June 16, 2012

Asalaamu Alaykum, Ladies!
We've finally completed another great season of Hijabi Fashion Week, which means it's time for YOU to tell us what you thought about this past Hijabi Fashion Week! We've asked for your feedback after each of our last few seasons, and each time we've learned something new about what you want us to include, or take out, in following seasons! 
We're hoping to learn just as much, if not more, when you fill out this season's super-quick feedback form!

So... what, now?
Have you ever wondered what happens when HFW is all over?
Does it just come and go, and that's that?
No, not really...there's more to HFW than the event itself--
What we do after HFW, is organize everything and add it to "The Vault", where ANYONE can visit the looks from past season, at ANYTIME. You see, whenever we host a Hijabi Fashion Week, sisters like you join together, not only to inspire each other throughout the week itself, but also to inspire anyone over the years that this site is up! If you visit The VAULT now, you'll see outfit ideas and unique ways to stay modest from sisters who've participated in our last few HFW's,--and, guess what? Soon, you'll be part of our global hijabi lookbook, too!

If you're ever unsure of what to wear/buy for any situation--a party, a new job, going on vacation,--you now know of a single place where you can get countless hijab-friendly ideas, specifically organized by these categories: LoveHFW.com and the Hijabi Fashion Week community :)

Thanks again to all who join us each year and allow HFW to grow in sisterhood, diversity, and modest-inspiration! 
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June 3, 2012

Asalaamu Alaykum, Lovely Ladies!

The final giveaway we riled up for you ladies, this season, is courtesy of Modest Sea!
If you've been following LoveHFW.com, you'll know a little about Modest Sea already, but if you're just joining in, check out our Sponsor Spotlight on this clever swimwear company!

Here's a snapshot of the website (click to visit):

Can you guess what today's giveaway might be?
If you guessed a chance to win YOUR OWN Modest Sea Swimsuit, well, you would be RIGHT!
Since there is only ONE winner for this giveaway, please make sure you follow the rules correctly for the best chance!

Giveaway Details & Entry:
This giveaway is open to everyone!
ALL entrants must FIRST REGISTER for HFW (only once) if you have not done so already!

Each of the following that you choose to do, will get you closer to winning the giveaway:

1. Write a FACEBOOK Status about which swimsuit you like best, and WHY.
You MUST include a link to http://www.modestsea.com and tag @LoveHFW in YOUR STATUS!

2. Re-Tweet, THIS TWEET: https://twitter.com/LoveHFW/status/209265916763058176

3. Add a link to the Modest Sea website, in your Day 7 post!

4. Show us which of the above you completed by leaving a link to each completed step, in a comment below!

These are the only ways to enter the Modest Sea giveaway!

Winners will be chosen at random and announced on June 10th at 8am EST (12pm UST/GMT).

Update 6/10/12

We are now at our final Hijabi Fashion Week giveaway, brought to you by Modest Sea. Up for grabs is any modest swimsuit of the WINNER'S CHOICE, from the Modest Sea website. To calculate our winner, we organized qualifying entrants by alphabetical order and used a random number generator to select a number. You'll notice, below, that a few entrants had multiple entries, since each step they took to enter counted as a single entry. The more steps you take (as listed above), the more chances you have!

So, without further ado, it may not be a surprise that our winner is:
(block 1 goes to Modest Sea, so each entry is back one number)

Congratulations, Khadija of Taking Muslim Initiative! We're sure you'll enjoy the coverage, modesty, and sun protection you'll be getting from YOUR NEW SWIMSUIT! Wooohoo!

Thanks to all who entered and followed the rules to qualify!
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As Hijabi Fashion Week reaches a close, we ask you to go back over the past few days and identify the looks that you found most inspiring, challenging to pull off, or just plain interesting. Style Crush is about letting yourself approach your wardrobe with new eyes, about taking on a different perspective of style, about pushing yourself to try something you may not have thought of before! 

For this category, rather than post our own feature photo, we're going to add our look to the collection below! Why? Because, more than ever, this category is about the community YOU ALL have built this season, the bond you may have felt in visiting the submissions from women around the world, and the greatest inspiration of all: Muslim Sisterhood! 

To find out which sisters found a connection, a challenge, or an idea, through Hijabi Fashion Week, visit the submissions, below!

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June 2, 2012

Asalaamu Alaykum, Lovely Ladies!

