October 10, 2011

Link Love Monday: Wafizzle's LinkShizzle

Salaam ya'll!

You know, the links we share, save, collect, and covet reveal a lot about who we are or were or will be. Just look at your bookmarks now. Looking through my own is like flipping through a digital scrapbook. I have a lot of links to academic explanations from my recently completed years of undergraduate study, just as many revealing an obsession with crafting and DIY, and an increasing collection of Muslim bloggers and online personalities I'm *ahem* semi-stalking 0:D

Creative. Islam-oriented. Student. You'd know that much about me, if nothing else, just browsing through my links. That's why I look forward to the Link Love Monday series. Sharing new ideas, personalities, and obsessions via LoveHFW is like sharing a snapshot of who's behind the screen--breaking barriers between you and us.

I guess now you'll understand why I got a bit too excited when Em suggested I submit this week's favorite links, haha. In fact, I'm not going to wait any longer! Below are my favorite links for the week, and if you've got something cool you'd like us to feature, definitely post a comment below, on Facebook, or send us a Tweet!

[ What Friends (Wardah and Jenn) Are For ]
1. "Be who you are and say what you feel, because those who mind don't matter, and those who matter don't mind." [Dr. Seuss]. 
My Best Friend Is Muslim celebrates positive relationships in communities where Muslims are a minority. It's always beautiful to see friendships build and bloom regardless of negative stereotypes. I love how diverse the friendships in the site are. It reminds me of my own friends who are, pretty much, nothing like me, but still I love 'em to death!

[ Moroccan Girl circa 1905 ]
 2. Who knew hijabs could double as time portals? HijabLove's collection of photos and artwork of veiled women come from so many different cultures and some from times so far gone, I can't come close to imagining what they were like! Yet, browsing through them had me experiencing a surge of connection to the randomest hijabis--even if all we shared was the way we draped a simple cloth over ourselves. There are also many contemporary photos and artwork, some of which may be controversial or explicit. What's interesting, though, is how this website easily illustrates how cross-cultural and timeless Islamic modesty and hijab really are.
*note: I found a few bloggers there, too! A few of whom have also participated in HFW!
I'd dare you to find them, if you could, but it'd take forever haha.

[ 52 yr old Bebe Sahib, Standing Tall ]
3.  Kind of like #1, but Muslims In The West focuses more on individuals--providing a photo and short profiles. This photoblog showcases a few "famous" Muslim personalities in the West, but more importantly, shows the diversity of Muslims living their everyday lives here :) I think you guys know by now how much I like pretty pictures haha. Every picture tells a story, right?
Oh, and funny thing: As I was writing this, I went back to the site to grab a photo and guess who I found as their latest feature? Hint, hint: she was last HFW's "featured fashionista"!

Hmm...I was going to add a few more wonderful links, but I think I'll leave it here. This post has a distinct "Galleries of Muslim Women (and Men)" theme, it'd be a shame to ruin it haha. So until next time, then? Take care! :)


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