April 6, 2012

RATE These Looks: 1 Skirt, 3 Ways

Asaalaamu Alaykum Ladies!
Remember the Zeena Dream Skirt review we published, earlier? 
After that review, we got the urge to exercise our styling muscles and went all out!

Here is the video we made to share ideas on how you can take your favorite maxi skirt and wear it for multiple occasions-- for parties, for play, and for professionalism!
Check it out, and don't forget to scroll down and submit YOUR RATINGS of each of the outfits!


These are the rating results, as of April 14th, 2012.
Click on the images, to get a closer look!
44% of the votes find this outfit to be Very Hijab Friendly
44% like this look Very Much
37% think it fits their style EXACTLY

67% think this look is Very Hijab Friendly
30% have given this look a rating of 2 for how much they like it
30% have given this a rating of 2 for how much this look fits their style
70% find this look Very Hijab Friendly
43% like this look Very Much
39% say this look matches their style, EXACTLY

New readers are welcomed to submit their ratings!
If you have any other comments about the outfits or video, let us hear them, below!


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