December 2, 2011

Hijabi Fashion Week Nov 2011 - Day 6

Asalaamu Alaykum,

Contrary to popular belief, Muslims go on dates, too! Except, of course, a Muslim only goes on dates with the person she loves and has already made a life-long commitment with: her husband! Spending time with your husband is actually rewarded in Islam because it builds and strengthens the relationship. However, just because a hijabi is out with her hubs, doesn't mean she'll sacrifice her modest style and standards, right? 

In Hijabi Fashion Week's Day 6 theme, share with us how you like to dress when going out with your Mr. (or future Mr. if not married). Do you wear his favorite color? Do you wear a gifted accessory? Where do you like to go to spend some peaceful time together?

Feminine Elegance in the Great Outdoors
 Lake-front cabins make for a great location for weekend getaways and water-front picnics--perfect for dates with the hubby. Our HFW Model is enjoying the serenity and beauty of the forests and lake in an outfit that's elegant from head-to-toe. She's wearing a pink and maroon silk scarf with checkered detail, from Zeena, with a soft pink cardigan, and the gorgeous Pleated Dream Skirt in tan (also from Zeena). Her bronze-gold heels and gold bracelet watch echo the gold chain details on the scarf, without overpowering the look as a whole.


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