October 29, 2011

Fab 4 Creative Hijab Accessories You'll Love

Asalaamu Alaykum Ladies, Hijabis, (or Hijabers, as they call it in Malaysia),

Have you noticed how many hijab-friendly accessories have been popping up online? Most of these creative extras are basically catered to hijabis, especially those who want to express their individuality without compromising modesty. Below are my latest finds for hijabis, old and new, who want to style up their modest looks.

Remember, it's up to you to know what guidelines Islam has set for clothing. By knowing what's required of a hijabi, you'll be better able to pick styles that are appropriate and modest and avoid styles that are not.

Without further ado, and in no particular order, 4 Creative Accessories for Hijabis:

The Hoojab
If you've ever worn anything with a roomy hood before, such as a hooded sweatshirt, you'd know how quick and easy it is to throw the hood on and have all your hair tucked in and covered. The hoojab has a similar concept--by creating a hood shape within the shawl, it not only becomes quicker and easier to throw on and go, but it also helps secure a hijab from sliding all over your hair. Plus, the built-in hood also expands the kinds of hijab styles you can create, without turning into a porcupine that has countless pins sticking into your scarf! :)

The Earhole Underscarf
I don't know about you guys, but I find most underscarves pretty uncomfortable. Alright, my head is probably a little bigger than most, so the normal sizes are super tight, but what choice have I got? If, on the rare occasion that I find a larger underscarf, it's usually too loose to stay put or it stretches out within days. I guess these are the reasons why I found the idea of an Earhole undescarf so attractive--and its the first time I've seen something like this, too. If you're also annoyed by underscarves hurting your ears, you might like this creative accessory too:

Detachable Collar Top & Nextentions
I can't always wear turtle necks and layer collard shirts under tops that have difficult necklines such as v-neck sweaters, deep-U tunic tops, etc. All those beautiful clothes are ruined for modest women because of their low necklines. It's fine layering a more appropriate shirt under them in the colder months, but it's killer in the heat. And yes, I should be draping my hijab over my chest anyway, but we all know cloth doesn't stay still without pins that constantly poke you. This is only one reason why I found these detachable neck coverage accessories so interesting. Haute Hijab's Detachable Collar Top below, looks classy as a faux button-down shirt piece, while Pearl-Daisy's Nextentions are a great go-to for extra casual, coverage. Nextentions also come in brighter colors, so they're probably great with desi/traditional clothes that have difficult necklines as well.

The Plastic Thing in Men's Shirt Collars OR "Streamliners"
Another creative hijab "accessory" can actually be found in men's clothes. If you admire the sleek, structured hijab styles of Turkey, or if you've been trying to keep your hijab neater throughout the day, you'll love the tip in the first video, below. The second video shows you how to do the same thing, except by using a plastic thing specifically designed for hijab, which can be found at Al-Sharifa's online store

These are just a few of the creative innovations in hijabi fashion. Some are just fun, others are useful. One thing's for sure, it's great to see that there are more and more products that are made to accommodate hijabis like us. :)

What are some of the cool, new hijab-centric innovations you've come across? Have you tried arm sleeves, hijab shampoo, or something completely different? Let me know, below!


Stephanie Luff said...

OMG i need need need those ear hole underscarves!! I've been struggling with underscarves soooo much lately & that'd be perfect!

Zamena Momin said...

The ninja underscarf is amazing, it's a bonnet, neck/ chest piece all in one. Check out this video for details : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=szpC_9VpBvE&sns=em

You can buy it at www.hijab-ista.com

Tasneem Khan said...

Very well explained in the video. The hijabs were also awesome. You can find some great hijab designs and patterns at www.eastessence.com.

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