January 11, 2012

This year's Pre-Fall  fashion runways are packed with collections which are almost entirely hijab-friendly! Pre-Fall 2012 seems to be just the time for structured, baggy, and *masculine trends, which align well with the Islamic concept of modesty and hijab. While we usually see women's designs emphasize curves, cleavage, and exposure, many of this year's designs provide modest coverage without sacrificing uniqueness and style; these are world-class designers, after-all.
cool sketches of some pre-fall fashions, found here
For those who may not know, the general idea behind physical modesty in Islam is that, when in public, both men and women should avoid wearing clothing which reveal the shape of their bodies.

*The Islamic guidelines for apparel also say that women must not purposefully dress like men and men must not dress like women. The fashion industry tends to equate structured or loose clothing as "masculine" or simply not feminine enough, which is why you really should take these industry labels with a grain of salt. You'll probably notice, though, that some of this year's women's looks are very obviously styled after male fashions, in which case you should use your best, educated judgement when figuring out how to adapt it to your style :)

Definitely find out for yourself what the Islamic guidelines are, by consulting authentic Islamic sources :) Doing this helps take out a lot of the confusion of figuring out what to wear!

Once you've got that base covered, check out the pre-fall runways. It's like seeing what our fave fashion names might create if they designed for hijabis! A girl could dream, right? ;D

You can also check out the album I created on our Facebook page. It's filled with a few of my picks for some of the runway's most hijab-friendly looks! "Like" and leave a comment on the ones you could see yourself rocking out or leave us a link to other styles you love!
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January 10, 2012

"Almost" is a new LoveHFW.com series that admires looks and outfits that, with a few adjustments, can be perfect for hijabis...it's also a great excuse to get nit-picky about celebrity and designer looks that we would love to make our own!

Our first post of the "Almost" series features artwork and a photographic remake of "Lady in a Fur Wrap", which is a perfect addition to our current theme of cold-weather fashions :) It's such a sophisticated pairing of an almost-hijab with a seasonal fur accessory!

“Lady in a Fur Wrap” by El Greco
Photo Remake by Tony Mac

On a similar note, the results of our LoveHFW poll on winter scarves was pretty interesting! Our first question asked if you had "ever thought a woman in a winter scarf was a hijabi?", to which 51% of you admitted that such an incident happened once or twice before. Well, it's nice to see I'm not the only one that's fallen for the ol' faux hijabi :P In fact, if I had walked into the "Lady in a Fur Wrap" on the street, I probably would've said my Salaams (D'oh!)

The second question asked, "do you wear extra scarves with your hijab, in cold weather?" and 51% replied that an extra scarf was a great way to stay cozy (we think so, too). Wearing an extra shawl with my hijab had originally seemed repetitive to me, but after my first time trying out this look, I couldn't disagree more. Shawls and hijabs really do work so well together and it's lovely seeing that many of you take comfort in this style as well :)

Below are the complete results (the poll is closed). You can click on the picture to get a better view.

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January 8, 2012

What do I love about getting ready for cold-weather? I love that I can basically wear anything from summer and layer it up, or wear something that's more cozy than "appropriate" because everything's hidden under my long winter coat anyway :) Not exactly a fashionista's answer, but it's true :) I definitely put more effort into my outfits in warmer weather--when each layer of clothing matters--as opposed to colder weather, where only the outer-most layers really matter.

But this level of coziness is a double-edged sword. Unless you own multiple winter coats, and more than one pair of super-cozy winter boots, you'll be spending your winter days in the same colors. Are you going to be the "girl in the red coat and Uggs" all winter? Or will your once-sophisticated black ensemble blur into crowds of monotonous wool? I've spent winters decked in bright colors and in neutral colors, but no matter what kind of winter coat I purchase, walking around in the same all-encompassing coat can get drab and boring, after a while.

It almost takes the fun out of fashion...until you realize you can freshen up your look with the right accessories! The following essentials are just the way to accessorize your cold-weather outerwear throughout the months, and avoid mid-season style burn-out! These are more affordable alternatives than purchasing multiple winter coats, that's for sure :)

Click for details: Grey and Red Ruffle Wraps; Patchwork Sweater Cape
1. Shawls/Wraps
Without a doubt, every hijabi should have a few shawls that are large enough to drape over your shoulders. Thicker shawls are an especially cool pick-me-up for cold weather because you can wear them in multiple ways and play around with different looks throughout the season. They can even act as a substitute for winter coats during unseasonable weather or when the temperature jumps around. It's definitely a great idea to keep your favorite shawl around the office or in your car.

 Left to Right: Mink Basketwoven Leather, Teal Bow Detail, Teak Buckle Detail
2. Complementary Gloves
Another easy way to refresh your look is to invest in two pairs of gloves, rather than one. Look for punchy colors and subtle detail to complement your winter coat. Don't underestimate the effect a well-selected pair of gloves can have on your outerwear look. A black coat with the braided brown pair above creates a sophisticated and mature vibe, while the teal with bow detail creates a fresh, young appearance. Alternating gloves based on your mood is a fun way to keep your winter style personally yours.

Sources (left to right): Fur, Fair Isle Knit, Grey Knit
3.Leg Warmers
    Expand your winter footwear selection, while staying warm, by adding leg warmers over your pants. The pic on the furthest left, above, illustrates how chic wedges can look like a new pair of boots, simply by adding furry leg-warmers. Stick to short fur trim that is shaped like a tube because long-hair fur that flares out is a distinctly "raver" style.
    The snapshot in the middle features a funky, chunky knit worn over grey shooties. This is a great shot of how you can pull off a slouchy look with relaxed jeans--the sweater-like material is bunched up around the calves, rather than up to the knees, so it's not overwhelming. Chunky knee-high leg warmers are often paired with tights, skinny jeans, and similar fitted/revealing looks, but since you'll want to maintain your hijab-standard of modesty and avoid fitted clothing, calf-length is the best length to pair with loose jeans.
    If you prefer knee-highs, maintain overall balance by minimizing the thickness/slouchiness of the fabric (as seen in the furthest right photo, above). This look works nicely with flats, and can be paired with warm socks for a chic, layered look.

We hope you enjoy these ideas for adding a little change to your daily winter wear! Let us know if you've already tried any of these, below! :)

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