April 30, 2012

Asalaamualykum, Lovelies!

It's truly been a pleasure getting to know a few of the ladies who will be joining us for our upcoming season of Hijabi Fashion Week! Earlier, we interviewed Hareem, and today we'd like you to meet Khadija, of Taking Muslim Initiative.

Watch this video, below, to find out how we discussed everything
from the smell of books to toothpaste in 6 short minutes :D

Make sure you also leave some love below, and welcome yet another wonderful sister to
May 2012's Hijabi Fashion Week!

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April 25, 2012

Asalaamu Alaykum, Lovely Ladies!
Did you know Hijabi Fashion Week is just around the corner?
This means yet another fun-filled week of style, sisterhood, and inspiration :)
We want YOU to get a chance to meet the other sisters who will be joining us this season, 
so in the next few weeks, we'll be interviewing a few of our registered participants in a series of posts entitled:

Our first-ever Participant Spotlight for this season's HFW belongs to Hareem, who blogs at Delivering Dawah. Find out what Hareem thought of last season's HFW, what made her return this season, 
and more in the video clip, below:

Visit her blog, let her know you've seen this video, and giver her a warm welcome!

We have more fun participant interviews coming up, as we get closer to HFW!
If you'd like to be interviewed, just fill out our Early Registration Form and fill out the info on the last page!
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April 13, 2012

Asalaamu Alaykum! :)
Hijabi Fashion Week is coming up in just a few weeks,
so I thought it would be a great time to share some of the creative ways
that former participants, as well as other online personalities,
have gone incognito while still sharing fun, chic, and modest photos.

There are various reasons--personal, spiritual, practical, etc.--why some prefer to stay anonymous,
especially when it comes to sharing personal photos with the public.
The reasons to go incognito are as numerous as the reasons not to,
and it's up to you to find what you are comfortable with :)

If you do opt for anonymity, that doesn't mean you can't join HFW!
You can still share your ideas for creative styles, help inspire others to think creatively about modesty,
and have your cake, too!
Just take a look at some of these clever examples of fashionistas gone incognito, 
categorized by things you can do before taking the photo (Pre-Capture)
and things you can do after taking the photo (Post-Capture):


Fabric Is Your Friend -- wear an oversized hijab loosely, or pull on the edges
Hidden In Style
About Face -- Pose so that your face is away from the camera

No Paparazzi, Please -- raise your hands, or any other props, to screen you from the camera, and the public 

Break Apart -- crop and cut photos to show only what you want to show
The Little Black Abaya
Haute Muslimah

Shape Up! -- choose shapes that work with your blog theme, in complimentary colors
Blurry Business -- Customize the blur tool in your photo-editor to create a comfortable amount of obscurity
Cartoonify -- Get fun and funky; use cartoons as a mask over certain features
Hello, Monkeyface!
Fashioning Faith

Light Flares -- flashes and flares, when done right, are creative ways to take something realistic and make it work for you
Ignorant Awareness
Pre-capture poses take a little work, so make it easy on yourself by planning ahead.
Post-capture techniques are endless, so don't be afraid to 
test out different ideas until you find what works for you. 
You can create a unique signature by choosing a post-capture technique 
that reflects you and your website's style.

There are also options to share outfits by laying them out, flat, or by creating photo collages via polyvore, pinterest, etc. There have also been a few talented sketches contributed, too!

Again, we welcome all participants, no matter what photo style they prefer,
just as long as they keep modesty on lock down :)

If you would like to join HFW this season, and haven't yet signed up, make sure to check out our EARLY REGISTRATION FORM -- with extra opportunities to review items, share your writing, and more :)

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April 10, 2012

Peace be upon you all :)
Today's review is for the mE Moda Maxi Dress,
an ideal go-to dress, no matter the season!

We featured the black edition of this dress, for Day 4 of our last Hijabi Fashion Week; the theme was "destinations" or vacations. We brought this dress along for our imaginary vacation to the outskirts of Japan and paired it with a pale gold hijab, gold trim pashmina shawl, and kitten-heel boots.

You can find the rest of the pics from this, and the other themes during our last HFW, in our HFW Photoshoot album, on Facebook :)

So, what do we like about this bold blue dress?
* It's made of t-shirt-soft fabric -- You know you have that favorite shirt that you'll find any excuse to wear? Now imagine that shirt as a dress and you get the mE Moda maxi dress! Soft, with just enough stretch; I can see myself wearing this often...very often ;)

It's a maxi dress, with LONG SLEEVES -- Do I have to say much more than that? The sleeves really make this dress the easy, look-no-further, outfit of choice. Let's be real, there are lots of maxi dresses out there, especially in the summer, but almost all of them require extra layers to get the right coverage. With this dress, all else you'll want is a well-draped hijab and you're headed out the door.

