December 19, 2011

Am I Forgetting Something?

Dear Sisters,

Asalaamu Alaykum! InshaAllah, you've all been well during this past week. As you may have noticed, has been on hold for a bit, but we're back now and we'd like to start by first telling you all something very important:

We've just completed another wonderful week of fashion, fun, and giveaways (which, by the way, will be arriving to their destinations soon, inshaAllah) and based on participation and the responses we've received, I think it's safe to say alhamdulillah for another successful Hijabi Fashion Week! Would you agree?

We're not just going to leave it at that, however! HFW has always been about sharing inspiration for dressing modestly and uniting in sisterhood and diversity. Accordingly, you can count on us serving up some unique ways to carry on with the fun of HFW in upcoming weeks. Without spilling too much, inshaAllah we're going to take the inspiration many of us have found, blog-hopping and checking out the looks posted on the Facebook, and put it to good use. You just wait, and see :)

There's much more I really must tell you all, but as with all good things, it's better in small doses ;) So, until next time, lovely ladies! Toodles :)


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