March 29, 2012

Asalaamu Alaykum Lovely Ladies!
Today, we're reviewing the  Simply Zeena Pleated Dream Skirt,
a sophisticated maxi skirt that could be the perfect addition to your spring wardrobe.

You may remember seeing this skirt during our last Hijabi Fashion Week, 
when we dressed it up for our our Date Night theme;
we paired it with a Simply Zeena silk scarf, a baby pink cardi, and bronze-gold heels.
Here's one of the pics you can find in our HFW Photoshoot album, on our Facebook: 

Here's what we like about the skirt:
Diagonal stitch detail in natural light

* The soft chiffon -- feels dreamy, drapes elegantly, and gets quite a few compliments!

The diagonal stitch detail across the wide waistband -- this gives you the option to add something new to your look, just by tucking your blouse in.

The soft pleats -- a bit of structure in this dreamy skirt makes it versatile for both special occasions and work wear! The Pleated Dream Skirt in tan can easily take you from day-to-night on any given day :) 


The skirt is 41" in length, while the polyester lining underneath is approximately 38". This is usually fine for most women of average height, and even those who are little taller. 

Zeena currently has this skirt available in tan and cobalt blue. They've also recently restocked it in black, which was the first color to sell out when these skirts first went public.

The skirt on Zeena's website is a few shades darker than the actual color, and our Date Night photos (which were taken in sunlight) give it a warmer brown color. The closest depiction of the actual color would be in our close-up of the diagonal-stitch detail, above (taken in natural light).

As for Zeena's service quality, we were pretty impressed with how quickly they shipped this item to us,
and other customers have attested about their responsive customer service.

Zeena also hosts sales regularly, and you can find new items in their inventory every season.
You can join them on Facebook and/or sign up for their newsletter to take advantage of their sale alerts and weekly deals, as well as previews of upcoming lines.
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March 19, 2012

Here are this week's Muslim-minded memes.
Scroll through them for a bit of fun, then leave a comment below and let us know which ones you like best!
[memes were found online, on Facebook, etc.--they are not my own]

An online meme is a cartoon or photo that represents an idea by following a specific pattern. For example, the "idea" for the first pic above is to question (annoying) things. The pattern is to write what is annoying you, followed by "Y U No..." and then what that annoying thing should be like. You can figure out the pattern of other memes by looking through them, online :) 
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March 17, 2012

Asalaamu Alaykum Lovely Ladies,
They say Spring is the best time to go out and enjoy the beauty of nature.
We say that's a great idea, but what's better than the natural beauty of sisterhood?

We love how many of you have joined us on Facebook and Twitter 
and how many continue to join, each day (MashaAllah)!

Whenever we sign on, we get notifications listing the people that "liked" us that day, 
and although we don't usually go through everyone's profiles (that's creepy...), 
we do get to see some of the profile pictures in our notifications!
It's hard not to say MashaAllah to all the natural beauty, creativity, and humor!

So, Today, we gave into our creepy side and flipped through our 
Facebook Fans List to find some of our favorite profile pictures, yet! 
Take a look and hopefully, you'll also find a reason (laughter, or appreciation) to say MashaAllah :)

Fashion Label Cupcakes! How Clever!
Found via C.Z's profile & Google (for a clearer shot)
Must. Have. ALL The Rings!
Found via Z.S's profile, and Google
Tell me again, WHICH hijab style were trying for?
Found via A.B's profile, and Google!
Found on (and property of) Corinne Martin's Blog..
Guess who's profile pic this is :P
 As you probably noticed, there aren't any personal pictures..
we're creepy, but not that creepy! 
We really do want to showcase some of our fan's clever, gorgeous, and fabulous photos,
but we want your permission, first!

If you're okay with us using your photo for our Facebook Cover Photo (and occasional blog post), 
as part of our Fan Spotting Series, 
make sure you "LIKE" this post on Facebook, so we know that you're okay with it!
We'll also confirm via Facebook message before we post!

We do not claim ownership of any of the above images.
If any image posted here, or anywhere on our blog, belongs to you
and you would like for us to remove it, feel free to let us know via email:
em [at]
Thank you!
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March 12, 2012

So, you want some volume, but you don't want to cross the line into "camel hump" territory?
We've scavenged the net to find you the three easiest ways to add a little depth to your hijab look,
without going overboard!

In our last post, we asked you whether the "poofy hijab" look should continue or be sent off on retirement.
Below are the results from our Facebook poll, as of Sunday afternoon:

click here to view poll
13 votes wanted the look to retire in favor of other hijab styles,
4 votes wanted the hijab to stay "smooth and simple",
and 2 votes wanted to keep on rocking the poofy hijab look. 

