April 2, 2012

Monday Memes

Sometimes I feel like a nerd, giggling over these memes...
it's like an inside joke...with the internet!
Join in on the joke, check out the following Muslim memes :D

and REPLY (with something equal or better) to ALL the Salaams!

and not all Muslims are Arab! Islam is America's most DIVERSE religion. Now, that's a WIN!

::awkward silence::

"Asr", one of our 5 daily prayers, means "TIME" in Arabic.
SubhanAllah, how quickly both Asr and TIME can pass when we don't pay attention!

We'll have a cool new post up soon, INSHAALLAH :D
Seriously, though! Check out our review of the Zeena Dream Skirt, because our next post is a follow-up!

PLUS, very exciting stuff coming up this WEEKEND!
Hint-Hint: it's something you've all been waiting for :)


Nihal said...

LOOOOL totally made my day better

vvafa said...

yay alhamdulillah :D

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