December 1, 2011

HFW Day 5 Giveaway - IslamicGems [closed]

Asalaamu Alaykum!

We're keeping the giveaways rolling with a chance to win one of three beautiful items from IslamicGems! That's right, we'll have 3 different winners, and what better theme than "formal-wear" to open the HFW giveaway for these gorgeous hijabi accessories!

Learn about how IslamicGems was started and how devoted they are to quality, by visiting our Sponsor Spotlight of this brand that only recently opened to the public! If you've read about them already, feast your eyes on these scrumptious pins and learn how to enter the giveaway, below!

1) Ith-nain V in Rose

2) Pearl Brooch III in Blue

3) Shimmery Red Stick Pin

Get in on this gem of a giveaway by completing the following:
1. Register with, if you have not already
2. Like LoveHFW on Facebook
3. Like IslamicGems on Facebook
4. Pick any item from the IslamicGems collection and describe what you would wear it with! You can find the collection on their website or Facebook Page photo albums.

All steps are required to enter this giveaway!
Wednesday, December 7th, will be the last day to enter the IslamicGems Giveaway!
Winners will be announced Thursday, Dec. 8, inshaAllah...make sure your contact information is correct when you register!


The winners for this giveaway have finally been selected! uses's True Random Number Generator to randomly select a comment from those which qualify, below. We do not count any of our own comments, comments from sponsors, or comments which do not follow the rules.

The winner of our first item, the Ith-nain V in Rose, is commenter #11, who writes:
Congratulations, Starmoongal! You've won an IslamicGems Ith-nain V Pin in Rose! 
We'd love to see this pin in action!

Our next winner is commenter #13, Ms. Hibaqaye, who writes:
Congratulations Hibaqaye! You've won the IslamicGems Pearl Brooch III in Blue !
It may not be the Ith-nain V, but we're sure you'll make good use of this pearly blue statement piece!

The third and final winner of HFW's IslamicGems Giveaway is commenter #20:
Congratulations SGHijabGirl! You've won the IslamicGems Shimmery Stick Pin in Red!
You've planned an outfit for the Ith-nain V so well, we can't wait to see how you'd dress up this gorgeous gem!

Thanks again to everyone who entered and participated in our HFW Giveaways. We're only half-way through with the giveaways, so enter and check back until the end of the week! Please make sure you follow the rules and register with a name we can find you by!


Fatima Ibrahim said...

I like the brooches and would wear them with my scarves.

Umhasoomi said...

I love the brooches and would wear it hold in  place my hyjab style (the less straight pins, the better)

Guest said...

I can't seem to see the jewelry images

Michelle V said...

Asalamu alaikum, (Yara here, but under my name before i reverted)
Both pages liked, of course!
I would use this double pin to add a pop of colour to a dull winter day! It is truly a show stopping, beautiful piece . I'd keep my outfit simple and elegant to draw attention to the islamic gem piece, perhaps a simple black abaya with small delicate detailing with a cashmere jacket on top with a lace hijab.

Fmstories7 said...

Asa sisters,
I love all the pins on her site they are so beautiful, but if I had to pic one pin it would be the Ith-nain
III. I just love all the colors in it. I would  wear a long flowy skirt with a shirt and cardigan and a nice blue( same color blue as the gems in it ) hijab with it .. I simiple love that pin.

Sanaa said...

I would wear the Ith-nain V in Rose and would wear it as a hijab accesory. It would look really pretty with a black or pink hijab and it will give a plain hijab a fancy touch! Thank you Islamic Gems!

Nancy Nasim said...

I would use the with many outfits....Ith-nain V in Rose I wear a lot of black and shades of pink and always wear some sort of brooch on my hijab, sometimes on my coat or jacket.  My first glimpse of  Ith-nain V in Rose made me think of so many outfits that it would complement and beautify!

Shaaista_23 said...

