October 3, 2011

Link Love Monday

Rounding up the here and now in fashion, each Monday in our weekly Link Love section!

Below are a few of the websites/ideas I found interesting and noteworthy:

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1. Get lost in space with galaxy prints as seen on everything from shoes to nails, and super easy to DIY!

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2. The maxi skirt, although not hard to wear at all can easily go from chic to shabby.  Check out these tips on how to stay super chic when rocking this trend.

Rag & Bone - A/W 2011
3. We (the hijabi fashionista community) have been rocking dresses over pants for ages!  Will skirts over pants be the next thing for us? What do you think?

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4. Hello Kitty @ F21!  Super cute combo and lots of hijab friendly pieces (and prices)!

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5.  This fashionable bicycle designed by Nanette Lepore for the charity event "Tour de Fashion" would be an awesome way to get around in a stylishly green manner.

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6. Burgundy, Fall's it color, is freshening up looks everywhere!  Colored bottoms are such a fun way to add some color and liven up your wardrobe!

I'd love to go on a hunt for some burgundy bottoms and a galaxy printed top right now! These are my two favorite must-have, lust-haves for this season, AND they'd look awesome paired together! What are yours?


mumtaza said...

I'm trying to nail down just the right thicker cardigans, thick leggings, sleek undershirts, warm hijabs, and wintry underskirts, I love my maxidresses and since many of them are NOT summery looking, I'd like to keep them going into fall and winter.

mumtaza said...

P.s. I will be at forever 21 camped out in line to be the first to see that hello kitty collection. Thanks for posting it here!!!! Xoxo

Em said...

:O! F21! which item are you looking to get specifically? i'm really loving the tan cardi XP

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