October 31, 2011

Fresh out the oven, here's this week's Link Lov'n!
[plus, stay tuned for a very SPECIAL announcement, later this week!]
"Covering the chest is the best", a simple and direct reminder that hijab should cover our chests, as well as cover our hair and neck. The other reminder in the "Wear It Right Campaign" talks about wearing long enough tops or skirts that cover our bums as necessary. I like this "Wear It Right Campaign" idea because sometimes we forget that the standards of hijab are not there just as a way for us to represent and unite ourselves as Muslim women, it's also a guidance for how we dress.
This is another cool photo-tumblr focused on hijab. I really wish they'd link back to the sources because I'd love to see more inspiration from some of the fashionistas featured. Watch out, you may see yourself in there if you're a blogger or have a lot of pictures up online! I've already found blogger Stephanie and former HFW Featurette & fabulous fashion designer, Dina Toki-o, multiple times!
Okay, I can't help it! Whenever I find something cute that ties into Islam, I've just got to share it! What am i to do? lol How many of you have already heard of OwhSoMuslim.com? It's a shame the website is down, but they've got a Facebook page up and it's got most of their cute artwork! Ohw So Muslim is like a series of comic-like reminders about not just hijab, but also Islam in general. For example, one of their most recent drawings covered the 10 days of Dhul-Hijjah that Muslims should give special attention to. Find out more about it on their Facebook!
Do you have favorite links that you'd like to share? Leave it in the comments below, post it on Facebook, or send it to us via email!
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October 29, 2011

Asalaamu Alaykum Ladies, Hijabis, (or Hijabers, as they call it in Malaysia),

Have you noticed how many hijab-friendly accessories have been popping up online? Most of these creative extras are basically catered to hijabis, especially those who want to express their individuality without compromising modesty. Below are my latest finds for hijabis, old and new, who want to style up their modest looks.

Remember, it's up to you to know what guidelines Islam has set for clothing. By knowing what's required of a hijabi, you'll be better able to pick styles that are appropriate and modest and avoid styles that are not.

Without further ado, and in no particular order, 4 Creative Accessories for Hijabis:

The Hoojab
If you've ever worn anything with a roomy hood before, such as a hooded sweatshirt, you'd know how quick and easy it is to throw the hood on and have all your hair tucked in and covered. The hoojab has a similar concept--by creating a hood shape within the shawl, it not only becomes quicker and easier to throw on and go, but it also helps secure a hijab from sliding all over your hair. Plus, the built-in hood also expands the kinds of hijab styles you can create, without turning into a porcupine that has countless pins sticking into your scarf! :)

The Earhole Underscarf
I don't know about you guys, but I find most underscarves pretty uncomfortable. Alright, my head is probably a little bigger than most, so the normal sizes are super tight, but what choice have I got? If, on the rare occasion that I find a larger underscarf, it's usually too loose to stay put or it stretches out within days. I guess these are the reasons why I found the idea of an Earhole undescarf so attractive--and its the first time I've seen something like this, too. If you're also annoyed by underscarves hurting your ears, you might like this creative accessory too:

Detachable Collar Top & Nextentions
I can't always wear turtle necks and layer collard shirts under tops that have difficult necklines such as v-neck sweaters, deep-U tunic tops, etc. All those beautiful clothes are ruined for modest women because of their low necklines. It's fine layering a more appropriate shirt under them in the colder months, but it's killer in the heat. And yes, I should be draping my hijab over my chest anyway, but we all know cloth doesn't stay still without pins that constantly poke you. This is only one reason why I found these detachable neck coverage accessories so interesting. Haute Hijab's Detachable Collar Top below, looks classy as a faux button-down shirt piece, while Pearl-Daisy's Nextentions are a great go-to for extra casual, coverage. Nextentions also come in brighter colors, so they're probably great with desi/traditional clothes that have difficult necklines as well.

The Plastic Thing in Men's Shirt Collars OR "Streamliners"
Another creative hijab "accessory" can actually be found in men's clothes. If you admire the sleek, structured hijab styles of Turkey, or if you've been trying to keep your hijab neater throughout the day, you'll love the tip in the first video, below. The second video shows you how to do the same thing, except by using a plastic thing specifically designed for hijab, which can be found at Al-Sharifa's online store

These are just a few of the creative innovations in hijabi fashion. Some are just fun, others are useful. One thing's for sure, it's great to see that there are more and more products that are made to accommodate hijabis like us. :)

What are some of the cool, new hijab-centric innovations you've come across? Have you tried arm sleeves, hijab shampoo, or something completely different? Let me know, below!
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October 26, 2011

Warm and casual...or boring and bland?

