September 21, 2011

@Vvafa - Who, What, WHY?

Alright then! Asalaamu Alaykum ya Ukhtee :D

I guess we'll get down to the official introductions here. I'm Wafa, Em's younger sister--and now, official member of the Team. I'm a recent college grad gearing up for real-world, "adult" status by viciously job-hunting, drinking coffee for breakfast, and reading newspapers! Okay, we'll that's not entirely true...I personally prefer chai and newsfeeds, but same difference (ha!).

I'm here to contribute another perspective, make a name for myself, and most importantly: help take LoveHFW to the oh-so-many places it can go! Trust me on this one, I'm kinda-sorta-almost an expert ;D (well, inshaAllah). Em and I definitely complement each other's thinking, but that's of course after we...ahem, iron out the wrinkles. What this means for you is that LoveHFW will be experiencing a few apparent and not-so-apparent changes as a part of not only Hijabi Fashion Week, but the website as a whole. We hope you'll like them!

Check out my previous post for an idea of some of the other changes!

Now that you know a little more about me, say hi! Leave a comment below, give me a shout out on Twitter (@LoveHFW or @Vvafa), or..oooh, how 'bout leaving me a video message on Facebook? That would be super-sweet! (Don't worry, I'll definitely reply back!)


Haute Muslimah said...

Hey Wasalam Wafa!

I'm so excited for what you and Em have to offer!

wafa said...

Thanks Asma! I'm really excited too, especially NOW--since there's SOO much to say about fashions in Autumn! I honestly believe it's absolutely the best time of year for hijabi fashionistas! ♥

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