November 26, 2011

Hijabi Fashion Week Nov 2011 - Day 1

Salaams, Hello, and Welcome to Hijabi Fashion Week (HFW)!

As part of our third season of Hijabi Fashion Week, we'll have more fashion, fun, and giveaways to look forward to! Plus, we'll be joined by this season's featured guest, Amena of the Amenakin Youtube Channel

Join us for the next seven days, to show others (and see for yourself) the many different ways that Hijab and fashion combine! Throughout HFW, you're guaranteed to find inspiration, unique and diverse styles, and most importantly: the beautiful solidarity of sisterhood across the world!

On Day 3, we'll kick it up a notch by kicking-off HFW giveaways from our amazing sponsors:
SixteenR      Zeena     IslamicGems     mE Moda     Veil Vision

Below is our Link Widget, where participants will share links to their individual looks for each day (make sure to link to each day's post and not to your whole website). Browse through them to find other sisters online who love expressing their style through hijab! You'll also find wonderful inspiration from our sisters who tag Love HFW on Facebook for each theme day! 

So what are you waiting for? Make new friends, discover new (and old) blogs, and above all, get inspired!

Teachers Take Charge and Guide Leaders of the Future
Our HFW - Nov 2011 Model is wearing a cobalt blue hijab, 
a grey shirt over a white button-down, and a gracefully pleated skirt with black shooties


yazmiin-- said...

LOVE that grey skirt!! where is it from?!

Hijabiii Com said...

Love the grey and blue combination~! :)

Asiya said...

These styles are all beautiful.  I'm feeling very inspired by all the stylish muslimahs out there. Can't wait to see the rest of this week!

vvafa said...

hmm..don't remember, but it was a great investment, don't you think? :D

vvafa said...

MashaAllah we're off to such a wonderful start! All these leadership roles, ranging from CEOs to Mothers, from Entrepreneurs to Volunteer Leaders...mashaAllah! And in every role these sisters are proud to represent themselves as Muslims! MashaAllah :) So excited to see what everyone's got for the rest of the week! ♥♥♥

All my wonders said...

Wow mashaAllah, this. I like. very much!

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