December 3, 2011

PD & HFW 4 Palestine

Asalaamu Alaykum, Chicas!

If you've been following along Hijabi Fashion Week so far, you've had the opportunity to meet new bloggers, find inspiration for modest styles, and enter in a few fabulous giveaways. By our books, if it was fun and beneficial for you, in these respects, then we can say it's been another successful HFW, alhamdulillah. But, for all the fun and fashion from HFW, it is still (and always has been) about much more. At the base of Hijabi Fashion Week lies a celebration of the diverse sisterhood that exists among Muslims. Essentially, we are celebrating a solidarity that exists between Muslim women who openly represent their identities as such.

With this expression of solidarity at the very foundation of Hijabi Fashion Week, we simply couldn't resist adding one more theme day for HFWat the suggestion of HFW Featurette, Amena of the Amenakin Youtube Channel. It just so happens that International Palestine Solidarity Day had recently passed on November 29th. In respect of this day, we're adding Day 8 - For the Love of Filasteen, to continue raising awareness in support of our brothers and sisters in Palestine. And yes, there will be a giveaway too! Amena will be sponsoring Day 8 by offering one participant the choice of any single Pearl Daisy, Ltd. scarf for free!

How to get involved in the HFW Bonus Day:

  • Day 8 - "For the Love of Filasteen" begins December 4th, 2011.
  • To participate, simply submit a link to an outfit, illustration, poem, flyer, video, etc. -- any original work inspired by this theme.
  • You have until December 10th to submit your work/link. If you cannot add it to the link widget, you may leave your link or written work in a comment or on our Facebook.

To enter the final HFW - Nov 2011 Giveaway with Pearl Daisy:

  • The giveaway winner will be announced December 11th.
Hope you'll join us for this special occasion!


dressmodestly said...

May Allah help all our brothers and sisters in Palestine <3

Thanks HFW and Amena this is really sweet :)

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