April 8, 2012


Asalaamu Alaykum Ladies!
As promised, we're opening EARLY REGISTRATION this weekend!
More information about HFW will be released in upcoming weeks, 
but, for now, you can view our archive of past HFWs to get an idea of how it usually works.

Hijabi Fashion Week will be hosted from May 28 thru June 03.
To participate in HFW or in HFW givaways, you must register:
Hijabi Fashion Week participants and anyone interested in a giveaway must complete the registration form, below. We respect your privacy and will not use any of the personal information submitted, except to contact you. You only need to register ONCE, even if you enter in more than one giveaway. Specific entry terms will vary per giveaway and will be available on the day of the giveaway. 
Don't forget to click SUBMIT at the end!

We're setting up a few mini-projects for HFW, and you can get involved, but only if you register SOON! On the last page of the form below, you will find a few short questions about some of our projects this season. This last page will be removed after a few weeks, as we complete each of our mini-projects.
Leave any questions in the comments below!

As of May 1st, Early Registration is closed.
But, don't worry, if you haven't registered yet--
Hijabi Fashion Week Registration will re-open May 5th!

Remember, registration is necessary if you would like to participate and/or enter in our giveaways!
Check back, soon, for updates!


Laila said...

Can I submit but without knowing if I'll be able to upload any outfit? because it depends of the week of May I might have exams :) thanks!

vvafa said...

Yes, of course, Laila :) in upcoming weeks, we'll reveal the exact dates and themes for each day/outfit so you can create the outfits beforehand and schedule your posts to be published on the correct days! 
I'm glad to see you might join us once again for this season! :D

Laila said...

Well, thanks so I'll join this time again. InshaAllah!

Laila said...

Why if I don't have Skype?

vvafa said...

we can probably figure something else out, but it will be a little trickier :P
did you sign up Laila? I didn't see your name..

Lina said...

can't waittt..

Putri_lovita said...

I feel so excited..

aima said...

i'm so excited!!

Hidayashamsudin said...

I've registered a couple of days ago,just for confirmation,did you see my name?i appreciate if you could email me here hidayashamsudin@yahoo.com .Can't wait to participate!

vvafa said...

Yes! We've checked, and you are registered! :)

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