September 20, 2011

New Look, New Team...Buckle Your Seatbelts because

We're Back!

After a short hiatus, we're finally returning to a regular posting schedule so that you'll have more looks, more events, more fashion, fun, and friendship here at Here's the rundown of what's changed:

1. We've got a new look! We wanted to be more about you and the fashions and topics that you're interested in, so we worked hard to find and customize a layout that was more content-focused and easier to browse. How do you like it?

2. Rather than clicking through all the posts in the Archives below, you can now easily find our most popular posts and events above, by clicking on "The Vault". It's right next to the search bar.

3. is now not only the official headquarter of Hijabi Fashion Week, but also host to more engaging posts and news that reflect the ideas that HFW has always stood for: Modesty, Diversity, and Sisterhood. To learn more about how Hijabi Fashion Week was started and how it's evolved since, make sure to read our upcoming posts for this week!

4. One more thing we thought you'd like to know: the team is now Em and her sister, Wafa (that's me!). I'll tell you more about me tomorrow, but first we'd like to thank Asma of the fabulous Haute Muslimah blog for helping out during the May 2011 HFW. If you'd like to keep up with Asma (we'd recommend it!) make sure to add her blog to your bookmarks/favorites!

That's all for now. 4 changes that we hope you'll like! Stay tuned in the upcoming weeks for a first taste of all the changes in action!

And don't forget to leave a comment below and tell us what you think, what you're expecting, or if you have any other changes you'd like to see!


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Thanks so much for the shout out!

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