September 24, 2011

Walk the Line: Haute Hijab Fall 2011

Assalaamu Alaykum Loves!

In case you haven't been keeping up with hijabi fashion news, many up and coming designers and brands have been revealing their fall lines lately. These include Haute Hijab, SixteenR, and inshaAllah Simply Zeena this Sunday!

We were given a sneak preview of Haute Hijab's Fall line and wanted to share with all our sisters at LoveHFW, when a great idea hit us. Why don't we let you in on the conversations we have when devouring these scrumptious looks?! You know Wafa and I are sisters, so naturally, we're going to talk lol--and since YOU are our sisters as well, we would LOVE for you to join in too!

Consider this our walk-through of your favorite brands' fashion lines, hosted by your's truly: Em and Wafa :)

So without further ado, we invite you to "Walk the Line" with us, and inshaAllah let us know if you agree, disagree, or have anything else to say by joining our conversation in the comments below! Enjoy:

Haute Hijab is a clothing line that provides modest yet fashionable clothing catered toward Muslim women. Our philosophy lies in the Quranic tradition of wearing the head cover (hijab) and dressing modestly in order to be recognized as women of faith and to uphold modesty. While we do not promote ostentation we do believe in an individual’s personal expression of faith and modesty through dress. We aim to ease the process of finding modest clothing by providing a site where every piece of clothing sold is hijab-friendly. We hope you will join us in our effort to embrace the beauty in modesty. 
via Haute Hijab's Facebook Page

Jade Tulip Skirt

Em: So I saw this and I immediately thought The Little Mermaid!

Wafa: Oh, I see it now! Ya, it's like a modern version of a Disney princess classic. I'd love to see this paired with a leather biker jacket. I love that powerful-feminine look.

Em: You mean you like the contrast of that silky flowyness against a structured jacket.

Wafa: Ya, but I'm also referring to the idea of something delicate and special paired with something more rough and "everyday".

Grand Ball Floral Skirt

Wafa: Grand Ball Floral Skirt, i love this! it's like that lady from, um...oh, The Sound of Music! as if it the ballroom was on that hill.

Em: What, you don't make sense at all. It's more like Beauty and the Beast with the yellow tones and the florals. Reminds me of that scene when Belle is dancing with the Beast and she's wearing that gold ballroom dress.

Wafa: I... don't see that at all. This is totally from the sound of music. I t's like this is exactly the skirt I would wear if I was singing and twirling on a hill.

Em: Lol, well its twirlability also gives it a Princess feel...that's all I'm saying.

Working Girl Skirt

Em: The working girl skirt is for when you want something a bit subdued, but it would be cool to pair with bright colors because it's so neutral it would go with anything!

Wafa: Actually, I think soft, romantic colors would work best. Bright colors would make it look washed out. I'm thinking peaches and light pinks.

Em: Pastels?

Wafa: Yes!

Em: So last year.

Wafa: :'(

Polished Peplum Skirt

Wafa: What's peplum? Is that the material?

Em: No, it's actually the shillouhette, the way it flares out at the top. You'd have to pair it with something toned down to balance out the drama of the skirt.

Wafa: So none of my crazy prints and bright colors, hah.

Em: Ehh.... no.

Demure Pleated Essential Top

Wafa: I like it. I honestly believe a sleeveless button down is perfect for any working girl. If it's long enough, it's the easiest way to add a little modesty to your work wear.

Em: I agree. The pleating is the perfect touch to take a plain white shirt to the next level.

Retro Lady Shirtdress

Wafa: Haute Hijab is definately going to make a name for itself as the go-to for dramatic statement pieces.

Em: That bright cobalt blue definately stands out on this silhouette.

Wafa: Well yeah bold colors, but also because of the fuller shapes and dramatic pleats.

Refined Oxford Blouse

Em: The detailing at the collar, how unexpected! You know, subtle drama often leads to a more sophisticated look. Even if you wear this shirt with a simple pair of pants or a plain skirt, you'll still be able to make an impact the moment you walk into a room...without being too "loud".

WafaDrama. I called it, didn't I? It's wonderful to be able to identify a brand instantly by their clothes. That's what's called a fresh perspective in fashion, especially these days when everything's been seen before.

Regal High Collar Leotard

Wafa: Whoa! The previous blouse has nothing on this one!

Em: You think it's more dramatic than the peplum skirt?

Wafa: It's definately unique while the peplum skirt is more of a familiar shape. So I think that itself makes it more dramatic.

Em: Honestly, I like this collar, and the idea of a leotard shirt.

Wafa: Actually, the leotard feature can totally work for me because most skirts are short by a few inches on me and with this I could wear them lower without putting coverage at risk...

Em: Like a dropped-waist? I love that trend.

Wafa: No, not really. I just can't ever find long enough skirts.

Thanks for joining our conversation! Tell us what came to your mind when you saw these looks or heard what Wafa and I were thinking. Leave a comment below, send us your thoughts on Twitter, or give us a shout out on Facebook :)

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leasel06 said...

I LOVE the jade tulip skirt, the grand ball floral skirt, and the retro lady shirtdress.  I never have the money to buy designer clothes, but I can certainly drool.  :)

wafa said...

We're in the same boat then ;D I can't figure out which one I like more between the gorgeous ball skirt and the elegant emerald skirt!

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