April 13, 2012

8+ Creative Ideas for Going Incognito

Asalaamu Alaykum! :)
Hijabi Fashion Week is coming up in just a few weeks,
so I thought it would be a great time to share some of the creative ways
that former participants, as well as other online personalities,
have gone incognito while still sharing fun, chic, and modest photos.

There are various reasons--personal, spiritual, practical, etc.--why some prefer to stay anonymous,
especially when it comes to sharing personal photos with the public.
The reasons to go incognito are as numerous as the reasons not to,
and it's up to you to find what you are comfortable with :)

If you do opt for anonymity, that doesn't mean you can't join HFW!
You can still share your ideas for creative styles, help inspire others to think creatively about modesty,
and have your cake, too!
Just take a look at some of these clever examples of fashionistas gone incognito, 
categorized by things you can do before taking the photo (Pre-Capture)
and things you can do after taking the photo (Post-Capture):


Fabric Is Your Friend -- wear an oversized hijab loosely, or pull on the edges
Hidden In Style
About Face -- Pose so that your face is away from the camera

No Paparazzi, Please -- raise your hands, or any other props, to screen you from the camera, and the public 

Break Apart -- crop and cut photos to show only what you want to show
The Little Black Abaya
Haute Muslimah

Shape Up! -- choose shapes that work with your blog theme, in complimentary colors
Blurry Business -- Customize the blur tool in your photo-editor to create a comfortable amount of obscurity
Cartoonify -- Get fun and funky; use cartoons as a mask over certain features
Hello, Monkeyface!
Fashioning Faith

Light Flares -- flashes and flares, when done right, are creative ways to take something realistic and make it work for you
Ignorant Awareness
Pre-capture poses take a little work, so make it easy on yourself by planning ahead.
Post-capture techniques are endless, so don't be afraid to 
test out different ideas until you find what works for you. 
You can create a unique signature by choosing a post-capture technique 
that reflects you and your website's style.

There are also options to share outfits by laying them out, flat, or by creating photo collages via polyvore, pinterest, etc. There have also been a few talented sketches contributed, too!

Again, we welcome all participants, no matter what photo style they prefer,
just as long as they keep modesty on lock down :)

If you would like to join HFW this season, and haven't yet signed up, make sure to check out our EARLY REGISTRATION FORM -- with extra opportunities to review items, share your writing, and more :)


romaseba said...

In the last LoveHFW I used Polyvore and it was great that I could participate without having to show myself (I will in the future though iA) but I think you LoveHFW girlies should make a Polyvore account so that you can give your feedback to the Polyvore using participants as I saw that you commented on participants using for example... blogger etc  - you don't have to if you don't want to - it was just a suggestion - hehe ;) xoxo 
Can't wait to participate in the upcoming one! :D x

vvafa said...

Walaykum Asalaam! That's a great idea! We actually registered for Polyvore through our Facebook account, so inshaAllah we can leave more comments on some of the cool Polyvore submissions we see, this season! 

Chocoholic-hijabi said...

Great post! inshaAllah this time around I'll try pre-capture anonymity (nispired by fellow HFW participants) but we shall see how that goes (considering it is exam season) =)

vvafa said...

Thanks for your feedback! :) We'll release the outfit themes in May, so you can plan ahead and take your shots before HFW starts! 

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