October 1, 2011

Walk The Line: SixteenR's Supersonic Hijab Collection

Earlier this week, we were inspired by a tweet from SixteenR on haircare, but SixteenR inspires more than just our blog posts. They operate on the philosophy that hijab can be a tool of empowerment for women everywhere.

The sixteenR website explains, "[The scarf] can define a woman's presence with power and style. Whether worn as a neck scarf or as a head scarf, it has the ability to transform a woman's appearance...In today’s global, interconnected society, style for the modern Muslim woman is evolving, incorporating fashion from the west while respecting traditions from generations before. The scarf when worn as a headscarf is playing a key role in this transformation, defining itself as a sign of beauty and strength, not a sign of oppression and dependence. "

SixteenR's philosophy aligns well with our own at LoveHFW.com, but that's not the only reason we like them. Their scarves are vibrant, expressive, and they've recently launched a fun, new collection entitled "Supersonic". Today we're presenting you with our walkthrough of this recently-debuted hijab collection.

Polka Dot Printed Scarves 
(Clockwise from top left: My Blue With Spots, I Want Polka Dots, Sweet Spot, Girlie Polka, Minnie Mouse Dots)

Wafa: The first scarf I saw in 16R's Supersonic collection was the orange polka dot "Girlie Polka" scarf. It instantly reminded of The Flintstones and little baby Pebbles. While Em reminded me that Pebbles wore green polka dots and that Fred Flintstone was the one in orange, the reason I recalled Pebbles was because of her personality. Pebbles, although only a baby, was illustrated as one cool chick who was confident to be a girl and knew how to take control :)

Em: The first thing that came to my mind was the material. The photos show each of these scarves draping like a dream and only later did I realize it was because they are made of Georgette. Georgette is known to be an elegant material. The contrast of bold, punchy prints on such a classy material really give these a fun and youthful vibe.

Wafa: Once Em told me it was Georgette, I realized this combination of print and material was actually quite perfect. On any other material, the prints and color would seem much too harsh, but the Georgette definitely softens up the impact. That being said, it would really take a lot of confidence to pull off the bright red Minnie Mouse Dots (in Red), but the final effect could be beautiful. 

Power Girl

Wafa: Okay, I can totally picture myself wearing this. I'd drape the graphic across my chest, and wear a jacket on top. The instant I'd unzip my jacket, for example if I was just sitting down for lunch with the girls, everyone would know my secret identity as Power Girl, lol. These are like the hijab version of ironic t-shirts. 

I <3 Cashmere

Em: This is one of my faves from this collection. Cashmere is exemplary of classic luxury, yet the print and color are fresh and young. I see what Wafa was saying about SixteenR's talent for pattern & material matching. 

You know we've seen this same color in Haute Hijab's line? I'd love to pair that bold, blue dress shirt and this scarf together.

Supersonic Headphones

Em: Another fave, this scarf reminds me of an ironic tee, like Wafa mentioned earlier. The one that comes to mind has a bow-tie or normal tie graphic right at the neck line and make you look like you're actually wearing a bow-tie. They are super popular and fun and I feel like this scarf will be super popular too. It'd be awesome to see girls everywhere rocking this one!

Thanks for joining us on another fashion line walkthrough! Leave a note below on your reactions to this line of hijabs! We'd love to know what you think, whether you agree with Em or Wafa, or anything else that comes to mind!


Nancy, sixteenR said...

Thank you Wafa and Em for the lovely walk-through! You're right about Pebbles, the scarf does kind of remind me of her! lol.

wafa said...

Thanks for reading our post Nancy! My 90's childhood seems to find its way into every post lately lol. First the Little Mermaid, now Flinstones! :P

romaseba said...

This collection is so sweet and the headphone scarf is by far the best :)

abida lahab said...

I think a there are many hijab style that can make us modest and modern too. But we shouldn't forget the basic knowledge for hijab. The above hijab styles are so beautiful particularly the last one. 


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