December 21, 2011

We're Better, Together

Asalaamu Alaykum Lovely Ladies!

Like Cookes & Milk :)
HFW exists to celebrate YOU, as part of a rapidly growing hijabi now, that's no secret. When you participate in Hijabi Fashion Week, you bring your fresh perspectives on dressing modestly and expressing your identity as a Muslim Woman. Whenever I browse through the HFW archives, it's impossible not to feel a surge of pride in the super-diverse, super-stylish women that willingly wear hijab and openly represent themselves as part of the vast Muslim Ummah. Thanks to you all, we now have three spectacular seasons of HFW that anyone can browse through at any time, by visiting "The Vault", above. I can tell you from my experiences, there hasn't been a single time where I couldn't find inspiration after visiting "The Vault", thanks to all the participants.

So, as you can see, you're a vital part of making HFW what it is, and by sharing your perspectives, you're helping HFW get better, season after season. Below is a short form of 10 simple, but insightful questions that we'd like you to fill out and submit! Your answers help us improve HFW and continue organizing giveaways that you'll enjoy.

Don't forget to click "Submit", at the end of the form!


hibaqaye said...

Done! :D

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Done! loved HFW <3

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