[ found here ]
I was browsing through Godwin Charli's Spring/Summer 2010 collection (yes, yes, soo last year) and I came upon something unnerving: a white shirt worn over tan pants. Unless you're at the office, a golf tournament, or studying at a school where uniforms are required, I see no reason why anyone would wear stuffy white button-downs over boring khaki pants. After all, when so many other colors and styles are available, why would you choose the exact look so many people must wear on a daily basis? Why? Well, that's what I used to think, before I found this outfit:

White over khaki? Ewww....Oh, wait...hmmm
 At first I overlooked it for having the exact color scheme that I go out of my way to avoid. But, I found myself flipping back and scrutinizing it again. I kind of like it; it doesn't seem to bother me as much as it should and it seems to redeem white-khaki pairing. Can these colors together still be fun and fresh?

I'm thinking it's the white blazer that actually gives this, otherwise mundane outfit, its touch of chic. If I had a white blazer, I might reconsider wearing white over khaki too, but I'm still not sure. Maybe in reality, it's still a supremely boring outfit. If you weren't a fan of white with khaki before and you could have the same outfit as above, would you wear it? Even if you had more interesting looks to choose from?  Or, is white over khaki trousers a look that needs to die...fast?

Tell me what you think: Rock or Retire?


Thanks for all your feedback, Ladies! The results are in: the White Shirt over Khaki Pants is a timeless look that rocks, and will keep on rocking! It's an especially great outfit to wear with colorful and printed hijabs because it minimizing clashing!

...Look out for our next Rock or Retire: Plaid Prints...For WORK?
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October 24, 2011

If you've been keeping up with us since our last HFW, then the name of modest apparel boutique, Zeena, should probably ring a bell. Despite having launched just this past spring, Zeena has already hit the ground running by introducing new items almost every month, mashaAllah. They had also generously sponsored giveaways during our last Hijabi Fashion Week. To say we've been keeping an eye on them ever since, via their Twitter and Facebook, would probably be an understatement. We imagine their success has not only to do with how versatile their clothes are, but also with the amount of planning that has been going into each line, as they've stated on their website:

In the Spring of 2011, we launched our first line of elegant, modern designs. We've actually been at this for years - designing and refining and designing some more until we had it just right.

I'm a fan of Zeena because they seem to get it...the problem that haunts so many hijabis. Here's how Zeena explains it:

What lead us to launch (yet another) new clothing line? Fair question, and the answer is simple: in all our years of shopping (and shopping), we never quite found a dependable designer of the sort of clothing we were looking for. Demure. Elegant. Modern. Modest. Zeena aims to be that dependable designer. 

Isn't that essentially what a hijabi wants from her shopping experience? Well, good :) because now you've finally got it. Below is our walkthrough of Zeena's recently revealed Holiday Collection. Check out their designs below and if you see something you like, make your purchases without delay because Eid-al-Adha is coming up soon, inshaAllah!

Just a reminder, what follows is simply our personal reactions to their latest line. We may say sweet things, and sometimes we may not, but one thing's for sure: we do not sugarcoat our opinions ;D Enjoy!

Smocked Chiffon Shirts:

SimplyZeena.com describes these smocked chiffon shirts as "Effortlessly chic", and to be honest, Em and I couldn't have said it better ourselves.

Wafa: The chiffon material makes this a perfect go-to when you want to upgrade a casual outfit in a subtle way, while its innate light-weight quality makes it so easy to just throw on and go! Effortlessy chic, indeed.

Em: It's definitely the easy, breezy chiffon that creates elegance in these shirtdresses--which are otherwise, often made of crisp, structured fabric.

We both agree that it is positively refreshing in minty green, a doubtless essential in slate-ish grey, and makes a bold statement in vibrant red.

Silky Ruffle Zip-Up Shirt:

Wafa: I love that they're continuing with their zip-up theme; you'll see it in their other, recently available shirts. Metal details definitely add a punch of attitude to any outfit.

Em: Zippers, leather, that kind of stuff usually remind me of punk and grunge fashions, but this shirt breaks through those style associations by allowing zipper-details to be worn in a sophisticated and feminine way.

Wafa: Well, it's definitely feminine, but I might like it better if it didn't contour to the silhouette as much. I think even with less shapely definition, the details would maintain its... je ne se qua...rebellious vibe?