The results from this poll inspired us to find a middle ground between the fitted and smooth look and the infamous, and often obnoxious, hijab bump.  Below, we've listed our top three techniques to get you the depth and "umph" in your hijab, but without the "hump"!
In the following looks, high buns and ponytails will not be required. 
(We encourage you to make any adjustments to the following styles, 
which you may find necessary to wear them as per Islamic guidelines.)

Technique #1 - Loose Draping
You Need: 1 hijab, any material, average or oversized
By far, the easiest, most convenient way to add some depth to your hijab look, is to wear it loosely. Don't underestimate the power of a light and airy hijab when it comes to adding a new element to your look! In order to keep with the Islamic guidelines for hijab, while trying this look, you have the option to either wear an inner hijab, or pin and drape the hijab so that what needs be covered, will be. The first video tutorial, just below, illustrates this style in such an easy way that anyone should be able to try it! (has background music):

Technique #2 - Choose Structured Fabrics
You Need: 1 hijab, crisp/crinkly material, average size (oversized, if wrapping loosely)
Another way to go is simply to change the material of your hijab. Crisp or crinkly fabrics tend to maintain their structure and this is most visible when wrapped loosely. Since these fabrics don't lie completely flat on your head, it's easier to build up depth with just a few layers. You can wrap it as you normally do, with the last layer sitting loosely on your head, or wrap it loosely from the start (see above). Check out how former-HFW Featurette, Amenakin, drapers her crinkly hijab, in the tutorial below:

Technique #3 - Layered Folds
You Need: 1 hijab, any material (not too thick), wider than average is best (square scarves work well!)
This look was actually the hardest to find a decent tutorial for. The idea is simply to fold layers of your hijab forward and carefully wrap around that to cover any uncovered spots. This is a great alternative to keep in mind because you can do with most hijabs, even the ones you already have! The look might require a few more pins than the first alternative, however. Be careful not to use too many folds or fabric that is too thick, which will create too much bulk on top!

You can try each technique individually, or try more than one technique at a time (loose draping with crinkly fabrics, fold forward with loose draping, etc.). You really do have lots of choices when it comes to getting a little volume for your hijab, if that's what you feel best in. The best part about these alternatives is that you don't even have to go near the camel hump look, and yet you're still adding that "something special" to your style.

Let us know if you rock these looks already and what your suggestions are!
Leave your tips in the comments below, or on our Facebook page.
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March 8, 2012

Asalaamu Alaykum, Ladies!
For most of us, our pre-hijab hair routine isn't much of a routine, really. In a few short minutes, we've brushed out and tied up our hair and viola, ready for hijab! Recently, though, many hijabis have found a reason to take a little more prep-time with their hair, and that reason is to pull off the wide-spread trend of poofy hijabs! What is poofy hijab? It's a style that requires one to fluff up her hair, wrap it in a high bun, and/or add additional products to maintain a "hijab bump" under the veil.
puffy bun tutorial, via Extra Petite

Rock It:
Where did it start? Well, I'm not sure, but I wouldn't be surprised if the trend-setters of Dubai had something to do with it! I get it-- some hijabis don't want what others have started calling "turtle head", or the look of wearing hijab tightly enough that it makes our heads rounder and smoother than normal. Maybe that's why some people ask us if we're bald, lol! Most hijabis don't mind that simple and smooth hijab look, but for those that do, adding a little "pouf" can help soften the overall look and get rid of awkward bumps from other hair styles. And yes, it may keep you from seeming...ahem, bald.

On the other hand, do we really want to go bigger, rounder, and more obnoxious? We might not look "bald", but chances are people will be wondering what we've stashed up under there! (see exhibit A, below). A natural pouf can be achieved with a well-coiffed bun, but when we start piling things on top of it to get a "fuller" look, we'll likely start attracting loads more attention than we really should! And for some hijabis, we have to wonder if the intention behind adding "volume" is to show off longer, thicker hair? Flaunting and Fakery are never worth the trouble, ladies!

via Omgamboo3a

What do YOU think about the Poofy Hijab look?
Cast your vote to our Facebook poll, or leave a comment below!

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March 5, 2012

Start the week off right...with a few memes :D

Create a "meme" yourself or send us a favorite to post for Monday Memes, at 
Memes on this page were found via Muslim Memes :)

and one more, just because :D

An online meme is a cartoon or photo that represents an idea. People online write up funny things that match the idea and follow the pattern of how it's written. For example, the "idea" for the first pic above is that some things are too high (rent, prices, hijabi buns lol). The pattern is to write whatever you want, and end it with the phrase, "too damn high". You can figure out the pattern by finding similar memes online :)
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