Day 6's complimentary giveaway is from a returning sponsor, IslamicGems.
Last season, the designer of IslamicGems personally picked three unique hijab accessories to offer our lovely readers, but this season we've got a special suprise! We're giving YOU the chance to choose your own giveaway items because we're offering THREE e-gift certificates! IslamicGems will honor a $50, $25, and $10 dollar gift certificate to be used towards the purchase of any IslamicGems accessory (or accessories) of YOUR CHOICE.
That's THREE chances for you to step up your date-night look, courtesy of  IslamicGems ;D

Giveaway Details & Entry:
This giveaway is open to everyone!
ALL entrants must FIRST REGISTER for HFW (only once) if you have not done so already!
Then, do the following:
1. Become a FAN of  IslamicGems on FACEBOOK and and tag @IslamicGems in YOUR STATUS stating that you have entered the giveaway (don't forget to tag @Love HFW, so we know you did it)!
2. Follow IslamicGems on TWITTER and give @IslamicGems and @lovehfw a shoutout!

* if you do not have a Facebook account, you can still enter in the giveaway! In the comments, below:
1. Leave a request to be added to the IslamicGems mailing list, AND
2. Leave a link to ONE of the IslamicGems accessories you'd love to spend your gift certificate on!

Winners will be chosen at random and announced on June 9th at 8am EST (12pm UST/GMT).

Update  6/9/12

Salaam Lovely Ladies! On this gorgeous Saturday Morning, we'll be announcing our THREE winners for the IslamicGems Giveaway! Well, here they are:

Oh, did you want to know who won which giveaway certificate? Well, if you insist :)

Our first, $50 Gift Certificate goes to...drum roll, please:

Congratulations, Nehan! Use your fifty wisely, inshaAllah :D

Now, for the IslamicGems $25 gift certificate...

Congratulations, Ms. Maryam! We hope you enjoy your lovely new accessories, inshaAllah!

Our final, $10 gift certificate winner, is:

Returning participant from Fashionable Muslimah Stories, Imani! Congratulations, Sis!

As always, thank you to all those who entered in this giveaway! We wish you all a lovely weekend and best wishes in our FINAL Giveaway, tomorrow! :)

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Asalaamu Alaykum, Ladies! Day 6 is all about hanging out with your one and only,--hanging out with the hubby! While dating outside of marriage is not allowed in Islam, spending time together within a marriage and enjoying each other's company is very much encouraged! If you're married, what do you usually wear when just the two of you are headed out? If you're not married, what would you where and where would you go if you could plan an ideal date? 
In our scenario, our leading lady is waiting to be surprised by her Mister! The plan is a romantic dinner at a  classy restaurant, followed by a carriage ride across the park. our model is wearing a sleek plum dress under a cropped jacket in lace. Her georgette hijab is accented by sequins and ruching, and is pinned securely in place by a brooch, hand-crafted by IslamicGems. The brooch features crystals and chains for a unique and modern contrast against the pearly white beads.

Looking for more ways to dress up for date-night? Look below!

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June 1, 2012

Asalaamu Alaykum Lovely Ladies! We're heading into Day 5, which also happens to be a Friday! What better way to celebrate the spirit of Friday, than to dedicate our Special Occasions theme to it! For this theme, we're asking you to go all out, modest hijabi-style! What's your favorite special occasion, or what special occasion have you recently enjoyed? What did you, or would you, to such an occasion? Your choice of special occasion can be anything at all,--from cultural to Islamic, to your very own personal tradition (hey, if it's special to you, we can dig it!). 

Talk about special occasions! Here's a lovely, yet understated cream-white abaya that's perfect for a low-key wedding ceremony, Eid, or a summer picnic. You can't go wrong with crinkle organza over buttersilk. Elegant, sophisticated, and versatile! Features pink and white floral designs over tastefully-placed tiny mirrors and a matching organza hijab.

Check out more lovely ways to stay modest while celebrating--visit the lovely links, below:

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May 31, 2012

Asalaamu Alaykum, Fashionistas!

If you liked the dress we featured in Day 4's theme, you'll definitely dig this giveaway! With their unique collection of long sleeve maxi dresses, kaftans, and scarves, it's no wonder why Abaya Addict is quickly gaining recognition as a hijab-friendly label that you'll want to get your hands on! Today, we're offering you a chance to win one of two items that you'll definitely want to take with you, on any trip:

The Red Ranger Fringe Scarf - An Abaya Addict EXCLUSIVE design, this polyester shawl features bold black and white stripes with red fringe. Measurements and more details, available here.