Em: I'm really digging the pastel pink. Imagine pairing it with cuffed boyfriend jeans for a controlled contrast.

Pleated Dream Skirts:

Wafa: Yes! It's that bold, cobalt blue, again! I'd wear this with SixteenR's I <3 Cashmere scarf in a heartbeat! Hmm...maybe with a khaki blazer...some neutral-colored, structural element.

Em: I love it in the tan, and that detail at the waist makes it more versatile! You can easily tuck in your shirt for a whole different fashion statement, if you wanted to. I can just imagine how dreamy it is to walk in those smoothly draped pleats.

Thanks for being a part of our virtual shopping trip! Leave a comment below on what you think about this holiday collection! Can you see yourself in some of the outfits Em and I are imagining, or are you picturing something completely different? Let us know!
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October 21, 2011

Asalaamu Alaykum Lovely Ladies!

Today is Friday -- Jummah Mubarak!
We thought we'd take advantage of this beautiful day by sharing with you some of the ways YOU can get more rewards on Fridays. Hey, if you learn even one thing from this post, the more ajar for us, right? InshaAllah :) And the same goes for you too. Learn knowledge and you will be rewarded for it, by the will of Allah(swt). Share knowledge and you will be rewarded for what others learn from you, by the will of Allah(swt).

So let's start! Did you know that if you recite a few verses of the Qur'an from Surah Al-Kahf, it will serve as a protection for yourself? The ahadith below give further explanation:

To help you memorize the first 10 verses of this surah, try listening to them regularly as you read or recite. It takes less than 3 minutes to listen to the first 10 verses, and even that can get you reward inshaAllah. Try it:

When you get the time, this website is an awesome way to really start memorizing: http://quran.com/18. I like it because it has the arabic, the english translation, and very useful: a transliteration (how to sound out the arabic). The transliteration is great for when you're a little rusty, just learning, or need a little help making sure you're reading everything correctly. You can also hear the audio on this website; it's the little bar just below the surah's name.

InshaAllah, check it out and make the effort, if you haven't already. Fridays are an especially good time to recharge your deen and ask for forgiveness for any major/minor sins we may have committed during the past week. Take advantage of these blessings of Allah(swt)!

Take Care and keep us in your dua's! :D
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October 19, 2011

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October 17, 2011

Hey Lovely Ladies,

Hope your Mondays were great! Even though it's technically a Tuesday, we've still got time to head off the week right. So, without further ado, here are the latest links I'm digging--on fashion, fun, and fabulous-ness:

1. Honestly, with statement shoes like these, what more is there to say?

2. While we love getting the latest coverage on our favorite celebs, Asma of HauteMuslimah.com shows us that it can be just as fun to catch stars like Kim Kardashian and the Olsen Twins, when they're the ones getting the coverage.

3. Ombre, leather, and galaxy-esque colors in Gelato Sucio, and it looks yummy.

4. A cute look at different ways to roll-up pant cuffs. Does it remind you of a Sunnah (tradition) of the Prophet (peace be upon him)?

5. A cool concept, if I had the skills to sketch fashion like this, I'd sketch out my favorite outfits too.
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October 14, 2011

...How I Made My Transition to Modesty
I really couldn't say enough about shirtdresses, if I tried.
So, this is me, not trying.
[ source ]
Making the change towards dressing more modestly in public isn't easy, especially for those of us who live where the standards for modesty are...ahem, more lenient. At some point in college, it hit me that what I usually wore wasn't acually islamically modest; I decided almost straightaway that I needed to make "the change" and get rid of (donate) all the clothes that had no hope of aiding in my journey towards modesty. While de-cluttering was a refreshing experience, it left me with only a few items and hardly any options for outfits that actually worked. I gladly accepted the fact that it was time to go shopping. Now, as many of us know, complete wardrobe makeovers do not come cheap. Add to that the root problem: appropriate clothing just isn't easily found. 

Eagerness quickly turned into frustration throughout my early shopping trips. That is, until I learned I could get away with wearing dresses over pants. The dress racks on sale became my oases in stores deserted of loose-fitting, bum-covering tops.

Before I knew it, "budget-friendly" dresses had taken over my closet! But, you know all those cute prints and bright colors that get left behind by the fashion-forward? Well, to be honest, they were fine for going to class or just hanging out, but when the situation called for a more sophisticated look, I was at a loss. It's literally the difference between wearing a cotton t-shirt and a button down to a class presentation, except none of the button-downs are long enough. In cases like these, I had to choose between comfort (longer dresses) or convention (short button downs). 