* It's a versatile shade -- At first, I was reluctant about ordering a dress in what seemed like a very bright blue; so much fabric in such a bright color can be overwhelming. I was pleased to find, however, that the shade of the dress is actually a basic periwinkle (as seen in the photos in this post). Since the color isn't as bright, you can dress it up more easily to your own taste.

The mE Moda maxi dress comes in two colors, which are technically of the same style, but the material of each have different characteristics. Both dresses are a cotton-spandex blend, but the black feels softer, has a slight sheen, and has more stretch than the blue. These qualities also make the black a little less opaque than the blue, as seen in the first photo, above: the mE Moda tag from the blue dress can be seen through the black dress. I would highly suggest wearing a modest tank or slip underneath the black dress, or at least avoid wearing it over white undergarments, especially if flash photos will be taken.

Lying flat, the dresses in "TALL" measure from 58"-60" from the back of the neck to the hem. At around 5'9", I find myself occasionally tripping over the black dress, but then again I'm not the most graceful anyway :) I also wear flats more often than heels. The dresses come in TALL and SHORT for all sizes.

There is also ruched detailing across the chest, and it fits closer to the body, just under. This isn't much of a problem if you wear the dress with a well-draped hijab, and/or shawl. Below is a helpful video by the mE Moda designer herself, Marwa Eid, illustrating various practical ways to drape the hijab so it covers your chest, comfortably. She is seen wearing the same blue maxi dress reviewed in this post. Check it out:

If you've been looking for a maxi dress with sleeves,
now is the best time to get this dress because
  mE Moda is having a "CRAZY SALE" throughout their site.

Shipping is a $6 flat rate to anywhere in the US
and free if you spend $79.99+

As a label, mE Moda is still a fresh face on the market,
and their current inventory will generally appeal to mature, professional women.
If you're interested, you can read up more about Marwa Eid and mE Moda, here.
We've been told that they have some exciting new items coming out,
so if you want to keep up with them, join them on Facebook!
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April 8, 2012

Asalaamu Alaykum Ladies!
As promised, we're opening EARLY REGISTRATION this weekend!
More information about HFW will be released in upcoming weeks, 
but, for now, you can view our archive of past HFWs to get an idea of how it usually works.

Hijabi Fashion Week will be hosted from May 28 thru June 03.
To participate in HFW or in HFW givaways, you must register:
Hijabi Fashion Week participants and anyone interested in a giveaway must complete the registration form, below. We respect your privacy and will not use any of the personal information submitted, except to contact you. You only need to register ONCE, even if you enter in more than one giveaway. Specific entry terms will vary per giveaway and will be available on the day of the giveaway. 
Don't forget to click SUBMIT at the end!

We're setting up a few mini-projects for HFW, and you can get involved, but only if you register SOON! On the last page of the form below, you will find a few short questions about some of our projects this season. This last page will be removed after a few weeks, as we complete each of our mini-projects.
Leave any questions in the comments below!

As of May 1st, Early Registration is closed.
But, don't worry, if you haven't registered yet--
Hijabi Fashion Week Registration will re-open May 5th!

Remember, registration is necessary if you would like to participate and/or enter in our giveaways!
Check back, soon, for updates!
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April 6, 2012

Asaalaamu Alaykum Ladies!
Remember the Zeena Dream Skirt review we published, earlier? 
After that review, we got the urge to exercise our styling muscles and went all out!

Here is the video we made to share ideas on how you can take your favorite maxi skirt and wear it for multiple occasions-- for parties, for play, and for professionalism!
Check it out, and don't forget to scroll down and submit YOUR RATINGS of each of the outfits!


These are the rating results, as of April 14th, 2012.
Click on the images, to get a closer look!
44% of the votes find this outfit to be Very Hijab Friendly
44% like this look Very Much
37% think it fits their style EXACTLY

67% think this look is Very Hijab Friendly
30% have given this look a rating of 2 for how much they like it
30% have given this a rating of 2 for how much this look fits their style
70% find this look Very Hijab Friendly
43% like this look Very Much
39% say this look matches their style, EXACTLY

New readers are welcomed to submit their ratings!
If you have any other comments about the outfits or video, let us hear them, below!
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April 2, 2012

Sometimes I feel like a nerd, giggling over these memes...
it's like an inside joke...with the internet!
Join in on the joke, check out the following Muslim memes :D

and REPLY (with something equal or better) to ALL the Salaams!

and not all Muslims are Arab! Islam is America's most DIVERSE religion. Now, that's a WIN!

::awkward silence::

"Asr", one of our 5 daily prayers, means "TIME" in Arabic.
SubhanAllah, how quickly both Asr and TIME can pass when we don't pay attention!

We'll have a cool new post up soon, INSHAALLAH :D
Seriously, though! Check out our review of the Zeena Dream Skirt, because our next post is a follow-up!

PLUS, very exciting stuff coming up this WEEKEND!
Hint-Hint: it's something you've all been waiting for :)
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