July 3, 2011

We Have A Confession to Make...

Yup, we said it and we can't say it enough!  We're shouting it at the top of your lungs:  WE LOVE YOU!  WE LOVE YOU!  WE LOVE YOU!

Every single one of you, our supporters, fans, and enthusiasts.  We could not have done this without all of you!  This post is dedicated to all the HFW lovers all around the world!  You're all amazing and below we're giving a shout out to those who made an impression on us and those who really made HFW a much more enjoyable experience for all!  This post may be a tad bit long but only because we have a lot of supporters to recognize <3!!

These ladies helped to bring HFW to next level!

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Stephanie Luff - We luff you, what more is there to say?  She's been super supportive and helpful (from November on!) and is our go-to for various media things (like the promo video on the side >>).
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Dina Torkia (Dina Toki-o) - Our first ever very special guest!  She did an amazing job and was super fun to work with during the event and for the promo video, MashaAllah.
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Nancy Hoque (SixteenR) - The force behind SixteenR and also one of our featured participants!  We were glad to have her take part as an active participant all around (from sponsoring, showcasing her personal style, and being an awesome Facebook fan!) :D
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Muslim Street Fashion - Ahhhhh it was tooo cute how Haiina (of the blog Muslim Street Fashion) incorporated her daughter into HFW by making a "Baby Loves HFW Too!" segment!!  We can already see baby will be following in her stylish mommy's footsteps!
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Yasmin Fufu - Props to Yasmin for taking HFW further and bringing it to Youtube!  We loved how you presented your looks through a different medium!
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Commentators & comments that made our day month YEAR!

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Shout Out to the Following Ladies for being active & awesome Facebook fans!!

Love is in the air!  Hope you ladies are filled to the brim with lovee, haha!


Stephanie Luff said...

aaawww i luff you too!! hehe this was a lovely surprise in my Google Reader =D
<3 <3 <3

Nancy Hoque said...

thanks ladies... we HEART you!

hijab-on-point.blogspot.com said...

YAAAY - I LUV U 2 :)))

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