I knew my dress-hunting strategy had to change. I worked my way towards the regular-priced goods, determined I wouldn't enjoy it, however. You have to understand, I was a college student on a budget; taking such precautions became a necessary habit. Like holding your breath when passing cemeteries (a silly superstition). 

But, that's when I discovered the wonderful world of shirtdresses (yes, I'm finally getting to the point). Shirtdresses are a great investment; one that I'd advise you to look into, ASAP. Essentially just long button-downs, shirtdresses allow for a great compromise between a comfortable length and a professional look since they're almost always made of crisp, structured fabric. 

They. Are. PERFECT. These days, I'll walk into a store and instinctively start scanning for shirtdresses--they are that essential.

So, here's the thing: we've been seeing shirtdresses pop-up in some of our favorite modest-minded online stores, but in a specific style. Usually I lean towards shapeless shirtdresses, but from what I'm seeing, retro-inspired shirtdresses in beautiful colors are making a come-back in the modest scene. The ones I'm checking out lately are those of Modern Mary and Haute Hijab
Modern Mary's Lilac
Haute Hijab's Cobalt Blue

Haute Hijab's cobalt blue shirtdress is part of their latest line and available for purchase. Modern Mary's lilac shirtdress will be coming out soon!
Instant Class!
[ source ]
So scrumptious! The longer lengths are perfect with pants while skirts look better with shorter shirtdresses (see middle photo, above). As an aside, a simple shirtdress wouldn't look too shabby, paired with a vest, would it? ;D
Update: Zeena is coming out with an "effortlessly chic" shirtdress THIS WEEKEND! Check out this preview & their Facebook page for more info: 

Shirtdress in what I'd call "Essential Slate"

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October 12, 2011

That's what I always say!
Well, no. I don't say that...ever, but maybe I should start! 
[ source ]
The vest may be the most underrated hijabi fashion essential out there. I suppose there's some legitimacy as to why: the trends usually dictate that vests must be super-short, super-fitted, or simply too costume-y (think about cultural icons known for wearing vests: cowboys, motorcyclists, hippies...oh my)! Vests obviously don't get the best reputation this way. But, ladies, we really need to raise awareness of how awesome an ideal vest can be as part of anyone's outfit. Let me tell you exactly why vests are great must-have for a modest wardrobe:

1. An ideal vest adds structure to flowy and loose clothing. Structure helps tone down and organize an initially messy look; it takes you from drowning in fabric to tastefully layering fabrics.

2. An ideal vest also adds a touch of sophistication (or subtle attitude, depending on the vest) to everyday outfits. Similar to adding a carefully chosen accessory, an ideal vest can help upgrade a weekend-casual outfit to going-out-with-friends-casual (read: "I clearly don't care" to "Oh this? I put it together at the last minute ;D").

3. Even though vests are generally tailored to hug waists and emphasize curves, an ideal vest can actually work the other way to add modesty. It's an instant fix when worn over tops that are too fitted from the bust to the hips. It's ironic how so many long tops are actually quite fitted, but a well-chosen vest can allow you to have the best of both worlds by blocking out the curvaceous areas (assuming the top isn't fitted all over).

So now you know how vests can be a perfect addition to your wardrobe, and you want to go out and buy some, right? Contain your excitement a little longer, it'll be worth it. If you go out hunting for this ideal vest (trust me, it exists!) without any clue what to look for, you'll quickly become frustrated and give up. That's why you need to check out my guidelines below for choosing the best vest!
Opt for Longer Lengths; Avoid shorter
vests that create choppy illusions

A. Opt for longer vests. Anything that doesn't reach your waist can be a challenge unless you're wearing a structured top underneath. That being said, if it does reach your waist...avoid. Why? Because anything that lands around the hip area creates layering chaos and choppy, unflattering illusions on your body. Remember though, this is just a general rule of thumb. Make sure to try on new vests to check if they fit your unique body shape, in the right places.

B. Avoid overly-tailored vests. A tailored and contoured vest totally cancels out advantage #3 above and can actually turn an initially modest outfit into a shape-revealing, curve-enhancing mess. If you do happen to have a tailored vest on you, you'd be better off leaving it un-buttoned. That way, the side contours won't reveal your curves, which is more hijab-appropriate.

