November 12, 2011

HFW Registration & Participation

Our new mascot? lol

Asalaamu Alaykum Ladies!

We're half-way through November, which means we're getting closer and closer to Hijabi Fashion Week! :D
As promised, we're allowing early registration and posting up the participation guidelines for you!

Hijabi Fashion Week participants and anyone interested in a giveaway must complete the registration form, below. This is to keep you updated and contact winners quicker! You only need to register ONCE, even if you enter in more than one giveaway. Specific entry terms will vary per giveaway and will be available on the day of the giveaway. Don't forget to click SUBMIT at the end!

Everything you need to know about how Hijabi Fashion Week works and how to participate can be found in the Participate Link, above (next to the search bar).

Visit The Vault to view past Hijabi Fashion Weeks and get an idea of what theme posts will look like. You'll see the widget in May 2011's HFW posts.

We're very excited because this year, our Facebook fans only need to tag Love HFW in a photo to share it during Hijabi Fashion Week! Talk about easy ;D


mumtaza said...

the blog URL i listed is my blog, but i just started it and it is very rough and under construction so please don't judge *smile* *sigh*. it is just a little hobby of mine and i am very shy about being seen on the internet, so i am going very slow in posting because i would like to maintain my social, emotional and intellectual hijab as well as my fashion hijab. i am looking for ways to post my looks without showing my face, etc. i love you women. this event is so wonderful and inspiring and pro-active and beneficial for Muslim women. so mashAllah! keep up the good work!! we are at a fragile time in the history of Islam in America and what we do now will greatly influence our visibility and rights in the future. Love y'all and please be gentle. i am new to the whole internet social arena. thank you, Mumtaza

vvafa said...

Salaam Sis :)
1. no judgement everrr, inshaAllah :)
we only ask for a blog/website if you have one that you'd like to share...we love finding sisters on the net :D

2. You'll find many hijabi fashionistas during HFW, who have managed that admirable balance of expressing style without revealing their complete identity, MashaAllah. HFW accepts any creative form of expressing hijab-compliant style :) so do whatever you're comfortable with! "Come as you are", ya know? :)

Thanks for your comments!

Laila said...

when does it starts?

vvafa said...

Sunday, November 28

MangoWhirl said...

Salam beautiful sisters,

5. Each day, submit a link to your own video/photo/post through a special widget that you will see in each theme-day post. You will see specific instructions on how to add your link. You can only submit your links to each theme widget after 12am. The link widget will be open for two weeks, so you must submit your links within that time. Once the two weeks are up, no more links will be allowed.

This might seem obvious, but I don't entirely understand it. I want to upload my photo's before and schedule them because I'll be pretty busy that week, will I have to log in everyday? Elaborate please, sisters. X

vvafa said...

scheduling your posts beforehand is a great idea. 
You will still have to visit each theme post to submit your link, which should take less than a minute, inshaAllah.  When you have more time, you can come back and look through all the other participants' posts. If you forget to submit a link during HFW, you can still submit your links up to a week after each theme is open. 

Fashionable Muslimah said...

My sister and I are extremely excited to participant in this event .. We are new hijabi's and cant wait to play around with the themes

Oktasina said...

i'm sorry, but when exactly it will be held?why vvafa said Sunday, November fact the banner said november 27 ..thank you for the answer

vvafa said...

Sorry about that! There was a little mix up with the dates earlier, but inshaAllah it will begin Sunday, November 27! (the 28th is a Monday and will be the 2nd day of HFW..etc.)

Yasmin Khlaifat said...

OMG I wish I could participate!! I had an appendectomy few days ago :(( guess I'll have to wait till next HFW... cant wait for the girls to rock their styles :)

vvafa said...

Aww :( But, you can still enter for awesome giveaways this HFW! I guess we'll wait to see your unique style next time! I hope you recover well inshaAllah! :)

Oktasina said...

mmm..i'm sorry, may i ask you vvafa? am i have registered to be one of the participant for HFW nov? because i've already fill the registration around two days ago..thank you for your answer

vvafa said...

HFW has started today! If you've registered, you should have received an email with notification. Visit this post to submit a link to your outfit: 

Ayah said...

hi there. when's the next HFW?? :)

vvafa said...

Salaams Ayah! InshaAllah we'll have another one in May :) We usually put up news on our Facebook Page ( ) and Twitter ( @lovehfw ) so follow and like to stay updated :) ♥

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