The Mating Call Dress - Featuring long sleeves and peacock-feather print throughout, this dress is a great alternative to solid-colored maxi dress, and just as comfortable, too! Read more about it, here.
Giveaway Details & Entry:
This giveaway is open to everyone!
To enter, all you have to do is:
1. REGISTER for HFW (only once) if you have not done so already!
2.. Become a FAN of  Abaya Addict on FACEBOOK and leave a unique comment on their WALL that mentions our page ("@Love HFW")!

* if you do not have a Facebook account, you can still enter in the giveaway! All you have to do is visit the Abaya Addict shop and leave a link, in the comments below, to ANY single item that you like best from their collections & tell us WHY you love it!

Winners will be chosen at random and announced on June 7th at 8am EST (12pm UST/GMT).

Update 6/7/2012

After tracking down everyone's comments and organizing them into a list, it is our pleasure to congratulate the following, randomly selected winners of the Abaya Addict giveaway:

The winner of the Red Ranger Fringe Scarf is:

Congratulations Farheen24, on winning this show-stopping fringe scarf!

Our next winner is: 

Congratulations Hakeemah of Cover Me Beautiful! You've won the Mating Call Dress!

Thank you to all those who entered in this giveaway and followed the rules, correctly!
Since most of you are now fans of Abaya Addict, make sure you keep an eye out for the sales & free shipping deals that get posted on their Facebook! :D
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Asalaamu Alaykum, Ladies! Are you just about ready for the weekend? Can't wait to relax on your own or hang out with friends? Well, with Day 4's theme, we're giving you tickets to your ideal pre-weekend getaway! If you could spend a few days anywhere in the world, where would you go? What would you do? How would you keep it modest on your way to your perfect destination?

This season, our ideal getaway is a summer road trip! Our map? The beautiful coast-lines of Hawa'ii!
While packing up our car with plenty of yummy foods, and fun summer clothes, we're rocking the aptly named Getaway Dress, by Abaya Addict, and a loosely draped hijab. Casual comfort and cool breezes, what more could a girl ask for on a summer road trip?
For more ideal getaways, check out the links, below!

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May 30, 2012

Asalaamu Alaykum,
We're on Day 3, going strong with giveaway #2!
In our theme photo, we featured a Modern Mary blue tunic top, and now you've got a chance to get your hands on a Modern Mary item for yourself! There are two items that you can potentially win in today's giveaway, so check them out, below:

In cotton-stretch, accented by a raw silk belt, this colorblock dress features pintuck detailing, a mandarin collar, and side-zip closure. Read more about it, here.

This cotton-stretch maxi, featuring cap-sleeves and blue and white motifs across the border, could just be your new go-to LBD (long black dress)! Check out the product page for a close-up of all the details that make this Modern Mary dress unique! Click here.

Giveaway Details & Entry:
This giveaway is open to everyone!
To enter, all you have to do is:
1. REGISTER for HFW (only once) if you have not done so already!
2.. Become a FAN of Modern Mary on Facebook and LIKE the item that you want to win, in the LoveHFW Album. Click here to view it: http://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.419209978113587.103408.142282205806367&type=3 

* if you do not have a Facebook account, you can still enter in the giveaway if you subscribe to their e-newsletter by leaving the following comment: "Please subscribe me to the Modern Mary e-newsletter, for info on sales and more!" Also, tell us which item you'd like to win!

Winners will be chosen at random and announced on June 6th at 8am EST (12pm UST/GMT).
Update - 6/6/12

Asalaamu Alaykum, Lovely Ladies!
After verifying and organizing all qualifying entrants, we are finally able to bring you the winners of the two Modern Mary Giveaways! Take a look:

Congratulations to Mya Arifin on winning the Colorblock Pintuck Dress
and to Kyla Hakim for winning the Embroidered Maxi Dress!

Thanks to all who entered in this giveaway! Stay tuned for more winners, throughout the week!

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It's Day 3 of Hijabi Fashion Week, and there are still many new participants joining in! Woohoo! Don't worry if you miss a day or can't share your looks right away, because each Hijabi Fashion Week theme is open for a week. This means you get a few more days to submit your look, before the collection closes--but, make sure you do get them in, because once each day is closed, it's closed for the season!

While that's in the future, today we're asking you to to look into the past! Today's theme of "time travel" (or "then and now") is all about taking inspiration from a past style or an older item, and bringing it up-to-date for the present! As with all our categories, you can interpret this as you wish, as long as you keep it modest! What styles from the past have made an impression on you? What antiquated or vintage-inspired accessories are freshening up your current wardrobe? YOU decide how to mix and match to suit YOUR personality!