C. Seek subtle details; they allow for more outfit versatility. Definitely indulge in the occasional quirky print/detail, but if the rest of your wardrobe is already screaming with prints and bright colors, you might want to look for a vest that can help tone it down every once in a while :) [See advantage #2 above] Think of vests in context of the clothes you already wear to help strike the best balance.

D. DO NOT wear a jean vest with matching jeans...or vests of the same material as anything else you're wearing. Think of vests as an opportunity to contrast, not match. Look back at advantage #1, then reconsider floral and flowy with leather, suede, or other less "feminine" fabrics. Think about elegant satin on worn-in cotton, smooth silk on soft wool. Think vice versa.

Denim on Lace [ source ]; Leather on Print [ source ]; Fur on Floral [ source ]
A great vest won't be easy to find, but once you do find one, it'll be invaluable!
Below are some snapshots to help you identify a good inVESTment from a poor one:

This cloth vest doesn't reveal the wearer's curves.
The length of the vest also complements the dress's length.
Vests Done Right:
Completes a Modest Outfit [ source ]  Complements through Contrast [source ]  Adds Structure to Flow [ source ]

Do you already have an "ideal vest"? Send us a pic & tell us why it's perfect for you! What kind of outfits have your worn it with?

Update: Maybe finding the perfect vest isn't so hard, after all! Modern Mary has a lightweight cotton blend vest that's loosely-tailored for a modest fit and measures 34" of comfortable coverage! If that doesn't get you, then get this: It's also REVERSIBLE with pockets on both sides! Is this what it feels like to be in loveeee?! lol check it out:

I shall call you "Ideal Teal"; don't you think the name fits?
[ Get it Here ]

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October 10, 2011

Salaam ya'll!

You know, the links we share, save, collect, and covet reveal a lot about who we are or were or will be. Just look at your bookmarks now. Looking through my own is like flipping through a digital scrapbook. I have a lot of links to academic explanations from my recently completed years of undergraduate study, just as many revealing an obsession with crafting and DIY, and an increasing collection of Muslim bloggers and online personalities I'm *ahem* semi-stalking 0:D

Creative. Islam-oriented. Student. You'd know that much about me, if nothing else, just browsing through my links. That's why I look forward to the Link Love Monday series. Sharing new ideas, personalities, and obsessions via LoveHFW is like sharing a snapshot of who's behind the screen--breaking barriers between you and us.

I guess now you'll understand why I got a bit too excited when Em suggested I submit this week's favorite links, haha. In fact, I'm not going to wait any longer! Below are my favorite links for the week, and if you've got something cool you'd like us to feature, definitely post a comment below, on Facebook, or send us a Tweet!

[ What Friends (Wardah and Jenn) Are For ]
1. "Be who you are and say what you feel, because those who mind don't matter, and those who matter don't mind." [Dr. Seuss]. 
My Best Friend Is Muslim celebrates positive relationships in communities where Muslims are a minority. It's always beautiful to see friendships build and bloom regardless of negative stereotypes. I love how diverse the friendships in the site are. It reminds me of my own friends who are, pretty much, nothing like me, but still I love 'em to death!

[ Moroccan Girl circa 1905 ]
 2. Who knew hijabs could double as time portals? HijabLove's collection of photos and artwork of veiled women come from so many different cultures and some from times so far gone, I can't come close to imagining what they were like! Yet, browsing through them had me experiencing a surge of connection to the randomest hijabis--even if all we shared was the way we draped a simple cloth over ourselves. There are also many contemporary photos and artwork, some of which may be controversial or explicit. What's interesting, though, is how this website easily illustrates how cross-cultural and timeless Islamic modesty and hijab really are.
*note: I found a few bloggers there, too! A few of whom have also participated in HFW!
I'd dare you to find them, if you could, but it'd take forever haha.

[ 52 yr old Bebe Sahib, Standing Tall ]
3.  Kind of like #1, but Muslims In The West focuses more on individuals--providing a photo and short profiles. This photoblog showcases a few "famous" Muslim personalities in the West, but more importantly, shows the diversity of Muslims living their everyday lives here :) I think you guys know by now how much I like pretty pictures haha. Every picture tells a story, right?
Oh, and funny thing: As I was writing this, I went back to the site to grab a photo and guess who I found as their latest feature? Hint, hint: she was last HFW's "featured fashionista"!

Hmm...I was going to add a few more wonderful links, but I think I'll leave it here. This post has a distinct "Galleries of Muslim Women (and Men)" theme, it'd be a shame to ruin it haha. So until next time, then? Take care! :)
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October 3, 2011

Rounding up the here and now in fashion, each Monday in our weekly Link Love section!

