December 4, 2011

HFW BONUS Day 8 & Pearl-Daisy [closed]

Asalaamu Alaykum Everyone,

Today, we have the pleasure of presenting you all with our extra end-of-HFW surprise: Day 8 - For the Love of Filasteen. We've added a Day 8 to encourage our sisters out there to submit creative and original work in support of solidarity with our brothers and sisters in Palestine. Day 8 was inspired by a comment on the Pearl-Daisy Ltd. fanpage, about the International Day of Solidarity with the Palestinian People, which was set for November 29th. When Amena brought this to our attention, we just knew we had to be a part of it. You can read about why we believe HFW is a perfect place to host a Solidarity with Palestine theme in our previous post.

A Little about Solidarity
The solidarity among sisters, brothers, and the Ummah as a whole is such a strong and vital part of our faith as Muslims. Our Ummah is our family, and our family is spread all over the world, across many different nations and cultures. When members of our Ummah experience good, we share it. When our brothers and sisters experience bad times, we do what we can to aid them. Supporting our brothers and sisters is a necessary act of faith, especially when they are faced with some form of oppression.

Our flyer for Day 8! Feel free to share, but please do not copy!
Day 8 - For the Love of Filasteen & Pearl-Daisy Giveaway
To Participate:
Create something inspired by Solidarity and Palestine. This can be an outfit idea, illustration, poem, flyer, video, anything. 
Any time from December 4th to December 10th, choose one of the following ways to submit your work :
  1. Add a link to it in the widget, below
  2. Leave it in a comment to this post, 
  3. Upload it on Facebook and add a tag to the LoveHFW Facebook page 

You can only enter the Pearl-Daisy giveaway, if you submit an original work for this theme!
You must ALSO:

The giveaway winner will be announced December 11th.
Thank you all who have taken the time to create an outfit, a flyer, or poem to express your solidarity and raise awareness about Palestine! We truly appreciate you joining us in this event :)

All of the submissions were unique and creative, but we can only have one giveaway winner.
With's True Random Number Generator, we counted up all the qualifying entries and selected our Pearl Daisy Giveaway Winner. The winning submission was:
Congratulations to participant #4: "Love Always, Aisha"! You've won the HFW Bonus Day 8 Pearl-Daisy Giveaway!

To see her entry (including her impressive artwork), please visit Link #4, above! 

Thanks again to ALL entrants of our Bonus Day 8. May you be rewarded for your efforts to raise awareness, inshaAllah :)


dressmodestly said...

I dont have a facebook account, but I've submitted my post here (number 2 - dressmodestly)

romaseba said...

Same I don't have a Facebook account but I've submitted my post here (number 2 - romaseba)

vvafa said...

That's absolutely fine. That's why we have different ways available to enter the giveaway

romaseba said...

What are the different ways? Sorry if you've said it already and I missed it :/

vvafa said...

Sorry, I meant different ways to submit your work because that's part of entering the giveaway too.

For the other parts of entering the giveaway, everyone must register with HFW, but if you don't have a Facebook. You can follow us on Twitter: 

that's the only other way.

yoshi said...

assalaamualaikm sisters, 
I don't know how many of you are aware of H&M's substantial investments in Israel. Many human rights groups have called for a global boycott because of the unethical nature of these actions. This is something that many people aren't aware of, and it's time to put our $$$ where our mouths are. I'd urge you all to read up on this movement. 

Hareem said...

A poem about palestine...

We have to save her
She's suffering the torture
We cannot see what will happen next
We cannot tell her future

But she's calling, shouting, praying
We have to answer her call
Save her from all distress
And keep our land safe
Keep our precious land safe
Keep the home that was given by almighty, safe
And she will save us all

LoveHFW said...

Thank you for submitting this beautiful poem (mashaAllah) :)

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