November 24, 2011

Sponsor Spotlight: SixteenR

Asalaamu Alaykum, Lovely Ladies!

Today's Sponsor Spotlight will be featuring another returning sponsor who has been consistently supportive of Hijabi Fashion Week and its celebration sisterhood, diversity, and modesty. SixteenR is a hip and happening fashion label for scarves with unique designs you won't find anywhere else. Our number one reason for crushing on  SixteenR's products is because of their visible talent for mixing colors, concepts, and materials into exquisite pieces that really do bring home the empowerment of being a hijabi. You can see our reflections on their latest line in our "Walk the Line" post. 

Below is a video and transcript for a brief, yet insightful Q&A with SixteenR founder, Nancy Hoque, where we asked a few to get our readers better acquainted with this hijab-friendly scarf/shawl label :) View it and tells us what you think!

Asalaamu Alaykum, I'm Nancy Hoque and I created "Love Hijabi Fashion Week", also known as, sent me a few questions to answer on behalf of SixteenR, so here they are.

The first question is, why do we believe the scarf is a tool of empowerment? Well, one is we believe that when you wear a scarf as a headscarf, it takes a lot of courage to wear it as a headscarf, especially if you live in a society where it's not the norm. For instance, I grew up in Southern California, and everyone doesn't walk around wearing scarves and identifying themselves as Muslim women, or hijabis. 

Also, it takes a lot of confidence to wear a headscarf and keep it on everyday. We believe inthis whole process of defining a new sense of beauty and being comfortable in your own skin. You know, not worry about how other perceive you is a very empowering process, a growing process.

The second question is, what inspires our designs. A lot of things inspire us: books, stories, our travels. And we try to make sure that each of our scarves mean something--either [through] the people who make them, where we bring our scarves from, the type of fabric they are, or the images that we print, that we collect from our travels. 

We try to create images like our headphones scarves, that are a little bit different, that make you think twice. You know, we view the headscarf as an art piece and want to give it a different edge. 

When we design our scarves, we keep in mind how it will looks as a headscarf--even though it can be worn as a neck scarf or shawl, [as well]. A lot of people don't take that consideration when they design scarves, but that's something we do at  SixteenR

The third question is, what should everyone expect from  SixteenR in the future? Well, more scarves..we'll be playing with color much more, more graphics, more unusual prints. Thank-you to everyone who fills out our surveys and gives us their feedback. We really value your opinions and we take them into consideration for our designs. 

Stay tuned and check out Thank you for this interview. We appreciate everyone's support!


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