December 1, 2011

Hijabi Fashion Week Nov 2011 - Day 5

Asalaamu Alaykum, Everyone!

Thanks for joining us for our fifth day of Hijabi Fashion Week! MashaAllah, it really has gone by so fast and we have yet so much left! We've still got some fabulous giveaways coming up, a bonus giveaway (more on that later), plus our follow-up week of winners & fan appreciation! So basically, the party is far from over...especially with today's HFW theme: Formal/Eid-wear!

One of the ways you can interpret this theme is by dressing for Eid, which all Muslims celebrate. There are two Eids, which are Eid Al-Fitr following Ramadan and Eid Al-Adha, a time to remember the Prophet Abraham (peace be upon him). While these holidays hold incredibly great importance among Muslims for many reasons, they are also a great time for modest, Islamic fashion! It is truly beautiful to visit Muslim Eid Prayers during these times, especially in Muslim-minority countries, because you'll get a chance to peer into the diversity of cultures and people from all walks of life, that Islam welcomes! You'll see a bit of that in Today's theme.

The other way to share ideas and inspiration for today's theme is to show us how you dress modestly in formal situations! This can certainly be tough one for women these days because formal attire already has specific standards and rules, but add to that the Islamic standards for modesty, and you'll have a challenge worth thinking about! Some of Today's participants will share how they maintain their modesty & individual style when it comes to getting decked out for formal functions!

A Bit of This, and A Bit of That
This is the first time you'll see a glimpse of the LoveHFW sisters for this season's Hijabi Fashion Week! Usually for Eid or Formal cultural gatherings, we wear traditional South Asian Shalwar Kameez (baggy pants and long tunics that are often heavily embroidered). In the photos above, Em is on the furthest right wearing a green and maroon patterned Shalwar Kameez that has gold bordering. She adds structure to the loose tunic by wearing a tan blazer with a gold sheen. I prefer going classic with a simple abaya, but I've added some personal flair with my purple & gold hijab. Since celebration is about good times with friends and/or family, we thought it was only fair to allow a cameo by our lovely mum, younger brother, and one of our crazy cats!


vvafa said...

This is one of my favorite categories! You ladies look stunning, 
MashaAllah! ;D

Laila said...

You all look stunning MashaAllah!

Cheremoineau said...

Love, love, love your blazer!  so cute, and the perfect colour, Em! :)

hibaqaye said...

Wafa I looove your hijab! You look stunning, mashAllah :D HELLO KITTY! Lol :P 

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