November 23, 2011

Sponsor Spotlight: Zeena

Asalaamu Alaykum, Everyone!

We've watched them start strong and grow rapidly into a reasonably-priced, go-to for contemporary, modest fashions. We've had you join us on a virtual shopping trip when we posted a walk-through of their Holiday Collection. Who are we talking about? Well, quite simply, we're talking about ZeenaZeena had sponsored a giveaway last year and they're back this HFW season to continue showing their support for modest Fashionistas from all over the world!

We like Zeena because they keep up with the modern woman through their timing and collections. Since its launch in the Spring of 2011, Zeena has been consistent in pumping out staples and must-haves to keep us interested and our wardrobes well-stocked. On their website, they share what made them start this up-and-coming fashion label:
in all our years of shopping (and shopping), we never quite found a dependable designer of the sort of clothing we were looking for. Demure. Elegant. Modern. Modest. Zeena aims to be that dependable designer.

Bayan, founder and designer of Zeena, made this video just for Readers! We've also written up a transcript, so you don't miss a thing! Click below to watch :)

Hello, Lovely Ladies. I'm Bayan from Zeena. We launched our first line this past spring, and to say it's been a whirlwind, is an understatement. We've been blessed with amazing fans and devoted customers that have allowed us to do what we love, season after season, which has already been three seasons! We continue to gain popularity because we have been able to provide a new line of clothing every season, making us reliable and affordable. 

Some of our favorite items, this season, have been the Boyfriend Shrug--which I live in, the Silky Ruffle Top, and the Black Beauty Skirt

My day-to-day fashion is pretty laid-back. I love wearing the Boyfriend Shrug, with an oversized scarf and really nice boots. When I dress up, I like to wear one bold piece, work my outfit around it, and then just run with it. 

Our team, here at Zeena, really attempts to cover a woman from her most casual days to her special occasions. Designing for Zeena is my favorite part, and I love my job. I'm inspired by different textures and different colors. I consider myself a contemporary Muslim woman and Zeena works to provide fashion that I, myself am dieing to wear. I wait season-after-season [to get these looks].

[At Zeena,] You can always look forward to great, new designs that keep you modest, fashionable, and wanting more. 



mya arifin said...

Masyallah their designs are flawless!! May Allah swt bless them with good buisness Insyallah khoir!

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