March 29, 2012

Review: Zeena Pleated Dream Skirt

Asalaamu Alaykum Lovely Ladies!
Today, we're reviewing the  Simply Zeena Pleated Dream Skirt,
a sophisticated maxi skirt that could be the perfect addition to your spring wardrobe.

You may remember seeing this skirt during our last Hijabi Fashion Week, 
when we dressed it up for our our Date Night theme;
we paired it with a Simply Zeena silk scarf, a baby pink cardi, and bronze-gold heels.
Here's one of the pics you can find in our HFW Photoshoot album, on our Facebook: 

Here's what we like about the skirt:
Diagonal stitch detail in natural light

* The soft chiffon -- feels dreamy, drapes elegantly, and gets quite a few compliments!

The diagonal stitch detail across the wide waistband -- this gives you the option to add something new to your look, just by tucking your blouse in.

The soft pleats -- a bit of structure in this dreamy skirt makes it versatile for both special occasions and work wear! The Pleated Dream Skirt in tan can easily take you from day-to-night on any given day :) 


The skirt is 41" in length, while the polyester lining underneath is approximately 38". This is usually fine for most women of average height, and even those who are little taller. 

Zeena currently has this skirt available in tan and cobalt blue. They've also recently restocked it in black, which was the first color to sell out when these skirts first went public.

The skirt on Zeena's website is a few shades darker than the actual color, and our Date Night photos (which were taken in sunlight) give it a warmer brown color. The closest depiction of the actual color would be in our close-up of the diagonal-stitch detail, above (taken in natural light).

As for Zeena's service quality, we were pretty impressed with how quickly they shipped this item to us,
and other customers have attested about their responsive customer service.

Zeena also hosts sales regularly, and you can find new items in their inventory every season.
You can join them on Facebook and/or sign up for their newsletter to take advantage of their sale alerts and weekly deals, as well as previews of upcoming lines.


Haute Muslimah said...

Love the Zeena clothes!

Rahmiandsaro said...

I love the blue one. They look gorgeous.

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