March 5, 2012

Monday Memes

Start the week off right...with a few memes :D

Create a "meme" yourself or send us a favorite to post for Monday Memes, at 
Memes on this page were found via Muslim Memes :)

and one more, just because :D

An online meme is a cartoon or photo that represents an idea. People online write up funny things that match the idea and follow the pattern of how it's written. For example, the "idea" for the first pic above is that some things are too high (rent, prices, hijabi buns lol). The pattern is to write whatever you want, and end it with the phrase, "too damn high". You can figure out the pattern by finding similar memes online :)


romaseba said...

Haha memes are the best and are so funny and hilarious - how do you make them though? Do you just google Meme maker or something?

vvafa said...

lol I found these on the Muslim Meme Facebook Page:

you can make them easily at

romaseba said...

Haha thank you - I found the fb page already but I didn't know about the meme maker site - thank you :) xoxo

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