November 26, 2011

Sponsor Spotlight: mE Moda

Asalaamu Alaykum Sisters!

It has been an interesting week of learning more about each sponsor, their individual stories, and what drives them. The insightful details, exclusive to HFW, aren't over just yet, though! A new fashion label by Marwa Eid is making its way to the hearts and closets of professional hijabis of all ages. This up-and-coming modest-oriented designer is certainly one to watch out for, so, without further ado, we present our final Sponsor Spotlight for mE Moda. Read below to find out what you've been missing thus far!

Who's behind mE Moda? 
mE Moda was founded by Marwa Eid. Marwa was influenced by her mother’s sewing when she was a young girl as well as her grandmother in Lebanon who was a seamstress and a very sophisticated and fashionable woman. Although Marwa loves designing wedding and special occasion dresses, she really wanted to dedicate her work to helping the community. She wanted to ease the difficulties that young modest women have had to face in finding clothes that suit their fashion sense and lifestyle. 
mE garments are not just about fashion but they are also very much about functionality, comfort, and quality. Being a wife, mother of two, a professional, and an active community member, Marwa knows firsthand how important it is for a garment to meet your needs and suite your lifestyle—as well as be fashionable. Sisters Mona, Heba, Feda, and Neda help Marwa decide which designs, colors, and fabrics work best to for their line. These five sisters, each with their own unique personalities and unique fashion senses come together to create the perfect balance. Mona is the eldest sister who wears mainly jilbabs (long dress garments) and full coverage hijab. Next is Marwa whose style is a mix of the classic and modern fashions with a fun flair. Then comes Heba--the hijabified raver that loves neon and rainbow. Feda is the flower child, free spirit girl and last but not least is the very sophisticated lawyer-to-be, Neda. All these combined, bring you the concepts and looks behind mE Moda.

According to your website, you've wanted to design clothes since you were a little girl. How does it feel to achieve this dream? What advice do you have for other women, especially Muslimas, who're also working to become fashion designers? 

Working in costume design was really a dream for me and a wonderful experience that gave me the confidence and drive to go back to school (after already receiving a B.S. in Computer Science in 2003) to study at Massachusetts College of Art and Design to learn the professional techniques of fashion design. I loved working on projects and participating in fashion shows but I really had an urge to do something to help the community as well. In the last year of school, I had a chance to speak to several teaches about an idea I had and was encouraged to go forward with mE Moda. Every step in establishing mE Moda was a great burst of excitement but with every step I also found that things are never as easy as they seem. Although the achievement thus far is indeed a dream come true, I still have a lot more ideas and designs I’m planning to put out in the future—an array of garments from professional suits to swim wear to special occasion clothes. 

What was the inspiration behind mE Moda's current offerings? 
The latest design released at mE Moda is the Maxi Dress with Sleeves. Living in Grenada (in the Caribbean for 9 months) and not being able to wear layers at all first inspired me to think of designing a maxi dress with sleeves. Later moving to Brooklyn, NY and seeing so many young Muslim girls wearing long black abayas while walking to school inspired me to create a dress that could be considered a modern twist to the jilbab. Having sleeves, a cute look, and comfort (98% cotton) are the best features of this dress. Additionally, the fullness of the skirt section is designed to prevent the natural clinginess that often occurs with cotton/jersey maxi dresses and the fullness of the sleeves provides for almost any width upper arm. In Tall and Short (average) sizes to accommodate more women and the simplicity of the dress allows for each individual woman to accessorize the look and express her own personality in them. It’s really an all year round dress. The possibilities of how to wear this dress are endless and range from a career wear look to special occasion, depending on how you accessorize it.


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