huhu sorry i know it looks pathetic here but yup, im so so excited to join but as i've missed d previous one LOL~

so i dun hv to email u anything??

thus, sis i just need to post those 7 looks during the 7 days n link it rite? ("^^)

Haute Muslimah said...

Yes Suzai that's right!
And we're so excited that you're excited!! Yay

*Nad* said...

Salam Em & Haute Muslimah,

I think I will participate inshaallah, really excited ;)))

Is-za said...

Im so excited! Im still debating if I should do it or not but either way I can't wait. Good luck with everything!

Em said...

@ Nad, so excited you'll be joining us!

@ Is-za, you should totally join in! We would love to see your unique looks and I'm sure you can provide readers with a ton of inspiration <3

miss suju said...

can i still join this HFW?? I missed the previous one, excited when i saw this entry ..hehe =)

Sahira Anish said...

Congratulations, It is a good idea, join some muslimah's blogs about Fashionic!!
I will be here visiting all!!


Em said...

@ miss suju, YES you can join! Just follow the directions above!!

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