December 24, 2011

Awkward Hijabi Moments: Winter Edition

When daylight becomes shy and nights grow long, a strange occurrence spreads across the land. From the darkest depths of closets and drawers, men and women whip out their winter scarves, as swiftly as the frigid winds...

It's that wonderful time of year again when the differences between hijab and scarf are unwittingly blurred. Those of you who live in climates with drastic seasonal changes know just what I'm talking about. In the summer, only hijabis dare to bear the heat in layers of scarves, but when winter comes around, everyone's wearing a scarf to protect his or her ears and neck from cold weather chills.

As hijabis, I know some of us are wired to say our Salaams whenever we run into another woman in a scarf. As awkward as that is for some people, it's even more awkward when the scarf-wearing woman hears you, but is not Muslim. If that woman happens to know a little about Islam and Muslims, add 10 more points for awkwardness, because then you can't just play it off as something she misheard and leave it as an equal misunderstanding. Nope... if she knows that Muslim women wear hijab and that Salaam is a Muslim greeting, then it's more than obvious: the jokes on you :P

Embarrassing recollections aside, I'd love to know if any of you have had funny moments like this? Maybe it's just my nerdy eagerness to meet fellow Muslimahs, lol. Submit your answers in the poll below and share a story in the comments, if you'd like :)
The poll is now CLOSED; you can view the results via this link.
In other news, now is a great time to welcome lovely winter weather with a series of posts on modest winter fashions and tips for hijabis. That's something you can look forward to in upcoming weeks, inshaAllah :) Take care wasalaam, lovelies!


Style Blogger said...

I would love to see more posts on winter hijabi fashion!defiently lookijng forward to it!x

Alex Charls said...

WOW!! looks very stylish and elegant....))


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