January 10, 2012

Almost - Lady in Fur Wrap

"Almost" is a new LoveHFW.com series that admires looks and outfits that, with a few adjustments, can be perfect for hijabis...it's also a great excuse to get nit-picky about celebrity and designer looks that we would love to make our own!

Our first post of the "Almost" series features artwork and a photographic remake of "Lady in a Fur Wrap", which is a perfect addition to our current theme of cold-weather fashions :) It's such a sophisticated pairing of an almost-hijab with a seasonal fur accessory!

“Lady in a Fur Wrap” by El Greco
Photo Remake by Tony Mac

On a similar note, the results of our LoveHFW poll on winter scarves was pretty interesting! Our first question asked if you had "ever thought a woman in a winter scarf was a hijabi?", to which 51% of you admitted that such an incident happened once or twice before. Well, it's nice to see I'm not the only one that's fallen for the ol' faux hijabi :P In fact, if I had walked into the "Lady in a Fur Wrap" on the street, I probably would've said my Salaams (D'oh!)

The second question asked, "do you wear extra scarves with your hijab, in cold weather?" and 51% replied that an extra scarf was a great way to stay cozy (we think so, too). Wearing an extra shawl with my hijab had originally seemed repetitive to me, but after my first time trying out this look, I couldn't disagree more. Shawls and hijabs really do work so well together and it's lovely seeing that many of you take comfort in this style as well :)

Below are the complete results (the poll is closed). You can click on the picture to get a better view.


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