October 31, 2011

Link Love Monday: Reminders & Inspiration

Fresh out the oven, here's this week's Link Lov'n!
[plus, stay tuned for a very SPECIAL announcement, later this week!]
"Covering the chest is the best", a simple and direct reminder that hijab should cover our chests, as well as cover our hair and neck. The other reminder in the "Wear It Right Campaign" talks about wearing long enough tops or skirts that cover our bums as necessary. I like this "Wear It Right Campaign" idea because sometimes we forget that the standards of hijab are not there just as a way for us to represent and unite ourselves as Muslim women, it's also a guidance for how we dress.
This is another cool photo-tumblr focused on hijab. I really wish they'd link back to the sources because I'd love to see more inspiration from some of the fashionistas featured. Watch out, you may see yourself in there if you're a blogger or have a lot of pictures up online! I've already found blogger Stephanie and former HFW Featurette & fabulous fashion designer, Dina Toki-o, multiple times!
Okay, I can't help it! Whenever I find something cute that ties into Islam, I've just got to share it! What am i to do? lol How many of you have already heard of OwhSoMuslim.com? It's a shame the website is down, but they've got a Facebook page up and it's got most of their cute artwork! Ohw So Muslim is like a series of comic-like reminders about not just hijab, but also Islam in general. For example, one of their most recent drawings covered the 10 days of Dhul-Hijjah that Muslims should give special attention to. Find out more about it on their Facebook!
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Stopthiscrap!!!! said...

Fuck no!!!! stop this shit right now, woman dressing like this is creepy and sad... Dont you dare trying to make it look like its ok its awful, depressing and a horrible way to degrade women under a society and religion that shouldn't exist anymore!

vvafa said...

Despite your curses and insults to the most diverse and fastest growing religion in the world, I'm going to allow your post to remain published so people can see how silly some views can be when they haven't got an ounce of research behind them.

You wrote: "Dont you dare trying to make it look like its ok [to dress like this]"

Women who choose to "dress like this" (cover their bodies from the views of strangers), do so for one or more of the following reasons:

1. Among those who practice the major monotheistic religions, the first and foremost reason is to respect the command from God that women should dress modestly. This command is evident in Islam as well as Christianity and Judaism.

2. Women also choose to cover their bodies to regain respect and control of their image, in a society that's eager to objectify the female figure. This objectification is apparent in the media's use of the female body to represent nothing more than an object of sex. You might also consider that dressing modestly is common in positions that demand respect and authority (judges, presidents, queens, CEOs) whereas revealing a lot of skin is much more common in positions that are heavily reliant on others' money and attention (entertainment industry, prostitutes, etc.)

Women who choose to wear hijab express a pride in their identity and unity with the Muslim community. It's similar to how government officials and sports teams wear uniforms. It illustrates a unity among a group of people and can be an article of pride, whether it's pride in serving your country, pride in being part of a team, or pride in being part of a beautiful and diverse religion.

There are many more reasons that women choose to dress modestly, from head to toe.. So, yes, it is not only okay, but in fact liberating to dress "this way". 

As for Islam existing, I'm quite grateful for it, but you have a right to your opinions (no matter how baseless).

atie said...

on top row, the second picture from left belongs to fatin liyana. 
check out her blog : http://honeykoyuki.blogspot.com/

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