October 26, 2011

Rock or Retire: White with Khakis [Results]

Warm and casual...or boring and bland?

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I was browsing through Godwin Charli's Spring/Summer 2010 collection (yes, yes, soo last year) and I came upon something unnerving: a white shirt worn over tan pants. Unless you're at the office, a golf tournament, or studying at a school where uniforms are required, I see no reason why anyone would wear stuffy white button-downs over boring khaki pants. After all, when so many other colors and styles are available, why would you choose the exact look so many people must wear on a daily basis? Why? Well, that's what I used to think, before I found this outfit:

White over khaki? Ewww....Oh, wait...hmmm
 At first I overlooked it for having the exact color scheme that I go out of my way to avoid. But, I found myself flipping back and scrutinizing it again. I kind of like it; it doesn't seem to bother me as much as it should and it seems to redeem white-khaki pairing. Can these colors together still be fun and fresh?

I'm thinking it's the white blazer that actually gives this, otherwise mundane outfit, its touch of chic. If I had a white blazer, I might reconsider wearing white over khaki too, but I'm still not sure. Maybe in reality, it's still a supremely boring outfit. If you weren't a fan of white with khaki before and you could have the same outfit as above, would you wear it? Even if you had more interesting looks to choose from?  Or, is white over khaki trousers a look that needs to die...fast?

Tell me what you think: Rock or Retire?


Thanks for all your feedback, Ladies! The results are in: the White Shirt over Khaki Pants is a timeless look that rocks, and will keep on rocking! It's an especially great outfit to wear with colorful and printed hijabs because it minimizing clashing!

...Look out for our next Rock or Retire: Plaid Prints...For WORK?


MDGM said...

Love it! And, then a pop of colour for your hijab? Like a deep red? Or, an emerald green? Can't go wrong with that!

vvafa said...

Very true! It's pretty plain all by itself, but it's the perfect base for a colorful hijab! :)

lanee said...

simple and very pretty. I love Khaki's color!

Zubz Kadir said...

Keep rocking it definitely. The clean colours leaves room for colourful eye-catching accessories!

khaki pants for men said...

I love khaki pants!

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