Love the "Ith-nain V in Rose": it's so classy yet edgy looking!  I think it is the black chain that gives it that feel :)  I'd wear this with a plain pink hijab so that the pin really stands out and 'pop' against the pink!

Amy Rose said...


Defiantly the Ith-nain II Emerald is one of my favorite gem's, I would wear this gem on a jacket, between the folds of my hijab: on the side of my hijab, in the front one side connected to a piece of clothing the other to my hijab, in the back of my hijab. 

MMS said...

I would wear the Ith-nain V in Rose with any color hijab - teal, brown, purple, even yellow - it would step up any casual looking outfit/hijab

Atiam90 said...

The golden pearl brooch is absolutely stunning! Though im not a huge fan of gold i would pear this with a black scarf and a mostly black outfit bc it goes with everything. But it would also look good with any square scarf. It looks so classic and perfect for a fancier occasion.

Starmoongal said...

I love the Ith-nain V in Rose pin! It is gorgeous, with its beads of pink, blue and green, which contrast lovely with the black.  It is so versatile as well, it would go well with many different colored hijabs and outfits. I would use it to add a little something special to my plain hijabs.

chocoholic-hijabi said...

So hard to choose a favourite from the Islamic Gems website, but I suppose it will have to be the Ith-nain II
Jet. The larger brooch looks to be victorian inspired (from my point of view anyway)  and it's so classy and elegant. I can imagine wearing this brooch with a number of outfits (because of the colours, black and silver go with practically anything) and it would make a seemingly ordinary outfit look amazing. And it's versatile because it's not limited to being only worn with the hijab. I would wear it to fasten an open drape cardigan (so that it's not flying away with the wind) =)

hibaqaye said...

Salam! I would pair the Ith-nain V in Rose with a black hijab. This piece would take an ordinary plain black hijab into a festive and fashionable hijab! It's a beautiful statement piece :) 

Neeshah said...

Ith-nain V in Rose on top of a sheen black hijab. With a black batwinged chiffon top and a black jersey skirt. And pink wedged shoes and all pink accessories!

Daya_vera92 said...

I would wear the Ith-nain II Amethyst with a lilac and blue hijab for an upcoming dinner my family will be having.

Stephanie Luff said...

I absolutely love the Ith-nain I Royal Blue! I would pair it with any of my HFW outfits. Even though I wasn't wearing blue most of those days, it would be a wonderful additional pop of color. I can never get enough color ^.^

sghijabgirl said...

The  Ith-nain V in Rose is so gorgeous! I can already imagine my outfit, black abaya, baby pink shawl and this gem would certainly add a pop to my hijab! The smaller pin would be pinned at the side of my shawl while the big one would be draped and pinned on my shoulder so you can see the beautiful chain :)

Asma said...

I really love the pearl brooch III,, its vintage look gives the hijab a glam without going over the top,,I would wear it with a black lace scarf layered with gray silk one,, or to pin my hijab with my cardigan

Haneenah Al-Afiah Muhd Al-Fara said...

I j'adore the Royal II Brooch in green. So simple, yet so gorgeous! I'd wear it with all my scarves in dark tones, so it'd stand out more, though not all at once, lol. :) P.S. I signed up with HFW as 'Hannah Afia' , this is my previous username but the email's still the same :)

Deszert Rose said...

I pick pink cantebury bell brooch. I think it sooo elegant & shiny. I will wear a black abaya with light pink hijab and then this brooch so that brooch can stand out.

Hareem said...

I would pick the canteberry bell broach, its such a delicate soft colour and a beautiful piece of jewellery, it'll really stand out in a black hijab. Love it !


So excited for starmoongal, hibaqaye, & sghijabgirl. Can't wait to see the way you gals style the pieces!
-Nida Mirza

vvafa said...

Congrats on your win!

vvafa said...

Wasalaam! Hope you enjoy the Blue Pearl Brooch!

vvafa said...

Congratulations on winning the red stick pin! :)

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