March 8, 2012

Poofy Hijabs- Rock or Retire?

Asalaamu Alaykum, Ladies!
For most of us, our pre-hijab hair routine isn't much of a routine, really. In a few short minutes, we've brushed out and tied up our hair and viola, ready for hijab! Recently, though, many hijabis have found a reason to take a little more prep-time with their hair, and that reason is to pull off the wide-spread trend of poofy hijabs! What is poofy hijab? It's a style that requires one to fluff up her hair, wrap it in a high bun, and/or add additional products to maintain a "hijab bump" under the veil.
puffy bun tutorial, via Extra Petite

Rock It:
Where did it start? Well, I'm not sure, but I wouldn't be surprised if the trend-setters of Dubai had something to do with it! I get it-- some hijabis don't want what others have started calling "turtle head", or the look of wearing hijab tightly enough that it makes our heads rounder and smoother than normal. Maybe that's why some people ask us if we're bald, lol! Most hijabis don't mind that simple and smooth hijab look, but for those that do, adding a little "pouf" can help soften the overall look and get rid of awkward bumps from other hair styles. And yes, it may keep you from seeming...ahem, bald.

On the other hand, do we really want to go bigger, rounder, and more obnoxious? We might not look "bald", but chances are people will be wondering what we've stashed up under there! (see exhibit A, below). A natural pouf can be achieved with a well-coiffed bun, but when we start piling things on top of it to get a "fuller" look, we'll likely start attracting loads more attention than we really should! And for some hijabis, we have to wonder if the intention behind adding "volume" is to show off longer, thicker hair? Flaunting and Fakery are never worth the trouble, ladies!

via Omgamboo3a

What do YOU think about the Poofy Hijab look?
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romaseba said...

I think the smooth look of the hijab is good because hijab was meant to look and be modest in the first place so why add that extra poof to make your hair look voluminous and attract attention to yourself

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