Below are a few of the websites/ideas I found interesting and noteworthy:

[photo credit]
1. Get lost in space with galaxy prints as seen on everything from shoes to nails, and super easy to DIY!

[photo credit]
2. The maxi skirt, although not hard to wear at all can easily go from chic to shabby.  Check out these tips on how to stay super chic when rocking this trend.

Rag & Bone - A/W 2011
3. We (the hijabi fashionista community) have been rocking dresses over pants for ages!  Will skirts over pants be the next thing for us? What do you think?

[photo credit]
4. Hello Kitty @ F21!  Super cute combo and lots of hijab friendly pieces (and prices)!

[photo credit]
5.  This fashionable bicycle designed by Nanette Lepore for the charity event "Tour de Fashion" would be an awesome way to get around in a stylishly green manner.

[photo credit]
6. Burgundy, Fall's it color, is freshening up looks everywhere!  Colored bottoms are such a fun way to add some color and liven up your wardrobe!

I'd love to go on a hunt for some burgundy bottoms and a galaxy printed top right now! These are my two favorite must-have, lust-haves for this season, AND they'd look awesome paired together! What are yours?
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October 1, 2011

Earlier this week, we were inspired by a tweet from SixteenR on haircare, but SixteenR inspires more than just our blog posts. They operate on the philosophy that hijab can be a tool of empowerment for women everywhere.

The sixteenR website explains, "[The scarf] can define a woman's presence with power and style. Whether worn as a neck scarf or as a head scarf, it has the ability to transform a woman's appearance...In today’s global, interconnected society, style for the modern Muslim woman is evolving, incorporating fashion from the west while respecting traditions from generations before. The scarf when worn as a headscarf is playing a key role in this transformation, defining itself as a sign of beauty and strength, not a sign of oppression and dependence. "

SixteenR's philosophy aligns well with our own at LoveHFW.com, but that's not the only reason we like them. Their scarves are vibrant, expressive, and they've recently launched a fun, new collection entitled "Supersonic". Today we're presenting you with our walkthrough of this recently-debuted hijab collection.

Polka Dot Printed Scarves 
(Clockwise from top left: My Blue With Spots, I Want Polka Dots, Sweet Spot, Girlie Polka, Minnie Mouse Dots)

Wafa: The first scarf I saw in 16R's Supersonic collection was the orange polka dot "Girlie Polka" scarf. It instantly reminded of The Flintstones and little baby Pebbles. While Em reminded me that Pebbles wore green polka dots and that Fred Flintstone was the one in orange, the reason I recalled Pebbles was because of her personality. Pebbles, although only a baby, was illustrated as one cool chick who was confident to be a girl and knew how to take control :)

Em: The first thing that came to my mind was the material. The photos show each of these scarves draping like a dream and only later did I realize it was because they are made of Georgette. Georgette is known to be an elegant material. The contrast of bold, punchy prints on such a classy material really give these a fun and youthful vibe.

Wafa: Once Em told me it was Georgette, I realized this combination of print and material was actually quite perfect. On any other material, the prints and color would seem much too harsh, but the Georgette definitely softens up the impact. That being said, it would really take a lot of confidence to pull off the bright red Minnie Mouse Dots (in Red), but the final effect could be beautiful. 

Power Girl

Wafa: Okay, I can totally picture myself wearing this. I'd drape the graphic across my chest, and wear a jacket on top. The instant I'd unzip my jacket, for example if I was just sitting down for lunch with the girls, everyone would know my secret identity as Power Girl, lol. These are like the hijab version of ironic t-shirts. 

I <3 Cashmere

Em: This is one of my faves from this collection. Cashmere is exemplary of classic luxury, yet the print and color are fresh and young. I see what Wafa was saying about SixteenR's talent for pattern & material matching. 

You know we've seen this same color in Haute Hijab's line? I'd love to pair that bold, blue dress shirt and this scarf together.

Supersonic Headphones

Em: Another fave, this scarf reminds me of an ironic tee, like Wafa mentioned earlier. The one that comes to mind has a bow-tie or normal tie graphic right at the neck line and make you look like you're actually wearing a bow-tie. They are super popular and fun and I feel like this scarf will be super popular too. It'd be awesome to see girls everywhere rocking this one!

Thanks for joining us on another fashion line walkthrough! Leave a note below on your reactions to this line of hijabs! We'd love to know what you think, whether you agree with Em or Wafa, or anything else that comes to mind!

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