As you can tell, we love a lady in a leading role! So, for our look, we turned to the era of power suits and power styles, for inspiration. In this ensemble we're channeling the styles of the ground-breaking professional women of the 80's, and yes, this includes Princess Diana, whose style and elegance was was both graceful and down-to-earth! In our chic white ensemble, we're featuring a button-down bow tunic from Modern Mary in a sharp cobalt blue! The nude-khaki stilletos and diagonal stripes along the cuff add just the right touches to bring this classy look, up-to-date. The Modern Mary tunic is a gorgeous color, light-weight material, and sleeveless -- the perfect basic for summer work-wear! 

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May 29, 2012

Asalaamu Alaykum, Lovely Ladies!

Today, we open the first of our giveaways to YOU!
As the perfect compliment to Day 2's theme, "Favorite Hijab", we're offering you the chance to add a new favorite to YOUR collection! The wonderful sisters at iLoveModesty.com are kindly offering not one nor two, but THREE different giveaway items. This means you have THREE chances to win one of the following:

The Vasandi Mixed Wrap Hijab - a light-weight, silk chiffon, rectangular wrap that features lurex animal print--designed exclusively by the iLoveModesty team. View the complete product description, here.

The Karina Triangular Ruffle Hijab - A triangular crinkle chiffon scarf, adorned with printed chiffon ruffles. Read the complete product description, here.

The Zara Diamond - a light-weight, polyester-silk scarf of a diamond shape. Described as lightweight, and non-slippery. Read more about this scarf, here.
iLoveModesty.com is a Canada-based online shop that has been hard-at-work, offering fashionable options for hijabis, since 2009. Take a look around their site and you'll find unique hijabs, specially-designed abayas, handmade jewelry, and the most recent addition: a new line of maxi skirts! 

Giveaway Details & Entry:
This giveaway is open to residents of Canada and the US, only!
To enter, all you have to do is:
1. REGISTER for HFW (only once) if you have not done so already!
2.. Become a FAN of iLoveModesty.com on Facebook -- if you DO NOT have Facebook, join their newsletter by leaving a comment below stating the following: "Please share my email address with iLoveModesty.com to subscribe to their newsletter."
3. Leave a comment below on which hijab you would like to win, but note that you MIGHT NOT get the one you want! 

Winners will be chosen at random and announced on June 5th at 8am EST (12pm UST/GMT).

That's all it takes!
EVERYONE who follows the above guidelines for entry has THREE chances to win one of the scarves above, from iLoveModesty.com! So, what are you waiting for? Give it a go! ♥

Asalaamu Alaykum, Ladies!

We've organized the comments from oldest to newest and skipped over repeat comments, as well as comments by me, to give those who qualify, a fair chance in the giveaway! Here are the results:

Congratulations, Faddu 01, on winning the Vasandi Mixed Wrap HijabWe hope you enjoy the unique print and design!

 Our next winner is Queen Sadiyya! You've won the Karina Triangular Ruffle Hijab! Lovely!

Our final winner for the iLoveModesty.com giveaway for Hijabi Fashion Week, is Melissa!
There is, in fact, only ONE Melissa registered for HFW, so we know this is the correct Melissa to have won the much-adored Zara Diamond :D

Thank you to all participants who followed the rules and entered in our first every giveaway with iLoveModesty.com! Don't forget to visit their online shop, for more unique scarves!
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Asalaamu Alaykum, Ladies!
Today's theme is about one of your favorite items of clothing: your favorite hijab! We all want to know what your favorite hijab is and what made it worthy of such a title :D The outfits you share for today's theme should be inspired by this favorite hijab--whether you chose it for comfort, style, versatility, or whatsoever else! Give us a look into what kind of scarves you like best and what kind of scarves you're on the hunt for, this season!

Our favorite, this season, is a lovely Aztec-print cotton scarf. Aztec prints are known for their strong lines and bold patterns, as well as their use of repeating colors. The scarf featured for today's theme is perfect for summer because it's as light as a breeze, comfortable, and fun! The scarf's pattern inspired us to choose a bold, black hi-lo hem dress--guaranteed to leave an impression,--and the colors guided us to a fun pair of yellow wedges! We'll post the rest of the photos from this photoshoot on Facebook, so you can check it out after HFW!

To find out how others were inspired by their favorite hijabs, visit the links below:

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