December 3, 2011

HFW Day 7 Giveaway - SixteenR [closed]

Asalaamu Alaykum,

In step with today's theme of having fun and chilling out in your own way, we bring you our Day 7 giveaway! SixteenR, renown for their original designs and unique scarf selection, is offering our Hijabi Fashion Week audience a chance to get their own cool headphones scarf, which is part of their latest released collection! You can check out our reaction to their Supersonic scarves by visiting our 16R Walk the Line post. If you're just can't get enough of SixteenR's fashion-with-a-message style, check out our Sponsor Spotlight, featuring a video made just for HFW! Then, browse below for a peek at our giveaway item and the rules to entry.

To enter SixeenR's Supersonic Giveaway:
1. Register with, if you have not already
2. Like LoveHFW on Facebook
3. Like SixteenR on Facebook, Follow SixteenR on Twitter, & Subscribe to their Youtube Channel
4. Fill in the blank and leave your answer below: 
"Scarves + Me = ____________"

All steps are required to enter this giveaway!
Friday, December 9th, will be the last day to enter the SixteenR Giveaway!
Winners will be announced Saturday, Dec. 10th, inshaAllah...make sure your contact information is correct when you register!

____________________________________________________________________ uses's True Random Number Generator to randomly selects a comment from those which qualify, below. We do not count any of our own comments, comments from sponsors, or comments which do not follow the rules. Are you ready to find out who won SixteenR's headphones scarf?

The winner of the Headphones Scarf, is commenter #3!
Her answer to SixteenR's fill-in-the-blank is:
Congratulations, Daya_Vera92! You've won the SixteenR Headphones Scarf! 
Rock it out with your cool hijabi style! :)

A thank-you to the participants who entered this giveaway. We hope you'll join us tomorrow, when we'll announce the BONUS GIVEAWAY WINNER for Hijabi Fashion Week's Week of Winners.


Brilliant Zanuar Ichsan said...

"Scarves + Me = cute!"

Michelle V said...

Followed and subscribed to all! : )

Scarves + Me = Pious Power!

Daya_vera92 said...

Followed the rules :)   Scarves+me= beautiful! 

Ummi Nadrah said...

Subscribed all. "Scarves + Me = ROCKSTAR"  :)

cieri said...

 "Scarves + Me = unlimited chances"

hibaqaye said...

Scarves + Me =  Elegantly concealed! :)

Yukaasyuka said...

Scarves + Me = Me .. my lovely me

Dialadeeb71 said...

Scarves + Me = Prettier and happier than "Scarves - Me" =p

vvafa said...

Congrats! You've won the scarf :)

Emina said...

Scarves + Me =Happy me :)

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