March 17, 2012

LoveHFW Fan Spotting - Part 1

Asalaamu Alaykum Lovely Ladies,
They say Spring is the best time to go out and enjoy the beauty of nature.
We say that's a great idea, but what's better than the natural beauty of sisterhood?

We love how many of you have joined us on Facebook and Twitter 
and how many continue to join, each day (MashaAllah)!

Whenever we sign on, we get notifications listing the people that "liked" us that day, 
and although we don't usually go through everyone's profiles (that's creepy...), 
we do get to see some of the profile pictures in our notifications!
It's hard not to say MashaAllah to all the natural beauty, creativity, and humor!

So, Today, we gave into our creepy side and flipped through our 
Facebook Fans List to find some of our favorite profile pictures, yet! 
Take a look and hopefully, you'll also find a reason (laughter, or appreciation) to say MashaAllah :)

Fashion Label Cupcakes! How Clever!
Found via C.Z's profile & Google (for a clearer shot)
Must. Have. ALL The Rings!
Found via Z.S's profile, and Google
Tell me again, WHICH hijab style were trying for?
Found via A.B's profile, and Google!
Found on (and property of) Corinne Martin's Blog..
Guess who's profile pic this is :P
 As you probably noticed, there aren't any personal pictures..
we're creepy, but not that creepy! 
We really do want to showcase some of our fan's clever, gorgeous, and fabulous photos,
but we want your permission, first!

If you're okay with us using your photo for our Facebook Cover Photo (and occasional blog post), 
as part of our Fan Spotting Series, 
make sure you "LIKE" this post on Facebook, so we know that you're okay with it!
We'll also confirm via Facebook message before we post!

We do not claim ownership of any of the above images.
If any image posted here, or anywhere on our blog, belongs to you
and you would like for us to remove it, feel free to let us know via email:
em [at]
Thank you!


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