October 24, 2011

Walk the Line: Zeena Holiday Collection 2011

If you've been keeping up with us since our last HFW, then the name of modest apparel boutique, Zeena, should probably ring a bell. Despite having launched just this past spring, Zeena has already hit the ground running by introducing new items almost every month, mashaAllah. They had also generously sponsored giveaways during our last Hijabi Fashion Week. To say we've been keeping an eye on them ever since, via their Twitter and Facebook, would probably be an understatement. We imagine their success has not only to do with how versatile their clothes are, but also with the amount of planning that has been going into each line, as they've stated on their website:

In the Spring of 2011, we launched our first line of elegant, modern designs. We've actually been at this for years - designing and refining and designing some more until we had it just right.

I'm a fan of Zeena because they seem to get it...the problem that haunts so many hijabis. Here's how Zeena explains it:

What lead us to launch (yet another) new clothing line? Fair question, and the answer is simple: in all our years of shopping (and shopping), we never quite found a dependable designer of the sort of clothing we were looking for. Demure. Elegant. Modern. Modest. Zeena aims to be that dependable designer. 

Isn't that essentially what a hijabi wants from her shopping experience? Well, good :) because now you've finally got it. Below is our walkthrough of Zeena's recently revealed Holiday Collection. Check out their designs below and if you see something you like, make your purchases without delay because Eid-al-Adha is coming up soon, inshaAllah!

Just a reminder, what follows is simply our personal reactions to their latest line. We may say sweet things, and sometimes we may not, but one thing's for sure: we do not sugarcoat our opinions ;D Enjoy!

Smocked Chiffon Shirts:

SimplyZeena.com describes these smocked chiffon shirts as "Effortlessly chic", and to be honest, Em and I couldn't have said it better ourselves.

Wafa: The chiffon material makes this a perfect go-to when you want to upgrade a casual outfit in a subtle way, while its innate light-weight quality makes it so easy to just throw on and go! Effortlessy chic, indeed.

Em: It's definitely the easy, breezy chiffon that creates elegance in these shirtdresses--which are otherwise, often made of crisp, structured fabric.

We both agree that it is positively refreshing in minty green, a doubtless essential in slate-ish grey, and makes a bold statement in vibrant red.

Silky Ruffle Zip-Up Shirt:

Wafa: I love that they're continuing with their zip-up theme; you'll see it in their other, recently available shirts. Metal details definitely add a punch of attitude to any outfit.

Em: Zippers, leather, that kind of stuff usually remind me of punk and grunge fashions, but this shirt breaks through those style associations by allowing zipper-details to be worn in a sophisticated and feminine way.

Wafa: Well, it's definitely feminine, but I might like it better if it didn't contour to the silhouette as much. I think even with less shapely definition, the details would maintain its... je ne se qua...rebellious vibe?

Em: I'm really digging the pastel pink. Imagine pairing it with cuffed boyfriend jeans for a controlled contrast.

Pleated Dream Skirts:

Wafa: Yes! It's that bold, cobalt blue, again! I'd wear this with SixteenR's I <3 Cashmere scarf in a heartbeat! Hmm...maybe with a khaki blazer...some neutral-colored, structural element.

Em: I love it in the tan, and that detail at the waist makes it more versatile! You can easily tuck in your shirt for a whole different fashion statement, if you wanted to. I can just imagine how dreamy it is to walk in those smoothly draped pleats.

Thanks for being a part of our virtual shopping trip! Leave a comment below on what you think about this holiday collection! Can you see yourself in some of the outfits Em and I are imagining, or are you picturing something completely different? Let us know!


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